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Sometimes situations arise where both dharma and karma stand at loggerheads. Shani teaches us to give importance to loved ones to make it easier.

Raja Harishchandra is sitting. People throw alms at him thinking him to be a beggar. Raja Harishchandra throws them away angrily. Shani asks him why he did that. Raja Harishchandra replies that he will die but wont accept alms. Shani agrees. People shouldn’t rely on the money which they haven’t earned but till when will you sustain like this? You are not employed anymore and neither will you accept these alms. You need lot of money to get your wife and son back. Raja Harishchandra says I have lost them but no one can snatch my hopes from me. A guy says seems like you are not interested in alms. I will give you a chance if you want to earn money with respect.

Sell yourself to me and earn money. Raja Harishchandra accepts it. The guy tells him to hear what he has to do. You might change your mind later.

Rahu thinks to do something to Rani Taramati and her son. Shani too doesn’t have much time. I will meet Rohitashva soon.

Rohitashva suggests his mother to return to father. This trader is not a nice guy. Rani Taramati is positive her husband will come soon to take them. Rahu watches them from a distance and turns into a snake. The trader stomps over the floor which Rani Taramati had just cleaned. She covers herself properly. He tells her to hurry up and clean the floor. You are not a Maharani but servant here. You will get food only when you will work. Rohitashva cannot see his mother being humiliated like this. Rahu was about to bite him but Rohitashva walks up to the trader warning him not to talk to his mother like this. The trader tells him to lower his eyes. Rani Taramati comes to his rescue. She tells him to head to his hut. I will join you soon. He is reluctant but she insists. She goes in another direction. Rahu / the snake approaches Rohitashva. Rohitashva shouts scared!

Raja Harishchandra gets restless. I feel as if something wrong has happened. He is cleaning something near the ghaat. The same guy (now his master) tells him he is going out for a while. Do the last rites of the dead bodies that come in my absence. First take the money, offer a white cloth and then only must you do the last rites! Raja Harishchandra sits down to work again.

Maharishi tells Shani Raja Harishchandra is going to find out the truth real soon. Shani points out that the truth was right before his eyes since forever but he dint see it. The moment he will give his people more importance than everything else, his problems will end. Maharishi seconds him.

Shani notices a woman pulling a dead body on the cart. Shani rushes to her side. He is shocked to see Rani Taramati pulling Rohitashva’s dead body. He holds the cart teary eyed while she silently follows him. He brings the body to the ghaat. Raja Harishchandra is surprised to see him there. Shani says one dead body is waiting. Raja Harishchandra asks the lady who she is. Death is never happy. I feel sorry for your loss. What was your relation to him? Rani Taramati replies that she is his mother. Raja Harishchandra asks about the father. Rani Taramati says he is alive but I don’t know where he is. Raja Harishchandra hopes she gets the strength to bear her loss.

Maharishi observes it all. Time is indeed painful. The same husband and wife who loved each other dearly cannot recognize each other today!

Raja Harishchandra asks Rani Taramati to pay for doing the last rites but Rani Taramati has no money. Raja Harishchandra apologizes. I cannot do any last rite without taking money in return. You will have to take the body to some other ghaat. She begs him to show some mercy. Don’t do this to me at this moment. Raja Harishchandra says I am helpless. It will be adharma to go against my Master’s wish. You will have to pay the fee to do your son’s last rites. Rani Taramati turns to go.

Shani tells Raja Harishchandra to stop. See the face of the dead one before saying no. Maybe your outlook will change then. Raja Harishchandra says every body is a body once the person dies. No relation, name or anything remains after one dies! I am only doing my duty here. Last rites cannot happen. Shani requests him yet again. Please look at the face of the kid or you will repent it. Raja Harishchandra asks him why he will repent it. He walks up to the cart. What’s on his face that will make me? He stops mid sentence as he removes the cloth from the dead body’s face. He is stunned to see Rohitashva’s dead body. He breaks down realising the truth. How did this happen? She relates that a snake bit their son. Shani gets alert. I know Rahu is behind this. You crossed your limits to stop me but I wont let you succeed! I will surely do the task for which Mahadev has sent me here. Rani Taramati asks her husband if he wont let his own son’s last rites to happen. Shani says Master’s word is to be followed. Raja Harishchandra is also bound by his duty. He repeats what Harishchandra has said a while ago about the dead. Raja Harishchandra accepts that he dint understand the meaning when I said them but seeing my own son dead I realised its meaning. Dead have no identity. Their karmas, their duty, dharma is their identity. Truth is attachment is only a bondage. We come and leave the world alone. Only karmas stay with them. My karma is to do the last rite. My dharma tells me to follow my Master’s order. If I do so then it will be false. I am bound to walk on the right path (of truth). Shani and Maharishi are pleased with his answer.

Precap: Devi Sanghya says I only made one mistake – to create that sinful shadow of mine (Chhaya)!. Shani announces that she committed a sin by calling his mother a sin. Now I will cast my Vakra Drishti on you first thing tomorrow morning!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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