Shani July 24 2017 – Episode Written Update

|Shani Seekh: If someone’s karma is bad to achieve a motive yet his thoughts are good and motive is correct, Shani teaches them that his karmphal will be dependent on the motive only.|

The episode begins at Surya Sabha with Suryadev asking Indradev and Devi Sangya that “What will be my benefit by teaching Hanuman? So, I have come to a decision…” Indra dev cuts him in the mid-sentence that “You may come to any decision, but it should not havoc any promise. I have promised Hanuman’s mother that you will be his guru”. Surya dev tells that “I am not responsible for this as you did not consult me before promising. I will not tutor Hanuman at any cost”. Shani dev enters that “This time I am supporting Devraj and Devi Sangya in this matter. I suggest you to tutor Hanuman because it is the right of every living being to get your

light and warmth and it is the right of every kid to get tutored by you”. Surya dev says that “Don’t forget that choosing the student is the teacher’s right and you can’t interfere in that”. Shani replies that “I agree with you but there must be a reason behind rejecting a student which will be dependent on the student’s karmas. It comes inside my area of authority.”

On the other hand, Hanuman is in the motive of lifting the whole Surya loka and presenting it to his mother. So that Surya dev has to answer his mother. Kaakol tries as much as he can but in vain. Hanuman finally beats his gadha on the ground. It breaks apart and Surya loka feels the thrust. Shani hears Kaakol’s scream. Shani says “Hanuman..” and runs to see him. Indra dev mumbles to Devi Sangya that “If Hanuman is behind this, then we can never make Surya dev to agree…”

Hanuman is about to lift Surya loka but Shani stops him. Hanuman questions him “I have done my level best to make Surya dev happy… How will I tell my mother that another teacher has rejected me… She will not accept it…”. Shani hugs him and promises to make Surya dev accept him as student. Kaakol asks him “Are you going to Surya dev after this ?”. Shani says “I only care about the motive of Hanuman, it is purely a thirst for gyaan. It don’t mind about his karma this time…”

At Surya Sabha, Surya dev starts complaining about Hanuman. Shani says “I need to know about the reason why you are rejecting him…”. Surya dev thinks for a moment and says “I will accept Hanuman as my student”. Hanuman jumps in happiness.

Surya dev adds that “But I won’t be able to teach the Ashtasiddhi”. He explains what Ashtasiddhis are to everyone. “I have learned about this specially from Tridev with great effort. So I won’t give it to a naughty monkey who has no control…” says Surya dev. Indra dev assures that he takes responsibility of Hanuman not misusing his powers”. But Surya dev not accept this. Shani accepts Surya dev. He says “Teacher has the right to decide what to teach his disciple”. Hanuman gets angry on him that “Even when Indra dev takes responsibility, you think that I will be your competition right?”. Kaakol sighs…

Shani says “Indra dev is always responsible for his throne…”. He asks Surya dev for a chance to prove Hanuman. Surya dev gives time until sunset. Everyone accepts. Hanuman promises Surya dev but Surya dev says “I don’t want promises but I want proof that you can manage your powers”.

Hanuman walks in the corridor. Shani and Kaakol come there. Indra dev enters and says “You may try anything Shani but Hanuman won’t forget you..”. Hanuman hears that and says “I won’t forget him as he always tried to warn me. He once again gave me a chance. And if you can help us, then provide us a solution to win Surya dev’s quest”. Devi Sangya also comes there and wishes to help them.

Shani says “Then, we three in one team and Indra dev and Devi Sangya in one team. Let us plan how to win. It won’t be new for you both to plan something strange always right Devi Sangya..”. They both are shocked. Then, Hanuman, Shani and Kaakol leave.

Devi Sangya says that “If Shani’s idea wins, then Hanuman will gain knowledge, so we can make him against Shani after that. Else if it fails then, it is very easy for us. So, everything is still in control…”. Devraj praises her brilliance.

Hanuman hangs upright from a tree. Shani and Kaakol asks him to come down, but Hanuman says that “I can think good if I stand upright…”. Then, Shani says, “Ok.. Then, let us leave Kaakol… Hanuman can deal it…”. They both start to leave. Hanuman comes rushing and asks him about his promise. Shani says, “I did it to make you come down…But the truth is happiness came in my life once I met you Hanuman..”. They both smile at each other.

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