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|| One’s character is all because of their life lives and karmas but it can also be faked. Shani teaches that you cannot ascertain one’s nature / character on that basis. ||

Maruti looks at sun and thinks it to be a fruit. He recalls his convo with his mother wherein she allows him to eat everything. You hid tomorrow but how will you escape today? I will eat you up today!

Rahu is also heading towards the sun. I cannot wait anymore. I have to make Surya’s warmth my power! Maruti is also on his way to the sun. Tridev watch him. Maruti thinks this seems to be the biggest and tastiest fruits of all. Who will save you today? Rahu also says something similar about Surya Dev. Maruti is confused seeing Rahu heading towards the sun as well. Who else is trying to eat my fruit? I will just teach him

a lesson. He spins his hands in air because of which Rahu is thrown backwards in the air. Rahu gets puzzled. How did storm come today? I will complete my task at any cost today! He keeps trying to be near sun but Hanuman continues spinning him away from it. Rahu finally spots Maruti. Do you know who you are competing with? Maruti laughs at him. First tell me where you left your body did. Who are you? Rahu tells him to return. Maruti refuses to let go of his fruit. Rahu tells him it isn’t a fruit. Maruti asks him why he was heading towards his fruit with an open mouth then. Rahu decides to divert his mind. He tries gaining control his mind and tries convincing him to come back some other time.

Devraj waits anxiously in Dev Loka. Why is Rahu taking so much time? He cannot do anything right. I will have to go myself to see what’s happening there.

Chhaya tells Surya Dev his family is together because of his efforts once again. Chhaya does their aarti. Devi Sanghya’s return has made everyone happy. Yam points out that not everyone is happy. Chhaya is about to apologize from Shani’s behalf but Sanghya tells her against it. I came on the right path because of what he did. Shani says snake does not stop his poison by getting gem as it is in his nature. Chhaya tells him to stop. It will be better to forget the past. Our family has been through a lot. I don’t want any bitterness in Surya family now. Shani tries to say something but his mother does not let him speak. Chhaya happily welcomes Sanghya back in Surya Loka. They all head inside. Kakol calls Chhaya too innocent. You were right friend. People’s nature never changes.

Rahu tries to put it in Maruti’s head that he isn’t hungry right now by saying it repeatedly. Maruti laughs at him. You are strange. You came without body but it appeared out of nowhere. You are now telling me what I should do? I would know what I have to do as I don’t have an empty mind like you. Rahu warns him to stop or he will attack him. Maruti insists upon eating the big, ripe fruit. Rahu tries using his powers on Maruti but fails.

Tridev smile seeing Rahu’s condition. Narayan thinks Rahu will now realise how dangerous it can be when you mistake someone as only a kid!

Maruti asks Rahu if he is tired. Shall I help? Rahu threatens him but they have no effect on Maruti. He gets upset as all his efforts go waste. Maruti continues taunting him. this isn’t fun anymore. Let me eat my fruit now. Go away. Rahu says don’t know what kind of a mother gave birth to a kid like you. Maruti stops in his path. Don’t even think of making this mistake or you will know! Rahu challenges him. Will you go to your ugly mother (monkey) now and complain now? Show me what you can do. Maruti gets angry. Now you will see what I can do. He extends his tail and catches Rahu. You haven’t seen the world it seems or you would have been intelligent otherwise. I will show you around. He flies around in full speed with Rahu tied to his tail. Rahu pleads for forgiveness. I am sorry that I disrespected you and your mother. Maruti forgives him as this was his first mistake. Don’t do it again or I will take you for a bigger round. Rahu denies. Maruti finally frees him. Maruti laughs seeing Rahu running away in haste.

Maruti thinks he can eat his fruit peacefully now. His mother comes looking for him. Maruti thinks Mata calls me at the wrong time always. Maruti notices the sun shining brightly. Don’t go or hide anywhere my friend. I am coming to eat you in a while. His mother finally finds him. Come and eat the fruits I have plucked from the forest for you. Maruti nods. The fruits that her mother had plucked are rotten now. She wonders how it happened. He offers to bring more fruits. She points out that this isn’t auspicious. He tells her that Gods opens another door for us when one is closed. I am sure a bigger fruit must be waiting for me. Can I eat that fruit? She does not look up or realise what he has been pointing it. He decides to eat the fruit (sun) now that he has his mother’s permission as well. He flies towards the sun.

Precap: Mahadev says a fight between Pavan-putra and Karamfaldata. They will become the biggest enemies of one another in future!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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