Shani 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani scores another victory!

Shani 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Cheaters never gain happiness. Shani teaches that it is dangerous for us to cheat. Whoever cheats ends up getting affected because of it. ||

Dev Vishwakarma says I would reiterate the positions of all planets before we resume the fight. All the planets take their place. Dev Vishwakarma asks Shani which house he will choose. Shani and Chhaya look at each other. Shani walks up to the 8th house (the house of death). He enters in that house. Devraj is sure it will be his last fight. Not Chandra Dev but Mrityu Dev will be waiting for you today!

Shani asks Chandra Dev not to hide. He hears the sound of the ocean roaring. Chandra Dev laughs as he comes in front of Shani. He is using his energy to create a big wave in the ocean. Welcome to the house of death! Shani is pushed in deep waters because

of the huge wave.

Everyone in Surya Loka is watching it. Yami calls it cheating. It is the rule of the fight. One has to put something at stake before starting the fight but Chandra Dev hasn’t chosen anything. He instead attacked Shani the moment he step his foot in that house! Chandra Dev explains that life is put at stake the moment you enter the house of death! Chhaya looks worried. She remembers what Shani had said to her yesterday and gets teary eyed. Shani is still struggling. Chandra Dev says when Chandra is in neech grah in the house of death, you don’t die so easily. You die a slow painful death. I will finish your chapter today and I will no longer be under your Drishti then!

Brahma Dev says I have never seen Shani so helpless. Mahadev says this is the speciality of this war. A planet may be strong but it cannot escape the strength of the other planet. Chandra Dev can control water. If Shani fails to get out of this problem then it is quite possible that Chandra will finish him!

Chandra Dev swims up to Shani and holds him by his throat. I am stained because of you. I am forced to bear pain because of your Drishti!

Chhaya goes.

Chandra Dev tightens his grip. You proved me characterless and got me punished from Mahadev. How would you know what it is to be called characterless in front of everyone and be punished for it? You are Karamfaldata. You will now bear the consequence of your karmas today! Shani’s body floats to the bottom of the ocean (almost lifeless). Yami shouts at Shani not to lose out to Chandra Dev like this. Your sister (Yamuna) will always be called characterless otherwise! You must get up for your sister and mother’s sake! Get up! Shani wakes up with a start and ends up pushing Chandra right out of the ocean. I reminded you many times but I will do it once again. Our life and death isn’t dependent on what the kundli has in store in for you. It depends on your karmas. Chandra attacks him but Shani fights back which shocks Devraj. How can it happen! Yami smiles htrough her tears.

Shani tells Chandra he fell really low. You forgot that you get the karamfal of every karma. You will get an equally low Karamfal now.

Chhaya utters Shani’s name while praying. Yami tells her he is fine now. Chhaya wipes her tears. Yami sits next to her. You can hide it as much as you want but you are Shani’s mother after all. You cannot see him in pain. Be relieved. Mahadev has heard our prayers. Chhaya says I am a mother. I cannot stop loving my son. Yami suggests her to tell this to Shani also.

Chandra says you can gain control over me using your power but I am more capable than you in this house! He uses his energy to create another giant wave. Save yourself now! Shani says I told you that our karmas decide our life and death. He makes the waves disappear with one gesture of his hand. Chandra looks at him in shock. Shani says if one commits bad deeds then Chandra will win! If the karmas are good then satkarma, i.e., Shani will win! Chandra Dev vows to kill him as he attacks Shani again but Shani manages to have an upper hand.

Devraj is sure Chandra will lose now. Only Rahu and Mangal can defeat Shani now.

Shani drops the stone. Life was at stake. As per the rules, I should kill you but I wont do so. My Drishti was and will be on you forever. This is both your karamfal and punishment! Shani and Chandra Dev return to Surya Loka.

Yam announces Shani the winner of this fight. Chandra Dev is out of this grah-yuddh now. Chandra Dev reluctantly steps out of the kundli.

Dev Vishwakarma asks Shani to choose his next house. Shani chooses the 7th house (of husband and wife). He enters in that house. Yami mutters that it is going on as per Mangal’s plan. Shani entered in this house where he will come face to face with Mangal. Now we are very near to the result. Chhaya is in a fix as to what to believe.

Rahu welcomes Shani in the 7th house. We will fight from the same level today. For the first time, I wont fight with Karamfaldata but a mere planet. Rest assured. You wont escape this time. Shani calls it his illusion but Rahu tells him he isn’t alone this time. Mangal steps forward. Now Shani must fight Mangal and Rahu together!

Devraj and Yam smirk whereas Chhaya gets tensed.

Rahu asks Shani what he will put at stake. Shani says it is strange. You are a mere head but you still cannot think. We are in the house of marriage but all 3 of us are still unmarried. There is nothing that we can put at stake! You cannot harm me in this house as there is no woman in my life and neither would there be one in future.

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev the reason behind his smile. Is there something that I don’t know? Mahadev says it’s all in front of us already. Narayan adds that it is possible that Shani might be forced to change his words in future.

Shani says Mangal and you are also without a woman so there wont be anything at stake. It will be just a fight. They accept his challenge. A fight ensues where all of them try warding off the other party. Rahu steps behind Mangal. What’s the motive of you fighting this war Shani? What’s left in your life? Who are you fighting for? You have no one left in life. You don’t even have the mother on your side who was once your everything! You will still end up as a loser. There is no point fighting this war! Shani notices a shadow standing on the edge of the mountain and wonders who it could be! It disappears the other second. Rahu blames Shani for Bhadra’s death. You couldn’t protect her. What are you living for then? Give up! You neither have mother nor sister by your side anymore. No one loves you. What’s the point of living such life? Mangal and Shani keep fighting with one another on and off. Rahu advises Shani to surrender. That will be the best solution to this!

Precap: Watch Shani and Mahakali fight in the house of moksha!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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