that was a bright morning, the dark night was over. the sunrays was the sign of new beginning of our lives. I was completely ready to accept the new start. it was a normal day for everyone but for us it was the most beautiful day of our lives. oops sorry, forgot to introduce myself! hi! I am Suman Tiwari… Sorry sorry! not Tiwari but Malhotra… Suman Malhotra… yesterday the misunderstanding between us got cleared, the credit goes to papa. yes, because of Mr. Ramnath Malhotra, also known as Ramu Kaka. isn’t it weird I,myself is calling my father-in-law like this but what to do! I am Suman after all! ok my hubby must be getting ready, I need to make bf, so I am going. bye guys.

end of the POV…

Suman was going downstairs, she collides with stairs, she was about to fall but someone holds her (you all know)
Oh God!!! this girl is so careless! always does something wrong. I always have to handle her. whenever I get angry, she gives her magical smile. I fall for her every time. she is my Sumo after all. yes she is mine. if anyone else ever eyes her, I will take the eyes. my possessiveness is growing day by day. I can’t blame myself as her smile is the reason. my love for her increases with every single moment. I surely will go mad if she smiles in front of me the whole day. her glossy lips always does magic. her black eyes attract me towards her. her beauty makes me uncontrollable. after all she is my choice, Shravan Malhotra’s choice. oh, hi! I am Shravan, Shravan Malhotra. I am the biggest lawyer of the city to everyone but at home I am a wet cat. yeah, that’s true! what to do. after all she the “MALKIN” and I am “JORU KA GULAM”. oh! I totally forgot that she is in my arms and we are standing at the staircase and most importantly everyone is watching us! oops!
POV ends

Shravan makes her stand properly and they come downstairs (holding hands)
Shr: maa, teach your daughter-in-law how to walk. she can’t even walk properly. don’t know why everyone praise her so much?

Sumo: hhhwwwwww!!!!!
Nir: don’t you dare to speak anything against my DIL…..
Sumo: Maa, let it be. this “Fhattu” will always blame me for everything!
Preeti: di! don’t say anything about my Jiju. he is so sweet!
Shr: this Sumo wrestler will not understand it, Preetu…

Sumo: shut up! and Preeti, I am your sister and you are taking his side!
Pree: di…..
Pushkar cuts her: Bhaiya, Bhabi, Preeti stop fighting! Preeti, they are just making excuse to divert our mind from their romance. right Bhaiya? (naughtily)
Shraman gets embarrassed.
Shr: shut up Pushkar. stop discussing and let’s go. I am very hungry.
Nir: Suman Beta, it’s your “Pehli Rasoi” today, which was incomplete because of the situations so make some sweet dish.

Sumo: yeah Maa.
Sumo and Nirmala go to kitchen.
After some time…..
Sumo comes with diah in her hands.
Shr: Sumo! why are you walking in slow motion like heroines of Tv serials?
Sumo: “Fhattu” I am not walking in slow motion, you have gone mad!
Push: Bhabi forget about Bhaiya. first serve food to me. I am very hungry.
Sumo servers food to everyone and they give nek to her. Sumo also sits to eat.
Nir: Suman Beta, you didn’t perform “Pakphera” ritual so Bauji asked you to go there today.
Shravan coughs. Suman gives him water
Nir: what happened Shravan?
Push: Badi Maa, you didn’t understand? Shravan Bhaiya got 440volt listening to this. Bhaiya, she will be back today only (teasingly asks and then laughs)
Nir: Preeti Beta, Bauji wanted to meet you also, so you also have go with her.
Pushkar splits his food and Shravan laughs this time.
Shr: Pushkar, she’ll be back today only (again laughs)
Nir: no dear, not today. Bauji called a Pandit and Panditji said Muhrat is of tomorrow to bring them back.

PushVan coughs together this time. PreeMan laughs.
PreeMan: what happened Patidev? (laughing)
[fast forward mode on] Sumo is ready to go. Preeti couldn’t go because Kamini stopped her for some work.
Nir: Beta it would have been better if Preeti could go with you, you may feel alone now.
Sumo: no Maa, it’s completely fine. I forgot to tell you one thing, Shravan is not coming with me because he had some very important work.
Nir: what!?? But how can you go alone. Wait, I am coming with you.
Sumo: Maa, I can manage. I have habit of it.
Nir: you are sure na?
Sumo: yes, Maa. I am 100% sure.
Nir: ok beta take care.
After some times…..

Phone rings. Nirmala takes the call.
Nirmala: Hello!…….. yeah Nirmala speaking……. Bauji, what happened, why are you tense?……… what? Suman didn’t reach yet! But she left a long ago…….. Bauji don’t take tension, I will call Shravan…… ok Bauji.
She calls Shr and tells him everything. Shravan gets worried and starts searching Sumo.
[Too much fast forward] Shravan gets to know that Adi kidnapped her. He goes to a dark place. some goons stop Shravan. They argue with him. Shravan starts fighting with them. He beats them and goes inside. He finds Adi there.

Adi: so you finally reached me. I was waiting for you only. I wanted you to see your Sumo in pain.
Shravan: Adi, just tell me where is Sumo. I will kill you otherwise.
Adi: you will surely get your Sumo, you just have to give her….. to me….. for just one night.

Shr: just shut up! If you even think of that, I will kill you!!!!!
Adi: do you really think, I am scared of you? Stop dreaming Shravan, I already told you if you want Sumo to be fine then accept my deal. It’s matter of one night.
Now Shr was too much angry. He started beating Adi. He repeatedly asked about Suman while beating him. Suddenly Adi laughing. Shravan stopped beating him.
Adi: beat me as much as you want, but now you won’t be able to get your Sumo back. “He laughed wickedly”
Shravan got angry and punched him hard, Adi became unconscious. Shravan was really afraid for Suman. He searched her everywhere. He finally found her. He got shocked to see his Sumo.

5 years later…..
It was too late for me to reach there. I, no we waited for the day from years. When the day finally came, we got only pain. She laid before my eyes in pool of blood. Blood was flowing from her neck. I saw her struggling for life. She was not ready to leave me alone. Not because she was selfish, it’s because she knew I will die if she leaves me. The last words came from her mouth was also just to make me satisfied. “Shravan, I am never too far from you. I am always in your heart. If you think that I am going away from you, then you are totally wrong. Take care of everyone. Always be happy. Don’t ever be rude to anyone. I really love you, Shravan. I love you a lot”….. I am crying even now remembering her words.
POV ends…..

Baby’s cries are heard. Shravan is standing in a hospital. A nurse comes there.
N: congrats, sir. You have twins. A girl and a boy.
Shravan gets very happy and hugs the nurse.
Shr: can I meet her and my babies?
N: sure sir.
Shr: thank you

I went inside. I saw her lying in the bed. She was sleeping. Beside her my babies were crying. She like always looked like a princess while sleeping. She is my sleeping beauty, my Sumo! Yes, she is alive. She lost her voice in that incident. She was in coma for 3 years. That 3 years was the worsted years of my life. Today, my Sumo gave me such a big happiness. I can’t say anything. Words are falling short. I love you Sumo, I just love you!!!
The end

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