Shani May 19 Episode written update

The episode begins with, Shani dev being so angry and his anger turns into fire (krodh agni) on his body. He screams in anger and pain. His anger affects the lokas and creates pralaya (disasters) all over.
Tridev watch the happenings. Narayan asks Mahadev to do something to stop the disasters from happening. Mahadev tells him, that he cannot do anything, because there is some more time left for sunset. If Shani did not take up his role and responsibility as karmphal daata then I have no other way than making Yam as the new karmphal daata.
At the same time at Surya mahal, the yagna is going on. The Yagna fire and all the lamps and at ferocious. Everyone around get shocked. Yam, Surya dev stand up in shock. Yami comes running and calling Surya dev who asks her what happened. She tells that Shani is ready to give up his powers and ready for his own end. Mata Chaaya is shocked.

Devi Sangya is happy and she grins. Dev Vishwakarma and Kaakol come running inside the sabha. Dev Vishwakarma tells Devi Sangya to leave Chaaya because the acts that are happening here have their effect on the whole universe. She angrily tells him that all the effects from birth to death happen on the universe only because of Tridev not me. Then how dare you to blame me. Mata Chaaya says, so be it, then I will save my son by myself. Indra dev did not expect this. Devi Sangya stares at mata Chaaya.
Mata Chaaya rushes to the forest where Shani dev is screaming and burning himself in his anger. She finds it hard to reach out to him as the fire on his body had spread to the whole forest. She shouts his name. Shani dev hears her voice and turns towards her. He sees her feeling hard to reach him due to the fire. He asks her, Why did you come here mata ? Please go away. She somehow manages to come close to him and tells that a mother will never get separated from her son. If my son chooses his end, then I cannot get myself away from the same. He tells her no. It is only for me.
At Surya mahal, the priest says that it is time to give Poorna-Aahuti of the yagna. Devi Sangya sees that the Sun is about to set and thinks that within some time, the position of Karmphal daata will be snatched from Shani and my son Yam will be bestowed with it. She tells Yam, to be prepared for his new responsibility. On the other hand, Mata Chaaya tries to touch Shani who is burning. First time she cannot bear the heat. She again tries to touch. Now she feel the pain as much as Shani does. He tells her that she does not have to bear this pain. She manages to cool him down and advices him.
She takes him back to Surya mahal. Before Devi Sangya and Surya dev gives the Poorna-Ahuti, Mata Chaaya and Shani dev enters the Surya sabha where the yagna is happening. All are shocked to see them entering with the smile in their face. Shani dev is back as Karmphal daata. Now he is ready to set his vakra-drishti on Devi Sangya. She, Surya dev, Indra dev and Yam is really shocked to hear this.
Devi Sangya pretends to be innocent as she wants to safeguard herself from the Vakra-drishti of Shani dev. She also adds that it is not right to set his vakra-drishti on a innocent person. After few pity-pretending conversations of Devi Sangya, Dev Vishwakarma and Shani dev. Shani dev finally gives the duty of deciding whether Devi Sangya is innocent or not to Yam who is the Dharmaraj. He also adds not to take side of his mother but as Dharmaraj. He also promises that if Yam proves Devi Sangya as innocent, he will not set his vakra-drishti on her.
The episode ends the fate of Devi Sangya in the hands of her son, Yam.

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  1. Nandhini

    Nice update?? shani getting angry and burning reminded me of devon ke dev mahadev episodes where maa parvati turns into maa kali and the whole universe stumbles on her anger…waiting for shani jayanti special episode!!

    1. Kamalanayani

      Yeah that happens when mahadev cuts off lord ganesh’s head….
      Vinaash… Sarvanaash… – mata parvati screamed in anger…

  2. Kamalanayani

    And how is my new motto ??

    1. Nandhini

      Its nice, short and cute as i understood the meaning as the life which you are living is only becoz of tridev i.e., every little thing happening to you only due to tridev that which inspires you…

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