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|| Arrogance destroys you if you don’t destroy it. Arrogant people are never happy. Shani teaches that till the time we finish the arrogance that is inside us, we will never be happy. ||

Shani is looking at Surya Dev’s Shakti-punj. Only two more days and then this fight will be over. Narayan asks him at what cost. Shani says I am surprised to see you here today. You appeared before me when I destroyed Mahadev’s golden palace. You appeared yet again right after Yami’s Vaagdan. What’s the reason behind your appearance today? Narayan says my appearance is not a reaction to your karma but a warning to the karma going to happen in future. Through this fight, you want to protect Surya Loka from Devraj Indra and Mangal but there is something which you are unable to look at!


tells his mother that dharma and karma are going in the right direction but truth is father cannot come to his human form till the time Mangal does not become the winner. Surya Dev’s declining energy and the passage of time is reminding me time and again that this war is of no use till the time Mangal becomes the winner. We will lose father for forever the moment Mangal loses in this fight. We must understand this asap. Rest is up to you. He leaves.

Narayan tells Shani there is another fight which he will have to face in the end of this war. You will have to do manthan. This is my motive of coming here. You might win this fight but you will still have to be prepared for that fight. Think well before making any move in this fight (between planets). Hope it doesn’t happen that you succeed in this fight but the world loses its precious elements. Think through before taking any further step. It should always be taken keeping the betterment of the world in consideration. He disappears.

Chandra Dev says Shani might have won 2 fights but he has no option left now. Shani is bound to enter in my house now (house of death)! Devraj tells him to let it be. Shani anyways has cast his Drishti on you. It would be best to surrender. You have lost your respect because of Shani already. Hope you don’t lose your light also. Chandra Dev says that is the reason why I chose that house. I haven’t forgotten anything. I am burning to seek revenge since all these years which is why I chose the 8th house, the house of death! I want to rid myself from Shani’s Drishti now. I chose the 8th house so I can kill Shani when he will enter in that house! I will become neech grah (low planet) and end Shani’s Saade-Saati. Afterwards, I will roam in Shani’s Saade-Sati as neech grah. People will have evil thoughts during that time and they will be forced to take the wrong path which is completely opposite to Shani’s path! Mangal and Devraj smile.

Chhaya thinks of Narayan’s condition and of Yam’s words as she looks at Surya Dev’s shakti-punj. Shani cast an eclipse on you the moment he was born. I took him far away from you that time but I cannot think of anything right now. He is wining every fight. The time isn’t far when he will defeat Mangal too! I will then be only left with the hope to gain you back. It is only Mangal who can revive / protect you! Shani says one must not trust someone too soon. The more you test it against time the better. She turns. Who knows about trust more than me? It has nothing to do with time. Sometimes those who we do not know make our life better in one go whereas sometimes those who we trust since forever shake the base of our life. Shani agrees. My experience has taught me something similar. She asks him why he has come back here. He says someone taught me something years ago. I am back to return the idea – Manthan. This fight is also a manthan. I know that your hatred towards me is increasing with my every victory but this only is Manthan for which I am ready. I might be in pain but I will fight it till the end even if that means I will have to risk my life for it. I will do my karma. I have nothing else in my hands. This is also my suggestion to you. Don’t concentrate on the result of this fight. Focus on the karmas of the partner planets. Manthan (think / debate). Have faith that you will find the nectar. She thanks him for the suggestion. You are right. I must think about karma and not result. Let’s start with your karmas. It made you a winner in every fight but it is slowly pushing me to a different place altogether. It will turn out to be dangerous for the world and will not let Surya Dev come back to his original form. If you were concerned for your father then you would have left from here long back so Mangal could sit on Surya Dev’s throne. Surya Dev’s light could have spread in Surya Loka once again then. Shani points out that she is thinking about the result again. It is our nature. We don’t do karma without thinking of result. Have faith. The end of this fight will satisfy everyone. He walks away.

Mangal is irked to hear Shani’s name and tells the same to Yami. I am tired of it! Explain one thing to me. Is this the upbringing of a Surya-putri to speak in favour of her banished brother in front of her would-be husband? She warns him not to point fingers at her upbringing. What do you know about Shani? He is my brother. I have seen him from childhood. There is a reason behind everything that he does. It is always in the favour of the world whereas you are a stranger to me. I know nothing about you, your outlook or on whose side you are! How should I not take Shani’s side then? Mangal warns her not to speak too much before her would-be husband or! Shani asks him what then. The one, who uses force on women to prove his manhood, isn’t actually a man. I am forgiving you this time as this is your first mistake. Next time, think once before showcasing any right on Yami or Surya Loka! Mangal asks him with what right he is stopping him. As far as I remember, you were renounced by Devi Chhaya years ago. You were banished from this Loka. You were Yami’s brother but not anymore! Shani also points out to him that he isn’t yet married to Yami. It is bound to happen in future. Mangal is losing his cool. Don’t you love your life? You are forcing me to fight with you right away. Shani advises him to keep it for the grah-yuddh. I don’t want to engage in any fight with you at this moment.

Mangal smiles. Truth does not change by turning your head against it. It is easy to lecture on dharma but it is very difficult to abide by it. You are not capable of facing anyone. The victories that you gained were won stealthily. You are just a man of words. Sometimes I doubt if you really are Surya Dev’s son or not. Shani asks him if he is pleased by insulting him. You think you will force me to fight by insulting me? No! I am detached and beyond insult. No one can force me to do so. You may go ahead and try doing the same. Mangal uses his energies to attack Shani but Yami angrily wards off his attack. Remember that you are standing in my room and are fighting with my brother! Remember that I only allowed you to come inside my room and nothing more! He begins to say something but she does not let him. Leave from here before I forget about our Vaagdaan. Mangal walks away in a huff.

Yami says I have become a rebel after what I did today. Everyone thinks you are Surya Dev’s enemy. They all believe that father will never return to his human form if you win in this fight. I am still helping you. He refuses to seek anyone’s help. My karma is everything for me. I returned here as it was what destiny demanded from me. The reason of me taking part in this fight is also the demand of time. You don’t have to help me. She still insists upon supporting him. I believe nothing will go wrong till the time you are there. He says no one knows what tomorrow’s sunrise will bring for all of us. It is possible that world will not see you as a rebel after tomorrow.

Dev Vishwakarma announces that Buddh, Shukracharya and Devguru are out of the war now. Only 5 planets are eligible for this fight now – Mangal, Rahu, Ketu, Chandra and Shani! Devraj points out that Shani isn’t present till now. Seems like he isn’t interested anymore. Yam says we will start the fight without him if he wont turn up soon. Kakol is sure Shani will come. Mangal mocks Shani. He must have understood that he will have to use his strength today which is why he ran away! Devraj and Mangal laugh but the doors of Sabha open just then. Shani says a shloka. It is in my nature to walk slow and not just run.

Precap: Watch Shani and Mahakali fight in the house of moksha!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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