Sharing A Feeling In A Silent Way – OS

There is a silent street and a girl walks through it. She walks so slowly and reaches her house. Her mother is inside the house reading a newspaper. The girl gets in. Mother doesn’t look at her. She gets in. 

After sometime she changes her clothes and goes to kitchen to get something to eat. Her mother comes there.

” How was your day ? ”

” Good”

She goes in to her room again and starts searching something on her desk. She finds something , a book which has a blue cover . She takes it out and sits on a chair and starts thinking.

‘ I couldn’t write on you from two days . I was not in a mood to write. But I feel very happy when I read my own thoughts written on you . Today also I’ll write my feelings on you’

‘ Today was not a good but not bad either . All days are same for me. It should be like this for a girl like me who doesn’t have any friends. You know , today a girl asked me something but I gave her a quick reply and escaped. I don’t like to have friends. I know it’s very important to have friends but .. I don’t know why I don’t have friends..

Today mom also didn’t ask me anything. She can’t understand me. She also have her own problems. But what is there to understand? I don’t have anything to say. When I hear my elder sister talking with mother about her friends, about what they did together, I feel little sad.. I don’t know how to name that feeling. It can’t be called jealous as I have no such attitude.

Maybe mom is also happy listening to her , without listening to me. Who would like to listen to me anyway? I’m happy at least I can write on you.

You know what my elder sister had done with her friends? They had gone to meet their teacher and that teacher is so close with them . They have enjoyed so much.. I know I can never have such an experience. My only work for the day is going to school , returning and studying. I have nothing else in my life.

I’m glad at least you do not feel bored by my words. I wonder whether anyone would like to take my place… Do I have any reason to go on my life? … That’s worth answering really. But who would answer? ..

This is enough for today . I must go back to my studies. Or else I would over flow my thoughts and my little happiness will be vanished..”

She closes the book and goes to study.


Thank you for reading. This little story came up to my mind.. Sorry if it wasn’t good enough.

  1. Fenil

    Awesome !!

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much bhaiya ? after a long time seeing you.

  2. Swethaa

    soo emotional…amazing…
    didn’t get the time to better late than never…

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