TITLE- YOU ARE THE KEY TO MY HEART….. (story is narrated by suman)


Suman tiwari
Shravan malhotra
Nikita malhotra (suman’s daughter)
Nanu (suman’s grandpa)

I entered the podium, with all might, my face beamed out of
contentment, I could hear rounds of applauses, I heard the host
announce my name, her sweet sounding voice said “we welcome mrs suman
malhotra on the stage, she is the second most influential woman author
of the week, an other round of cheers were heard…she continued and
said me to share my happiness with a few words, I walked towards the
mick, held it as tight as possible , took a glance at the most caring
husband, shravan’s smile meant a lot of things and this time he
assured me to go ahead…… the projector nearby flashed some pics of
mine, my books, how Shravan helped me through this and many more, I
started talking about my interest on writing books… my talk went
something like this….

Good evening and a very warm welcome to one and all, I am indeed
honored to receive this award, my book “YOU ARE THE KEY TO MY HEART”
is liked by all readers and that encourages me to write more, the
whole book was just based on my life experiences, I was always a
happy-go-lucky girl and this story is all about how I met my prince
charming.. I would like to thank my readers, some of my friends, last
but not the least , my caring and loving hubby Shravan and our two
year old kid-nikita…. I would like to say a big thankyou for all the
things that you have done till date Shravan, “I love you”. (I just
blew some flying kisses and he seemed quite embarrassed). Ill cherish
this moment all through my life thank you once again…

I stepped out of the podium and I saw Shravan walking towards me, he
gave me a hug and peck on my forehead and whispered “congratulation
sumo” and I pecked him back on his cheeks and showed my gratitude
towards him, we walked back to our respective seats hand in hand. My
little one nikita had already dozed off on nanu’s lap, I made my self
comfortable on the seat and quickly kissed her, Shravan did the
same……Shravan smiled at me and this time I knew what his smile meant,
it said I will always love you and be with you forever, I smiled back
at him . nanu who sat beside me placed his hand on my head and blessed
me, I hugged him out of happiness….
I suddenly went through a fresh gush of memories, right from how me
and shravan met till how nikita was born.. our unique story goes like

It was a fine day in the college, I was always a naughty girl, I even
used to flirt with decent boys, I rather wanted to be a boy myself,
talk like a boy and dress up like one, I was tomboyish.. I used to
hang out only with boys and not with any of the girls…One day, my
economics professor called me onto his office and told me that I had
to help one of the new comers with the syllabus , I was pretty good in
economics and I considered it as my favorite subject, I nodded my head
in excitement, hoping for the boy to be another hot guy whom I can
flirt with…my face beamed out of happiness….

The next day I entered the college, in a very happy way I dashed with
an unfamiliar boy, I took a quick look at him, he wasn’t very hot or
handsome, he was good looking for sure and I felt a different feeling
each time I took a look at him. He just waved his hand in front of my
eyes, and enquired me about the economics class, I just guided him
with the direction and he walked away… without uttering a word.
Something sparked in my mind … is he the new comer whom I was supposed
to teach? I quickly rushed to the class and he was sitting in one of
the benches , engrossed in a book.. I took a seat near him and other
boys were too eager to witness how I was gonna flirt with the new boy,
I made up my mind not to flirt with this new comer, I noticed that the
lecture has already started…the professer announced the name of the
new comer, his name was Shravan malhotra, the name sounded good, I
felt a jerk on my shoulder and it was him! He asked me some doubt and
I helped, we later became good friends……and I was getting attracted to
him day by day, not because of his looks but only because of his
intelligence and sense of humour.. I used to get upset at times and he
cracks some silly joke, that makes me chuckle.. our bond increased
gradually and I fell for him….. one day I decide to propose him, I
took him too an open garden, kneeled down before him and said “I love
you shravan”. He bent down and, held my hand and said “I love you too
sumo”. I hugged him tightly… (but our story doesn’t end here…) minutes
later by dazzling smile turned into a frown because he said that his
mom and dad live separately and his dad wants him to move to London to
pursue law.., this news broke my heart.. I asked him for how many
years he gotta go, and the answer was for 10 years, I broke down
saying that I can’t live without him for ten long years, he consoled
me and said that he wont go, I wiped the tears that were trickling
from my face and said “ go ahead, shravan, I will wait for you, and
the day you return back to india, the first person whom you have to
meet is me…. He pulled me and placed his lips on mine I will miss
everything about him… that day I learnt that “love is not that easy”
you have to do sacrifices to get your loved ones… he embraced me once
again and walked away with tears in his eyes, I stood there and
watched him go…….

10 long years were a lot of time and I concentrated on my passion ,
that is writing books…. I used to cry for him at times, sometimes text
him out of the pain, I couldn’t catch up with him in any of the social
networking sites as he doesn’t like using them….. 10 long years passed
away just like this… I dint even knew whether he would come back to me
…. My tom boyishness vanished away ….

The bell rang, one fine day, I opened the door humming some of the old
songs…I felt that Shravan was somewhere near me but I laughed of
saying that he is far away in London and when I opened the door, I saw
a young, tall handsome man , he asked me whether sumo is there, I said
its me and he took a look at me from top to bottom and quickly
embraced me in a loving way… he said “sumo, I promised you that you
will be the first person whom I will meet, so I am here…” I realized
that it was my Shravan, and quickly embraced him back in a warming hug
and whispered “ I love you”…. And there our big fat indian wedding
took place and nikita was born two years later……
“Mil jaane do dil jo bane , ek duje ke vaaste”

Currently , its been a long time since I have got the award and now
everyone is back home, Shravan hugs me from behind and nikita is
kissing on my cheek , she is now sleepy , me and Shravan are trying to
make her sleep…… she is asleep now, Shravan is holding me in his arms
and I whisper in his ears-


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