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|| Karma is puja and doing your duty is devotion. Shani teaches that one must always do right karmas. That helps him gain appreciation from everyone. ||

Hanuman tells his mother is extremely hungry. Everyone smiles. Everyone / everything freezes at that moment except Shani. It seems as if the Kaal Chakra has stopped. Narayan appears. Shani greets him. How come you are here suddenly? Narayan says I stopped time last time so you cannot hurt Hanuman. I have appeared her again to protect Hanuman only. We are heading towards Treta Yuga. It is time for Hanuman to start his journey in accordance to my avatar. Shani says Hanuman will surely start his journey at the right time. Narayan declines. If it does not happen now then it wont happen ever. If you don’t let Hanuman take a step towards that path then

he will never be able to reach his destination, i.e. me. Shani says I don’t have any intention to stop him but a devotee’s devotion makes his way. No one can stop him from coming to you if his devotion is true. Narayan calls him a hindrance in Hanuman’s path. You are stopping him. Your friendship with him is so deep that it is overshadowing his devotion towards me. Shani is puzzled. How can friendship be bigger than duty? Narayan gives example of his love towards his sister Bhadra. It is more dear to you than your duty. Shani is still not convinced with his logic. I will never stop Hanuman from reaching his destination. A devotee paves his way himself. Narayan explains the 3 forms of Kaal – Shiva, Shakti and Shani. Shiva is in agreement with me and so is Shakti. Very soon, Shani too will understand it that it is for the betterment of the world that Hanuman must begin his new journey. He disappears.

Everyone returns to normal. Shani is shaken by Narayan’s words.

Shani cannot stop thinking of what Narayan said to him. Hanuman thanks Shani for saving his life. Shani tells him it isn’t needed. You saved my life once and I saved you once. We are even now. Hanuman gets thinking. Shani asks him what happened. Hanuman relates his dream to Shani. You were going away from me. I was calling out to you to stop but you just disappeared suddenly. I always feel something is missing in my life but my life was complete when I saw my Aradhya in my dream. I was hurt as well as you left me. I need both you and my Aradhya in my life. Shani gets teary eyed. I understood Narayan. There was a hint in Hanuman’s dream. He must choose either his Aradhya or me. Hanuman is incomplete without his Aradhya. He must leave then. He must begin his new journey without me.

Sanghya is worried for Bhadra. Forget about Bhadrantak, if she doesn’t get any help now then she will die because of these wounds only. Bhadra asks her to help. A snake comes there. Bhadra extracts its poison. She begins to heal. Sanghya is amazed to see it. This is the only way. Get the poison from such poisonous animals and become strong. This is what Indra Dev hinted as well.

Shani paces in his room thinking about Narayan’s words and Hanuman’s dream. He turns into Dandnayak Avatar. It is time for Hanuman’s Aradhya to take birth. You may be my friend but your Aradhya will complete you. You may be dear to me but I cannot stop you from attaining what you are destined for. It is important for our friendship to end for that matter. Narayan appears. Narayan is pleased with Shani for understanding the truth. How to make up Hanuman’s mind for this? You know all this too well which is why you wont stop him but he is stubborn like a kid. He will never renounce his friends. Shani says this is why I will have to make him forget this relation. He will have to undertake his Karma-yatra. It would be as if we were never friends. He wipes his tears. This is the only way left.

Hanuman is in the jungle. He keeps thinking of his dream and shouts Shani’s name. Mata Anjana gets concerned. Is everything fine? Hanuman tells her he is feeling as if he will lose his dear friend today. I feel the time is near. His friend tells him there is a problem. All the poisonous insects / animals of our jungle are dying suddenly. Hanuman decides to find out who is behind it. It will create an imbalance otherwise. It wont happen till I am here.

Shani asks Narayan to help him. Narayan readily agrees to help him. World will never forget your sacrifice. Shani says world may or may not forget it but hanuman will have to forget it. I am Dandnayak Karamfaldata Shani. Be it a friend or enemy, I have to bring everyone on the right path. What if I will be left alone afterwards? He shares his plan with Narayan (in mute).

Bhadra is extracting poison from the poisonous insects / animals present around her. She stops suddenly. I cannot kill these innocent animals. I cannot do this. Sanghya explains she will have to do so to recover. Bhadra is reluctant. It would be better to die instead. Sanghya tells her against it. It is impossible. A daughter must not die before her mother! Bhadra says I am fine enough to survive. Don’t worry. Sanghya thinks if she isn’t strong again then my plans will fail. It is important for her to be strong so I can win. She thinks to use her maya (Shani) again to her benefit. She creates fake Shani. See, who has come to meet you. Bhadra is pleased to meet Shani. Where do you disappear? I cannot live without you. He tells her she needs poison to survive. She asks him how she can be so ruthless. I killed so many innocent animals. He tells her there is no dharma bigger than saving yourself. Bhadra shakes her head. Don’t force me to do so. He asks her if she does not trust her brother. She says I do. Sanghya thinks she can make Bhadra do anything with this Shani’s help. I should think of something big.

Hanuman is boggled seeing all the snakes lying dead around him. It is strange. How can all the poisonous animals die suddenly? He notices Shani, Bhadra and Sanghya there. This is impossible. Shani cannot be here.

Shani tells Bhadra to do it for him and their mother. Hanuman deduces it is maya. Shani will never call Devi Sanghya his mother. Shani again coaxes Bhadra to extract poison from these snakes. I want to see you healthy. Hanuman is sure Devi Sanghya is using her maya. Bhadra extracts poison from the snakes. Hanuman thinks Devi Sanghya used fake Shani to make Bhadraagree to everything. Bhadra heals completely. Bhadra asks her mother to come. You said we have to attack on Dev Loka. Sanghya says Shani told me I was wrong to this so. I always listen to him. Bhadra says I too listen to him only. Sanghya asks fake Shani to also tell Bhadra what he has told her. Shani says entire world is again both of us. It is time to finish Mahadev! Sanghya thinks to attack Mahadev using Bhadra’s help. Shani will have to fight with his sister seeing her fight with Mahadev. Whoever get hurt, it will be me who will win!

Hanuman thinks to inform Shani asap.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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