Shani May 30 2017 – Episode Written Update

Shani seekh: Shani dev gives chances to people. If they choose good then their results will be good but if they choose bad the results will also be bad. Anyway it’s in the path the choose.

The episode begins with Mali-Sumali performing tapasya. Devraj Indra comes there with his weapon and was about t o attack them but, Shani says Stop it Devraj. You are not supposed to be here. Devraj says I will decide where I should be. But the one who does not required do be here is you. Being a Dev, you are supporting asuras. Shani replies that I never stand for either devas or asuras. Mali-Sumali are doing tapasya on Mahadev with pure heart. So it is my duty to protect them. But if you want to stop them from doing this tapasya then you will have to stop me first. But I am going to cast my drishti on them before that which will get them the fruit for their karmas ie,. He gets his weapon

in his hand. He casts his drishti on Mali-Sumali. Indra dev warns him that your act will cause havoc to all Devas. I don’t care about it because it is my duty to provide fruits for their karmas. They both attack using their weapon powers vigorously but Shani dev wins. Devraj says that he will return. Shani says I will be waiting for you…

At Surya loka, Yam tells Devi Sangya that you cannot leave this room. But Devi Sangya is not relieved from the illusions that she has seen last day. She thinks that it is Shani dev in the form of Yam. She says why do I have to get your permission to go out. Who are you to block my way ? Yam again pleads to his mother not to leave that he has promised his Nanashri. But Devi Sangya pays no heeds to him and says my son never stands in my way. This itself proves that you are not my son – But Chhaya’s son Shani. Kaakol sees Yam and Devi Sangya arguing. He thinks that he should inform Shani before something bad happens and rushes.

At Patala, Devraj return with a few Dev-soldiers. I will stop them at any cause Shani. Shani says, if you want to do so, then so be it. I, Shani is standing in between. First, win over me to get close to them. They were about to attack each other. But they feel something strange. Mahadev appears there. They all bowed him. He smiles seeing Shani but frowns at Devraj. He asks the reason of Devraj’s arrival. He says that I came here for the well-being of Devas but Shani is standing in my path. Mahadev says that it is Shani’s duty to do so. I, myself gave this duty to him and now I am happy that he does it perfectly.

Both asuras now get up from their tapasya. Mahadev asks them about their wish. They say that we know that being chiranjeevi is impossible. So We want you to safeguard us. If someone attacks us, then you, Mahadev should destroy them at that minute. Devraj is shocked. Mahadev agrees. Shani is happy. Mahadev disappears. Devraj says that Shani, you have not given them their karmphal but you have created a very big problem for Devas. Devraj also disappears.

Kaakol comes in running and screams on calling Shani. He is very much tensed. Shani enquires him. Kaakol says that the At Surya loka – Yam and Devi Sangya and takes breath and couldn’t speak. Shani says that I know that Kaakol. It is happening by my plan only. Kaakol is Shocked.

Devi Sangya warns Yam that you cannot cheat me Shani. I will get my family back for any reason. Yam says again that Mata try to understand I am Yam, your son. I am not Shani. She tries to move towards the door but Yam stands in between. I have promised to my Nanashri and will keep it up for any reason.

But Devi Sangya thinks that he is Shani and tries to stranglehold his neck. Yam is angry on his mother and pushes her away. Using his powers, he forms a big energy sphere and shoots it at Devi Sangya. She feels pain due to that attack. She comes forward and slaps him. Tears start flowing from Yam’s eyes.
Then only Devi Sangya understands that he is Yam not Shani. She pleads to him not Yam is enraged by her action. He turns back and says “Mata, I have promised Nanashri to safeguard you. So I will not allow you to leave this room for any reason.” and leaves from the room and the door closed with a bang. Devi Sangya cries that “Because of this Shani, my dear son has attacked me.”

(Illusion) Shani enters her room, I understand that you are in pain. Am I right Devi Sangya. It is exactly the same way your father experienced when you attacked him. Never forget this punishment and your bad deed in your life. Enraged Devi Sangya, breaks down all the things in her room and sits in the middle and starts crying.

Surya dev walks in to corridor and stops to see Shani bowing down. He goes close and asks him to get up. It is not nice to see the great Karmphal daata – Dandnayak bowing on the ground at me. Shani replies that I did not do like this, as Karmphal daata or Dandnayak, but as a son. Surya dev says that there is no requirement for fear or respect between us. Shani says I wanted to thank my father, for giving respect to my mother who deserves it. He also sees Mata Chhaya standing in the corridor. Surya dev says that I did it because I wanted to fulfill my pathi-dharm towards my wife. Shani says You accepted her as your wife but will you give her all the respect that a Surya-pathni deserves. Surya dev asks some time to think and moves away. Mata Chhaya pats on Shani dev’s head. He says that I wanted to get you what you deserve mata.

Indra dev comes to meet Devi Sangya who sits in the middle of a nasty room and putting her hair infront of her face and crying. Devraj says that Devi Sangya do you know that Mali-Sumali’s tapasya is over and they got a boon from Mahadev. If someone attacks them, the to protect them, Mahadev should kill them at the moment. Devi Sangya roars in laughter. Devraj feels it disgusting. I am talking about a serious matter and you are laughing like this… Devi Sangya says that I am happy because Mali-Sumali got this boon from Mahadev. Devraj is totally confused.

She says that if that is the boon they got, then I will punish Dandnayak Shani who was created by Mahadev and got this responsibility from him to get destroyed in the hands of the same Mahadev.

The episode ends with the closeup of Devi Sangya with a evil look.

Precap: Mata Chhaya was saying something to Surya dev. Sorry I missed it.

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