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Epi begins with Devi Sanghya saying I will remember this last meeting forever. goodbye Chhaya! She attacks Chhaya who utters Mahadev’s name. Devi Sanghya tries all her powers on her but in vain. Chhaya requests her to stop. Devi Sanghya says neither will you be live now nor will your son! She throws a ball of fire on Chhaya and there is a small blast. Dev Vishwakarma comes just then. he asks his daughter what she did. Devi Sanghya says I finished the cheating that was done to me; finished the challenge standing right before me; finished the shadow which was created by me only and who challenged me only. Chhaya is finished. Dev Vishwakarma looks at the fire and takes Chhaya’s name. Devi Sanghya is shocked to see Chhaya perfectly fine and unscathed. She shakes her head in disbelief. It is impossible!

She tries again but Dev Vishwakarma tells her not to waster her energies. You cannot finish Chhaya. Devi Sanghya asks him why she cannot do so. Dev Vishwakarma explains that she isn’t Chhaya anymore. The one whose life was returned by Mahadev cannot be killed by you. With Shani’s effort and Mahadev’s boon, Chhaya is also a Devi now. Devi Sanghya is stunned whereas Chhaya is happy. Dev Vishwakarma says she will disappear only on her own wish. No one can finish her. Devi Sanghya walks up to Chhaya. I order my Chhaya (shadow) to become my shadow once again. Chhaya says neither can you defeat me now nor will my Shani will be defeated. He is Shani. His decision cannot be wrong. Devi Sanghya says you are so proud of him. You think he can stand against Surya Dev and defeat him? Chhaya smiles. I only know that Shani cannot lose.

Indra Dev throws the glass angrily on the floor. Shani hurt my ego once again. Surya Dev too cannot go against my wish. Shani took a stand against me once again. Guru Brihaspati says it will be difficult for even Surya Dev to lose out to Shani.

Devi Sanghya suggests waiting for tomorrow’s meeting. I am sure you will see Shani being banished from here for forever. Promise me. When Shani will be banished on earth once and for all, you will become my shadow once again. Your and Shani’s story will be over tomorrow after Sabha. She turns to go when Chhaya says I promise you. If Shani is indeed banished tomorrow then I will become your shadow once again. But I have faith that my Shani cannot lose.

Guru Brihaspati suggests not letting Shani come in tomorrow’s meeting. When the representative wont be there to present his ideas then the other party will surely lose. Indra Dev says with this defeat he will be out of both Dev Loka and our life! His biggest weakness will now become our power.

Devi Sanghya says that time will tell. Don’t you dare come near the meeting room and my family tomorrow before the Sabha. Hide wherever you want to in the palace but don’t come near my husband or my kids.

Guru Shukracharya says I have faith on Shani’s powers which is why I chose him our representative. Vyaktadant says maybe Indra knew about your choice well which is why he chose Surya. Think about it. What if this is God’s plan? On one hand, there is Surya. On the other hand, there is Shani. You fail to understand. This was all planned so we get no representative at all. SHukracharya says Shani is the best person to represent us. Don’t ask me why as there are some things which I know better than you. Don’t dare to question by decision ever again in future. Vyaktadant looks down.

Chhaya paces worriedly in the room. Devi Sanghya’s words haunt her. I wont let it happen. Shani asks her what she wont let happen. She turns around still looking all tensed. I wish I could explain my concern to you. He says I understand your concern. Your son and husband will be on two opposite sides tomorrow in the Sabha. Whoever loses will be banished. This is what is worrying you, right? She nods. But you don’t have a control over this situation. You cannot do anything. He says at times when situations are not in our control then it doesn’t mean we fall under their spell; and don’t try to come out of them. At times we cannot find solution to a problem as we don’t even try looking for a solution. Everything is possible. We make it impossible by not trying but I will try.

Yam says I don’t accept this father. Surya Dev says this is what I want. Yam asks him why he cannot represent Gods when Shani can represent Gods. Am I less in anyway then Shani? Surya Dev denies. You are very dear to me. One who loses in the challenge will surely be banishes from Swarg. I don’t want to put you in any risk. Shani says this is what I want to explain. You should stay away from this problem. Surya Dev and Yam get upset seeing him. Yam points out that he has gotten used to speaking in between two people. Can you not see that I am talking to my father here? Shani replies that he too has come to talk to his father here. You should hear him as Surya Dev’s point is right. Surya Dev says one who goes against father shouldn’t be saying this. You went against me and chose to support Asuras! What do you want now? Shani says same that you were saying just now. Father and son shouldn’t stand at loggerheads. You should rethink your decision. Surya Dev smiles sarcastically at him. Shani says as Devraj Dev Indra should have done this but he put this responsibility on you. Previously too he tried hurting mother by creating that storm. Is it right to trust him now? Yam looks at his father. Surya Dev walks back to his throne. Maybe you have come to believe that it is only you in this world who can fulfil any duty. I am Surya Dev. I was made representative because of my power, my energies and my position. Shani says maybe it is because of your position only which is why Indra Dev chose you. This might be the reason as to why he chose you. Yam says maybe you are too sure of the fact that you are better and more knowledgeable than father. You feel father will lose out to you and will be banished. Shani says I neither think so nor do I want so. I only came to ask him to think on his decision again. Tell Indra Dev you wont represent Gods. Surya Dev says you worry about me. You promised Mahadev you wont have any bond with anyone. Why are you suddenly so concerned for your father today? You will only do justice and there will be no discrimination! Shani points out that this is what he wants to say. If I am banished then it is no issue as I don’t have such a big responsibility to shoulder. But if you are banished then it wont be good either for the world or my mother. Surya Dev looks at him angrily.

Chhaya cries in temple. Why do you always put me in fix again and again Mahadev? I love Shani more than my life but I have some responsibilities towards Surya Dev too. Is there no way to get out of this problem? She hears someone saying there is a solution. She wipes her tears and looks around. Indra Dev walks up to her. She is surprised to see him here. He says think that Mahadev has heard your prayers and have sent me here to help you. She is confused. he says I am feeling guilty as you got stuck in a problem because of me once. I thought to help you so that lessens a bit. It isn’t only you problem but mine also. As Devraj, I would never want two Gods to stand against each other. You have the solution to it. Shani is stubborn but listens to you. If he wont be present in Sabha tomorrow then he will neither be able to stand against Surya Dev nor will you be in any dilemma anymore.

Surya Dev tells Shani he will get the answers to his questions and worries tomorrow in the meeting as he will stand against him tomorrow. Yam smiles.

Precap: Devi Sanghya stops Indra Dev. You are thinking well for Shani. I have decided to support you. Tell me a way by which Shani wont be able to reach Sabha at any cost tomorrow. Shani hears her and is taken aback. Indra Dev and Devi Sanghya are equally shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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