Shani May 26 2017 – Episode Written Update

Shani seekh: Whenever someone sways from their path, Shani dev takes them alone and makes them understand about their bad deeds. He also teaches us that the result is because of our karmas only.

The episode begins at Surya Mahal’s corridor where Yam is speaking to Shani. Yam says If you try to give more and more sufferings to my mother, then I will throw you and your mother out of Surya Loka. Shani dev says Not my mother but she is our mother. Shani asks whether there is no place in this Surya Loka for the Chhaya who beared the Heat / Taap of Surya dev, She actually did the karmas of your mother by taking care of you and yami. Even after this She is not deserve to live in Surya Loka. If you want you may talk about his to her. She is in your room only. I live not interfere between a mother and a son. Yam heads to his room. Shani says in his mind-voice that “You try as

much as you can Yam, but Devi Sangya will know that she is alone by this evening.”

On the way to Yam’s room, he meets Mata Chhaya and says that don’t try to cross your limits more than this. How dare you to enter my room. I know the reason of your sudden entry in Surya Mahal. You are trying to take over the role of my mother Devi Sangya and your son Shani is trying to take over my place. It will not happen until I am there. Get away from Surya loka before today’s sunset. Yami interferes and says to Yam that Don’t you know that you are speaking to elders then give respect to her. Yam says Don’t you know that if elders are speaking then younger ones should not interfere. She tries to say something, but Mata Chhaya signals her no. Mata Chhaya says that if you are happy if I go away from here then I accept it. She is about to pat Yam’s head but he turns away. Mata Chhaya cries a bit and pats Yami.

Yam then goes into his room and sees some statues of Horses and Elephants and also his cradle. He starts to think about how Mata Chhaya took care of him and How Devi Sangya gave him to her for her selfishness. He starts to worry that he has committed a big mistake.

Yami goes to Devi Sangya and says that you are responsible for what Yam has done to Mata Chhaya. You have injected bad thoughts in his mind and made him insult her today. Devi Sangya gets angry on her and says don’t cross your limits Yami. I am your mother. Yami says only by birth not by life. You have given birth to me but you haven’t done your karmas on me. Surya dev yells at Yami. I have already warned you not to speak like this to elders. Yami replies that if elders commit mistakes and take the wrong path then younger ones get the right to warn them and make them realize the right path. Yami goes away from there. Surya dev asks her where she is going. She replies she is going to Mata Chhaya. Devi Sangya and Surya dev are shocked. Yami also adds that there is no place for her in this big Surya loka but I am sure that there will be a nice place for me in her heart. I am not going to be in a place where my Chhaya Mata is insulted and irrespected.

Surya dev turns towards Devi Sangya angrily. She says why are looking at me like this. I did not even speak to Chhaya. But Yami says she made Yam to speak badly to Mata Chhaya. Sangya says Yami to shut up. But Surya dev stops Devi Sangya. You have not kept your respect not only now but for so many times. But still I am standing your side because I wanted to fulfill my Pathi-dharm. But now you have crossed all the limits Sangya. Now its time for me to fulfill my Pathi-dharm for Chhaya. I am also going to the place where Chhaya wants to stay. But don’t worry Shani will definitely punish you in the same place where you are there. Devi Sangya asks where are you going Surya dev. He replies that you are not in the right path but I am going to the path where Chhaya is going. The same path which Yami wants to go too. Yami and Surya dev go away from there. Devi Sangya tries to stop them but in vain.

Shani comes there after they go and smiles at her. He adds there your problems have just begun. Don’t worry Surya dev did not go forever and will surely return. The door immediately opens and Surya dev, Yami enter happily inside. Devi Sangya smiles. But along with them Mata Chhaya also enters. The smile vanishes from Devi Sangya’s face. Surya dev, Yami and Chhaya chat happily and keep on patting Yami’s head. Devi Sangya yells that you cannot give my place to Chhaya to Surya dev who pays no heeds to her and keep on talking. She shouts and begs at him to look at her. This is not right. She tries to touch him and finds that it is Shani’s illusion. She asks Shani that what he has done. He replies lonliness. I have made you to alone. But I did not do anything. You did it by your karmas. He agains does some maya and makes Devi Sangya to see Surya dev applying medicine on mata Chhaya’s feet. Devi Sangya says that it is illusion. Shani replies that it not illusion. I am showing you what is going to happen in the near future. The true illusion is you still think that your family has left you. But you must leave that illusion to get them back. Devi Sangya sees that all 3 of them have vanished. Shani says that now you must have understood that it is not scene of present but the future. It will be the punishment that you will be getting soon. Till now only two of your family members have left you. But don’t worry Yam and Nanashri will follow them in this same manner very soon. Just wait for Shani’s punishments. Shanay Shanay.

Devi Sangya finds herself sitting on the floor and screaming that no you can’t leave me alone. I won’t allow Yam to leave me alone. Shani smiles from a distance.

Tridev talk about this. Narayan tells Mahadev that now another test has started. Brahma dev asks what is that. Mahadev tells that how Shani manages himself as Dandnayak for Devi Sangya as well as Karmphal Daata for the rest of the world at the same time.

At Patala loka, Indradev sees Mali & Sumali doing their penance. Their bodies catch fire even though they don’t seem to be distracted from their penance. Indradev looks irritated. He says that Surya dev thinks that these people are devoteed to Mahadev. But I know that they want to put an end to Devas using Mahadev’s boon. But, he will do something to put an end to this problem and to safe-guard devas even if it makes Mahadev angry as he has the responsibility of Devraj. He must find a way to put an end as soon as possible. Shukracharya and other asuras come there. Shukracharya thinks that Indradev will not be patient for too long. He might do anything to destroy Mali and Sumali’s penance. So their penance must have to end well. For that there is only one solution – Shani.

Devi Sangya comes rushing into Yam’s room and keeps on saying that I won’t let it happen all over the way. Shani keeps on smiling. She says “All of them could leave me alone but I know you won’t leave me. You know right I did not do any bad sin”. Yam comes from inside by holding the dolls that Mata Chhaya kept in his room in his hands. He says that “He has only committed the bad sin and wants to repent for it”. She asks what is the sin?. Yam says it may be a mistake to insult others but I have insulted my mother which is surely a bad sin. She says you are my son. You could not have insulted me, but even if you feel like that also no problem, I am your mom, I will forgive you for sure”. Yam says not you but Chhaya mata. Devi Sangya says “Chhaya… Mata???”. He says yes Mata Chhaya. I should have taken care of her well and I should never have insulted her. Now, it is time for me to repent for it. Shani keeps on smiling from a distance. Devi Sangya snatches the dolls in his hands and puts them on the ground in anger and tries to brainwash him by saying “She is not your mother, I am your mother. You cannot leave me alone”. She even holds his hands and falls on his feet. But he pays no heeds and continues to walk away. She cries. Shani dev comes close to her ears and said You Devi Sangya you are alone and abandoned by your own family just as you left your kids.

Precap: Devi Sangya and Shani dev see Yam & Yami resting on the shoulders of Mata Chhaya and feeling peaceful in their forest home. Shani dev says Now it’s time for your next punishment. You attacked your father and now for that your son, Yam will be attacking you. Keep in mind. This is not the end of Dandnayak’s task, but it’s just the beginning of the punishments of your karmas.

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    Thanks Kamalanayani for this update. U have written this update very nicely. I was eagerly waiting for it. Yesterday’s episode was nice. In this serial I am very happy to see dev sanghya is getting appropriate punishments which she deserves. ☺

    1. Kamalanayani

      You are welcome Madhu…

  2. Thanks a lot kamalanyani for the such wonderful update..

    1. Kamalanayani

      You are welcome Gayatri ji…

  3. Kamalanayani

    But I can’t understand one thing.
    They are saying it is Devi Sangya’s misdeed that she has attacked her father. But as a punishment if Yamraj attacks her then won’t it be his misdeed also. So if Shani dev gives punishment for him also. Then will this continue as a chain.

    I am asking this Question because, Leaving Surya dev alone is considered as Devi Sangya’s misdeed.

    1. Here shani want to say that we bear our bad karma which we give to others
      We can get it in so many ways as here devi Sangya will get it from her child like she being a child gave to her father
      This is what my Krishna too says
      Jo booge wo hi paoge

      1. Kamalanayani

        Yes even Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
        It was already told in the dvapara yuga by our Krishna… but my question is will it affect Yamraj also ??
        I hope it wouldn’t….

  4. Thanks kamalanayani

    1. Kamalanayani

      You are welcome…

      1. Yes it will affect Yama but as god says In your intention making of crime gives you punishment (matlab kis paristiti mai gunah kiya)
        So here if Yama do sin to save chaaya then his punishment will be low
        But if his intention is to give pain to sandya then his punishment will be worse
        If we are saving any life n by mistake we killed other then our punishment will be low
        But if we kill someone for our own sake then our punishment will be worst
        That’s why whenever I do anything I first think will it going to harm anyone
        I hope you got ur ans

      2. Kamalanayani

        Thanks Sandya….
        You solved it…
        And I remember that in Mahabharat Lord Krishna said If the intention of an adharm is dharm then that adharm is also accepted as dharm.

        I think while killing Ashvattama – Elephant he said this…

  5. Oops I mean I think before doing anything if it harm anyone I won’t do that

  6. Nandhini

    I dont think what Yam is going to do to be a sin if he has to do it in order to save mata chaaya…its already preplanned by shani dev to give punishments to devi sanghya…
    Hi kamalanayani! Good to know you felt lord shani dev’s blessings in his temple…this update is very beautifully and clearly written…you said last time dandanaayak shani was in black outfit but this time silver outfit…the costume change may be to gain higher trps…last time he was in Rahu’s maya and punished everyone but this time he is swayam dandanayak with tridev’s blessings…

    1. Kamalanayani

      Might be Nandhini akka because Rahu & Ketu are considered as shadow planets so, their effect might have caused a black outfit and now silver outfit.

      But another fact is silver, iron are the fav metals of Shani dev.

      Any way just as you said all only for TRP…

      But did you see they are showing the shani jayanthi advertisement even on Friday…. But anyway he turned as Dandnayak on May 23rd itself. But actual shani jayanthi was on May 26th. But the advertisement is still going on..

    2. Kamalanayani

      Thank you Nandhini akka
      I already got notification from the admin that Pooja didi will not be posting on Friday and asked me to post… So I was prepared. And acc. to me, this update is the clearest of all I have posted. Each conversation of the episode is in this update.

      In the last updates – I simply remembered what happened and then typed it.

      Thanks to all who read it…..

    3. You’re right but according to GARUDA PURAN if you kill a small insect unintentionally it will also add as adharma but punishment of that adharma will be very low?

  7. Do anyone know that our god Krishna to got punishment for his sins which he did just to save world but in the eyes of dharma n karma all are equal god or insect no one can get bail from the court of dharmaraj
    Though dharmaraj yam was so scared that how would he punish the supreme god Krishna
    And our Krishna said that he will bear all the punishment by being a normal human leaving his deivya roop
    Even he got punishment for stealing the vastra of gopis though he was just 8-10 at that time
    He did this so he could teach every woman that we should be careful who is watching us on which intention we should be careful for our own respect
    But though it was sin in eyes of dharmaraj we get punishment for our every small to small sins
    Many of them says wrong bout god Krishna that he was always behind gopis always stole butter cheated in dharma yudh
    But no one thought what was his intention
    Those gopis were devotees of Vishnu who did tapasya to get Vishnu as husband so they got krishna as friend and they were happy and got moksha
    He stole butter to show his love to all his mother’s
    He cheated in dharma yudh so dharma should win and draupadi can get her nyay

    Am I right if I’m wrong in any place pls correct me?

  8. Kamalanayani

    You are right Sandya.
    He died in the hands of a hunter – next birth of Monkey king vaali.
    He got punished for his former avatar karmas also.

    But he won in the war to get justice for mata Draupadi but he could have saved At least one of the upa-pandavas or abhimanyu. He killed all the kuru clan except pandavas. Without any reason even Ghatotkacha – even being a rakhshasa was killed (It may be to waste Karna’s Divya Baan from Indradev).

    But if Lord Krishna comes infront of me – I will simply ask him this question – He even killed Parikshit in the womb but he saved him only because mata subhadra requested for it as a repayment for being yogmaya and transferring Balarama while he was in womb from Mata Devaki to Mata Rohini.

    He knew it and even felt the pain for each attack on Abhimanyu inside the chakravyuha. Atleast he could have taught him how to come out of chakravyuha during the time he was in Dvaraka.

    (Actually my Grandma told me this story.)
    He got the punishment for it immediately after returning to Dvaraka from war. He lost his beloved elder daughter (d/o Lord Krishna & Mata Satyabhama) who died in shock after knowing that Abhimanyu was killed because she was already in love with him. It is also said that she was the first one in Lord Krishna’s clan to get affected by Maharani Gandhari’s curse.

    Actually her name was Kamalanayani (I am using this nick name even for this account asI liked that name from knowing this story only. Because it was Lord Krishna’s daughter’s name. But no wiki page contains this fact as Kamalanayani.) But he promised her marriage will be arranged with Abhimanyu in Kali yuga in her re-birth. But my grandma was clear that she was not Shasireka (D/o of Balarama) who got married to Abhimanyu with the help of Ghatotkacha (Shasireka’s story was in a Telugu folk-lore).

    That story is still in my mind. It was like a fantasy but very very nice. From her birth it was full of joy except her end. Her atma also had relation with Tridev.

    If you are eager I can share it with you… (But again I am saying my Grandma only said this story. Please do not doubt more about her history in reality or in puranas. My grandma also said one reason why she was not included in puranas.)

    So are you guys interested to hear Rajkumari Kamalanayani’s story ???

    1. Yea there are so many stories which were destroyed by foreigners

      And yes yadava dynasty was destroyed by Krishna’s own son samba
      It is told that samba is energy of Shiva
      And he just took birth to destroy
      It’s a long story

      You can share your kamalnayani story here
      I’m excited to know it

      And yes on and TV new show of krishna
      Coming on 19 June at 8:30pm
      Show’s name is param avatar sri krishna

      Lets everyone watch that show too and share related stories of krishna which so many of them don’t know

      What do you say friends???

      1. Kamalanayani

        I will share the story of Rajkumari Kamalanayani here…

        And I also know the story of Samba – Lord Krishna got him from Lord Shiva to destroy his clan by himself…. But being God takes too much patience and too much accepting heart. Lord Krishna knew everything and had power to alter anything that’s gonna happen but he let it happen….

        And @Sandya – Do you know in which channel the new Krishna show is gonna be telecasted ???

      2. Kamalanayani

        I’ve got it…
        It is & TV….
        But that channel is not coming in our home…
        Any way I will read the episode updates here…. And will surely not miss it.

  9. Hi everyone, i am new to this blog. I just joined bcoz i love Shani dev.

    1. Kamalanayani

      You are welcome Pinky…

    2. Welcome pinky?

  10. And @Kamalanayani thanks for the nice update

    1. Kamalanayani

      Thank you so much….

  11. Kamalanayani

    @Pooja didi
    what happened to May 29 episode update.
    I am waiting for your update eagerly….

  12. Ohh not again???

    1. Kamalanayani

      Pooja didi will be updating tomorrow.
      So no worries Sandya.

      And I have posted episode 1 of Devi Kamalanayani – Daughter of Lord Krishna ‘s story…
      I thought of releasing it as a series of episodes because it was a long story.
      Will be out soon in Tellyupdates.
      Do read it and share it with interested people also.
      I also want everyone to read it. It will surely be an interesting story….

  13. @kamalanayani…how are you so adverse on all these stories? I love reading your updates as I know nothing?

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