Shani 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ravan abducts Dhamini

Shani 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

||There is no bigger Guru than mother in our life. Shani teaches that mother is equal to God and fulfilling her wishes is the best thing to do. ||

Mata Chhaya walks up to Shani who stands teary eyed before her. Dev Vishwakarma says we considered you culprit since so many years when we are the real culprits here. We all apologize to you. Surya Dev says the truth is finally in open. It kept you away from the family. I don’t mind if you become Karamfaldata but I do not like the way you work. I don’t agree with you today too. Yam says you hid such a big truth from mother and all of us all these years. Mata can forgive you but I cannot. Yami tells Yam it is because he cannot look at it from Shani’s view. She apologizes to Shani. I forgot that the Shani who makes sacrifices for others cannot kill

his own sister. Dhamini understood what we could not understand! Devi Chhaya says I don’t know why I let this poison of hatred seep inside me. How will I forgive myself for it? I was not with my son when he would have needed me. There would have been no one to put him to sleep at night when he was unable to sleep. How will I make up for it? Shani requests her to call her son once. Devi Chhaya readily addresses him as son. He calls her Mata and hugs her.

Tridev smile seeing their reunion.

Dhamini smiles through her tears seeing Shani happy. Shani walks up to her. I don’t know how to thank you. You are Dharmini who keeps everyone together. You are so positive that you can turn every negative deed to positive. After today, whenever someone will think of you, he would be able to reach me if he will pray to you too. She wipes her tears. Mahadev fulfilled my wish. I am very happy seeing you and Mata together. I have to thank him. She takes his leave.

Shani looks disturbed.

Ravan says I had to do so much tapasya to get this Amrit kalash but my son wont have to work so hard. I will turn the planetary positions in such a way during his birth that he will be born with all of it.

Dhamini thanks mahadev for showing her the way. I am sure Mata can make Shani agree to accept his position as Karamfaldata. He will be free from my curse then and Ravan’s threat will go in vain. Please bless me.

Devraj watches it all in Indra Loka. I must alert Ravan right away. If Shani becomes Karamfaldata again then it will be a problem for us.

Ravan decides to keep all the planets in moksha house of his kundli when he would be born. He would be victorious then! Devraj tells him that there is a problem.

Shani tells everyone that Ravan is on the loose now. He knows it is no point hurting me so he will use Dhamini. This is my concern. They hear Dhamini shouting Shani’s name and rush outside.

Ravan has caught Dhamini in his powers. Ravan laughs. I warned you (Shani) not to act smart with me. You thought you would be able to defeat me if you become Karamfaldata again? See how I will take care of you now! I am taking your wife to Lanka with me. If you want to see her alive then you must come there and fulfill my wishes. You can otherwise forget you ever got married! Ravan flees with Dhamini. Shani chases them but he cannot ends up reaching the edge of a cliff. Ravan mocks him. Your weakness has brought you here? It has made you weak. You would today realize how small you are in front of me. I am so content to see you like this. Dhamini advises Shani to still accept the position of Karamfaldata. There is still time. This is the only way to get out of this problem. Do it for the world if not for me. Ravan warns Shani against it. If you make this mistake then your wife will bear the brunt of this mistake. How will people will you lose like that? You lost your sister. Will you lose your wife now? Come to Lanka without creating any problem if you wish to see your wife alive. He disappears.

Surya Dev is miffed with Ravan. He committed a sin by abducting the DIL of Surya Loka. He has challenged me too! He has tried to malign the dignity of Surya Loka. Rest assured, I will attack on Lanka with my army. He will be punished for his misdeed. Shani tells him against it. Dhamini is my wife. I am responsible for her condition. It is my duty to free her from Ravan. I will go bring her back. Yami shows faith in him and his decision. You are capable of doing it. We should start the process of getting him his position back. Dev Vishwakarma suggests invoking Mahadev so he can return Shani his weapon and responsibilities. Shani shares that he cannot accept that position of weapon anymore.

Ravan looks at Dhamini mesmerized while she is resting. She is startled to see him glancing at her as she wakes up. She tries to go but is caught in an invisible shield. Ravan sees her struggling. You are my captive. I always fulfill my wish. She refuses to let him do it. He insists no one can stop him. I lifted Kailash just with my hands. Stop fighting. She asks him if he isn’t ashamed to misbehave with a woman when he calls himself so knowledgeable and strong! You had to take a woman’s help after all to win. You have become too arrogant but cannot see anything. I can see your end though. It will be destructive. You wont be able to keep me here for too long till Shani is there. He will surely come. Ravan says that is what I am waiting for. This is why I brought you here. I will show you his destruction. He will come here for sure!

Devi Chhaya says it is Dashanan and no ordinary man. He is blessed with Brahma Dev’s and Mahadev’s boons. You need that position to defeat him. You must get your weapon back. Shani declines. Surya Dev asks him what problem he has with it. Shani reasons that it will be harmful for Dhamini. I must leave for Lanka right away. I have never felt this much negative / destructive force till now. If you wish to help me then it will be best to not help me. I will help me myself.

Precap: Ravan tells Dhamini this much anger does not suit a beautiful woman like her. Shani tells him to be careful. Will Shani accept the position of Karamfaldata to protect Dhamini?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    “Shani requests her to call her son once. Devi Chhaya readily addresses him as son. He calls her Mata and hugs her.”
    Very nice words Pooja didi…

    1. Pooja

      thank you dear 🙂

  2. Kamalanayani

    A mom awaits for her child to address her mom/mother from its birth…
    But, here a son had awaited for his mom to address him son… Isn’t it painful to even think about..
    But great to know that, the grahan period on the bond of Mata Chhaya and Shanidev is over…
    Just as sun and moon cannot be hidden, truth can’t be hidden too…

  3. At last
    Mata Chaya and Shani are together
    Happy to see them

  4. really happy about shani and chaya. I just wish shani accepts his position soon.

  5. this question is for kamalnayani di. Di please tell me that vrinda aka tulsi is wife of whom? Shankhachur or jalandhar? Please tell me please.

    1. Hi kartik. Couldn’t login at the moment.
      Vrinda is the wife of Jaladhar and she was the daughter for asura king kalanemi…(Guess Kamsa in previous birth).
      She cursed lord vishnu for tricking her as jalandhar to loss his wife…. eventually it happened to mata Siya…

      1. Thank you Di. I want to ask one more thing. Please tell me about Shankhachur I mean his story. Please di.

      2. Shankhasur… Here is his wiki page
        And another animated movie of my fav cartoon series… but the story might be different..
        Hope you like it.. But for the story sake, read the wiki page… For getting mesmerized in Lord Krishna’s activities then, watch the youtube video.

  6. thank you Di. It’s very helpful. I want to ask one more thing that is matasya avatar connected with Shankhachur ?

    1. No Kartik…
      Shankasura is connected with Krishna avatar not Matsya avatar…

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