Shani Jul 19 2017 – Episode Written Update

||Shani seek – If a person refuses to accept his/her misdeeds then, Shani will make them to accept it by out-breaking the truth and giving the exact karmphal to them. He never lets anyone escape||

The episode begins with Hanuman watching the Sunrise. He tells to himself that, he is going to stop Surya dev to get his shiksha. He is about to fly but Shani and Kaakol enter by shouting at Hanuman to stop. They both signal each other with their eyes. Hanuman says that he does not want to waste his time with shani as he has no time. Shani pranks at him by saying “It is your right not to have my help as you think that I am your enemy but I did not think like that. So I came to help you. And you were about to stop and make Surya dev understand about something right… Ok OK.. Come on Kaakol, Let us go… We should not disturb Hanuman. But anyway Hanuman, I came to help

you about your Shiksha from Surya dev. If you can find your way, then I am relieved…”. By saying this Shani and Kaakol go from there.

Hanuman thinks for a moment and stops them when they reach near the door. Both Shani and Kaakol smile. Hanuman says, “I agree that you are wiser than me and I want to get my shiksha from Surya dev. Mata has told me that, some problems which cannot be solved through power and force are easy to solve with the help of mind. Help me”. Then, three of them, sit down and talk. Shani explains Hanuman that “He can make Surya dev happy by curing him and the only way is to bring Ashvinikumars to Surya loka”. Hanuman says “Oh God, Again… PROBLEM… You are always getting me into some problems… I am already a monkey and you are planning to convert me into a horse. I won’t agree”. Shani promises him that if Hanuman brings Ashvinikumars to Surya loka, then he will help him to get shiksha from Surya dev. He adds that Shani never takes a back from his promise. Hanuman says “OK, if I do this, I will get two friends and the rishi’s aashram will definitely have many fruits… I agree Shani”. Shani smiles.

Hanuman accepts it and flies. Shani and Kaakol are happy. Shani says, Hanuman has accepted that bringing Ashvinikumars to Surya loka as his resposibility. Now, it is time to make two more to agree with their responsibilities.

At Surya Sabha, Devi Sangya questions Dev Vishwakarma about the medicine. How come you cannot bring a medicine to my Pathi?. If Shani can go to Kailash to get Chhaya’s life back, then I will also go to Mahadev to make Surya dev better. Shani enters the sabha my saying “You are not required to do such thing Devi Sangya. And Nanashri is also not required to find a new medicine for curing the illness of Suryadev. Everyone get shocked. Surya dev and Devi Sangya get tensed. Shani adds “The medicine for curing Surya dev is already present. And Hanuman has gone to bring it here.”

On the other hand, the rishi forces both ashvinikumars to cut logs of wood. Both of them are tired. One of them faints and falls down yet, the rishi forces him to get up and start working. Hanuman says “I haven’t seen a rakshas in the form of a rishi….” The rishi gets angry and asks that “So, a monkey has come to teach me(a Maharishi)”. Hanuman says “I can be a monkey by my appearance, but through the eyes of karma, a monkey can look like human and also a rishi can look like a rakshas.”

The rishi warns him that “The voice is yours but the words are that of Shani. If he has sent you, then go back to your home immediately. Else, if you want to proceed then, no one can stop you from becoming a horse”. Hanuman says “There is only one difference between me and Shani, it is he can handle situations with a cool mind, but not me”. He then takes a few steps back. He starts running towards them, flies in the air and steps one foot before the rekha and beats with his Gadha on the rekha thereby parting the rishi’s aashram from the Earth. The rishi falls down and asks for help. Hanuman says “I hereby welcome you to the journey to Surya loka. And I promise that it would be nice flying in the sky and looking down from here”. Both ashvinikumars are over-joyed. The rishi says “You will have to accept the karmphal for this vaanar!”. Hanuman says “I am a monkey, and I love all kinds of fruits. Let me taste it also. But it is time for yours before mine. I now give you two options. Either come with me flying to Surya loka silently or you can directly step down from here”. The rishi is frozen in shock. Both Ashivini kumars enjoy this flight.

At Surya sabha, shani says, Surya dev’s medicine is a karmaphal. “One will get weak when he hides his karmphal”. Both Surya dev and Devi Sangya are extremely tensed. She was about to say something but Yam intrudes. He says “Stop lecturing Shani. Keep in mind that you are speaking to my parents. Stop hiding what you know”. Yami also agrees. Mata Chhaya says “Yes, shani tell what you know infront of the whole family”. Shani says “The family is incomplete”. Yam asks who is remaining in the family who is not present here. Shani says “I was talking about this only Yam and Yami. It is not new for Surya dev to disown his kids when they are born. First, he disowned me and now again the same has happened. The responsibility of parents is not just to give birth to kids and leave them in others hands. They should look forward for the future of the kids”.

Devi Sangya gulps. Yam asks Shani to elaborate. He says “Two of our brothers and Surya-putras are at the Earth. And Hanuman has gone to bring them here”. Everyone are shocked.

Precap: Hanuman comes flying with the rishi’s aashram. Everyone in Surya family wait to see them. Hanuman lands with a thrust. Both Ashivini kumars peek from a bush in the Aashram.

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  1. Pooja

    You have written really nicely Kamalanayani..kudos to you! 🙂 🙂

    1. Kamalanayani

      Thank you Pooja didi… But no one can match your speed and dutiful nature…

      1. Pooja

        It all lies in the efforts my dear and you really did great 🙂

      2. Kamalanayani

        Thank you Pooja didi..

        But my gurus Tridev and Shani dev had taught me that efforts are like water but its nature decides its usability… Its pH must be neutral to consume, else too acidic or too basic makes it not consumable. Like wise, one’s nature leads to his karma and karma leads to the quality which inturn leads to usability (for humans it is called respect and leads to affection from others)…

        Regards Pooja didi…

  2. Hi kamalanayani di you did very great job. Nice update thank you very much.

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