A man in deep thought stared at the raging sea at the beach… The wind swayed trying to adjust his messy hair into place. The man had a furious look onto his face. He murmured, In a few hours from now you will be mine,And then your journey to hell will start.My anger is greater than these raging waters.It will never calm down. It can only grow larger and larger.
Saying this he walks home.
He goes in his room and wears his wedding Shervani and gets completely ready.
He was looking like a Greek God except his blood shot eyes.
He gives an evil smile before leaving the room and go to his parents who had called him to inform it his time for the baraat.
Shravan mounts the house and they proceed to leave towards the wedding area.

The atmosphere of the house is full of glee as everyone is dancing as Shravan gets from the horse.
They all proceed towards the wedding area.
As he enters and sits on the seat waiting for Sumo to come.Soon Sumo comes in a beautiful red bridal lehenga looking absolutely breathtaking.Even Shravan could not take his eyes of hers.

His thoughts were disturbed by his brother Pranav>
Pranav;Stop staring at Bhabhi like that and please close your mouth,makhi ghus jayegi(a fly may enter your mouth)

Shravan gets embarrassed and looks away immediately.

Shravan Pov:You cant fall for her looks Shravan,she has already cheated you once…you need to take your revenge.She needs to suffer like you did.

end of POV.

Sumo comes and sits next to shravan.They both are asked to hold hand for one of the photos,when they touch each other both of them feel a spark in their bodies.As they do that,sumo notices a ring worn by shravan.

Sumo POV;

How can he have the ring which I gifted to Shravan …OH come on now Sumo,multiple people can have the same ring .

end of POv

(I will not be dragging all the ceremonies in this)

So as all the ceremonies are over,Shravan’s cousins take Sumo to their room.she sits on the bed nervously.

Shravan enters the room after 5 mins.he remove his head crown which was covering his face.

Sumo looks up to see Shravan and a smile appears on her face.

Shravan in a loud strict voice:What is there to smile ?


Shravan interrupts her :Dont dare take my name….You have lost the right.


Shravan:This marriage doesnt keep any value to me,And you are my slave not my wife

Sumo:Shravan,I can’t believe you are doing this to me .You have changed over years,What have I done that you are doing this to me?

Tears start rolling down Sumo’s cheeks ,Shravan starts to feel guilty but anger takes over him.

Shravan screams again:yes ,I have changed,Changed for good.First,I was a naive boy who used to trust a girl named Sumo blindly and when she betrayed my trust I realized what will go over me,and mostly my love for her.

Sumo :Shravan you have just….

Shravan:Just Shut up and dont even dare to call me by my name again.

Sumo gets up from the bed as tears still roll down her cheeks.

Sumo just takes her clothes from her suitcase and goes to change.

She wears a pyjamas and a half sleeve top.She was about to go towards the bed when Shravan speaks again:You dont have any right to sleep on my bed ,your place is over there.

Shravan points towards the floor.

Sumo quietly takes a cushion from the sofa and lies down quietly on the floor and sobs.It was winter and Sumo was practically freezing,she tries to give herself warmth by cuddling into a ball but that didnt help Sumo to gain heat or feel warm.

Shravan goes on the bed and falls asleep immediately while Sumo does not get any sleep.The whole night she was craving for warmth and crying.

The next morning ,

As Sumo gets up ,She feels extremely weak,before standing up she stumbles a few times …

With much difficulty she goes towards the bathroom to take a bath.She has quick bath and wears a saree for the rituals.

Shravan also gets up and gets mesmerized by her despite her dull and pale face but gets back into his senses when his phone starts ringing.He ends the call.

Sumo goes down towards the kitchen to cook the first dish,under the guidance of her Mother in law.she decides to make gajar ka Halva,before she could start…her MIL asks :Sumo,is everything alright?Did you cry last night?Your face is very dull and pale.
She touches her hand on Sumo’s forehead.
MIL:Sumo,You have fever,You should go and rest ,nothing is more important than that.


MIL:no ifs or buts

Sumo:It is very urgent I go to work today,I was on holiday last week and then suddenly this marriage so I have loads of impending work.

MIL:but your health..

Sumo:Please,I promise i will manage.


Sumo quickly goes to her room and changes into formals ready to leave ,takes blessing from Nirmala and leaves for work.

Meanwhile,Shravan had heard the entire conversation and was slightly feeling bad.He decides to take a holiday from work.

he goes into his room and switches on the Television…Nothing interesting was coming so switches it off.Just then ,A colourful envelope fallen on the floor catches his eyes.

He gets up and starts to read the letter in it.

Letter :

Dear Shravan,

This is your best friend Sumo.You have misunderstood what happened between and Aditya that day.You just saw me and him hug and you ran away from there..You never ever asked me the reason for my behaviour.You are assuming that we both love eachother but this not at all true.My heart has only belonged to one person that was you.On that day,I was looking for you so that I could tell you that I love you but I couldnt find you anywhere .While looking for you,I met Aditya and asked about your whereabouts to him.he told me that you were waiting for me on the terrace to tell you feelings to me.I was so excited that i hugged him .At that moment,You saw me like that…I have been trying to contact you since that day.Pls come back to me ..

Yours only,


After reading this ,Shravan has tears in his eyes.

He quickly gets up and changes,takes the letter along with him and goes towards Sumo’s office.He quickly goes towards the receptionist to ask Sumo.She guides him the way to her cabin.As he enters he feels shocked to see the sight in front of him.

Sumo was lying unconscious on the floor.

Shravan quickly runs towards her and takes her in her arms.He takes some water kept on the nearby table and sprinkles it on her face.

She slowly flutters her eyes open.


Shravan quickly takes her into a hug as if life had returned into him seeing her talk.

Sumo also reciprocates.

but after a few minutes,Sumo realizes what was happening and abruptly breaks the hug .

Sumo:What are you doing here?

Shravan keeps quiet and shows her the letter .

Sumo:Shravan,Where did you get that from?

Shravan doesnt reply to her question but immediately fuses his lips with hers.She was taken aback at first but later reciprocates.

They part after feeling breathless.

shravan;I am very sorry Sumo..I love you a lot…

Sumo:I love you too….

With this comes the end of Sumo’s and Shravan’s love story with their own ups and downs of life….
Thanks a lot

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