Sharing Happiness is HAPPY NEW YEAR

Ayan having bag full of sweets in his hand..

It was the order to his take him out..

So as he he wish..his father took him out.

For new year party..also with his wife Alisa..

Alisa faked that she was angry with him..coz he never listen to her..when she said this..

Somehow he managed both nd they begin to celebrate the new year..

Its about 10 more minutes to go..

Ayan open the bag..nd took one sweet to eat..

Before he putting into mouth..

His eyes saw boy..who was eagerly seeing Ayan..

Then Ayan go for him..

His father Azad nd Alisa wondered  where he going..then spotted him ..with that Boy..

Ayan gave his sweet to him nd signalled to eat that..

But he refused..

Azad nd Alisa came there nd said him eat..

But he replied that he was with his sister..

He ran to this place today from his own town ..becoz his step mother tortured him nd his sister.

He said happily..that this was the real Happy New Year for him..

Alisa asked what’s ur name?

Nd she asked for his sister..

He called her..


That girl came from behind the wall.,she was so cute in that sleeveless white frock..

Her hair was open..

She walked with her cute little palm..

She came nd held his brother’s hand..nd hide behind him..

Alisa signalled her to come ..but she didn’t..

Ayan asked his Parents ” can i give this sweets to them?”

Then Azad replied which make both Nafeez nd Nousheen in surprise..

Azad nd Aliza make them to sit properly in the chair..

Then Ayan took some noodles nd begin to feed Nousheen.

Nafeez said “Thank you”

Azad said ..Dear Assume this is ur first Day in ur life,.i know what u have suffered in this world as a orphange..

So from now onwards..from this new year..

We were ur Guardian..

I will join u in Orphanage where i grown up in my childhood..

After some formalities..i will take u both with me..

We will give u everything which we giving to our child Ayan..

Nd u give me just ur good a good life like us..

Will u do it na?

So let we celebrate all New Year together.

In a minutes..everyone shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR..

nd They said Happy New Year..

Guys just thought to give some advice in this new year.

Life is full of sharing happiness..not earning money..

I know without money..we will labelled as poor..

But i bet we can’t buy everything with money..

So give happiness to everyone..

Spread happiness..spread positive vibes..


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  1. Aafiya

    Superb and amazing…
    Happy New Year 2018..
    My wishes to you and your family..
    Let us all have a wonderful and beautiful year…

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear..Wishing you a very Happy New Year..May god makes all ur dreams come true this year.Stay Happy forever.

  2. Fenil

    Happy New Year ?.

    1. Farie

      Thank u bro ?? Happy new year ☺☺

  3. Riya5794

    Osm as always..?????#PositivesVibes will definitely spread happiness…

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear ??

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