Shani 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhamini finds out Bhadra’s truth

Shani 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani teaches that one must always follow the right path. ||

Ravan shows Shani a demo of his strength by throwing him high in the air. Shani falls down and hits his head on a stone. Ravan asks him if he wont attack him today. Will you not cast your Maarak Drishti on me? Fight with me! He hits him hard.

Dhamini asks Bhadra how it is possible. Tell me the truth. Bhadra steps down and walks towards Dhamini. She holds her hand startling her and Dhamini is able to see everything that had happened. She shouts.

Ravan says I thought you will become all the more powerful now and it will be fun fighting with you. Get up. Real fun will be when I will drag you all the way to Lanka with me, to the same spot where I wanted to take Mahadev but you did not let me! I could have given you your karamfal

long back but I was bound by my devotion to Mahadev. I am free today while you are stuck in your karamfal. Neither Mahadev nor Narayan will come to save you now! He throws Shani yet again on the ground.

Narayan remarks that Karamfaldata is compelled to be judged for his karmas because Ravan is able to weaken Shani. He is weak without his position of Karamfaldata. Till Shani resumes his position, he will not be able to defeat Ravan. Brahma Dev says it means Shani’s end is destined unless he accepts his position as Karamfaldata.

Dhamini comes running to where Shani and Ravan are. He thinks it wont be right if she will stay there before Ravan. He asks her to leave but she refuses to leave him alone. Now I know why you renounced that position. You are not weaker than Ravan but your energies are held back because you are not Karamfaldata at the moment. It is important for you to resume your position in order to face Ravan. Shani declines. Till now no energy has come to power which can force Shani to do something against his wish! Ravan laughs hard hearing Shani’s words. Shani keeps his hand protectively in front of Dhamini. Ravan looks at her spellbound. She is the reason of your weakness then! It is right after all. It is right to be weak when you have such a woman by your side! You said you are detached but detached Shani seems to be walking on a different path today. Shani says I am still detached but only from my karamfal and not karma. No one can be detached from his karma, not even you. Dhamini tells Ravan to be afraid of his karma. You know all the scriptures yet you are not aware of the importance of karma and karamfal. You are searching for a person’s weakness just so you could defeat him! If Shani would want then he can surely give you a fitting reply for your every attack but! Ravan points out that he cannot do so right now. He turns to Shani. I am a Brahmin so I will surely give a chance to you. You stopped me from taking Mahadev to Lanka. I give you a day’s time. Meet your loved ones. Tomorrow when the sun will rise in the sky, I will drag you all the way to Lanka with me. No one, not even Mahadev will be able to stop me then. He stops to stare at Dhamini. You don’t need to thank me for this time. You are Shani’s wife. What will be your identity in Surya Loka without your husband? You too will soon grace my palace with Shani. Shani gets angry but Ravan only mocks him for it. He goes.

Dhamini says I know you are not accepting the position of Karamfaldata because of Mata Chhaya. I assure you I will talk to her. I will make her aware of the truth. I am sure she will forgive you. You will then accept your duty right? Shani says there is no use of that. Mata is not the reason behind my decision. You are the reason. She looks at him in shock. He adds that it isn’t an ordinary position. I will have to then renounce my family for entire world. It was not difficult for me till now but after our marriage, I am bound by the path of dharma. As Karamfaldata, I will always have to choose karma. This is why I cannot do justice with both the roles at once. She wipes her tears. I accept the condition if this is the only way for you to resume your position. I cannot live my life under this guilt. You must accept this position. You need to have Karamfaldata’s Drishti to defeat Ravan. You must come to Surya Loka with me now.

Devraj welcomes Ravan in Indra Loka. Ravan says enemy’s enemy is friend so I came to meet you. It is Shani. He tells him about his challenge to Devraj. Devraj feels he dint do right by sparing Shani. Now he knows you have nectar inside you. He will find a way out of this. You turned your biggest strength into your weakness by telling him about it. Ravan denies. I have instead found his weakness (Dhamini). It will now help me get Shani under my spell. Because of that weakness, he will bow down to me. I will use it in such a way that Shani wont be able to even look at me. He will have to become Karamfaldata again to defeat me. I wont let it happen.

Everyone is gathered in Surya Loka. Dhamini tells Shani he will have to accept the position of Karamfaldata. Chhaya and Surya Dev are puzzled at the conversation. Chhaya asks her what they both are hiding. You left Surya Loka the next day after your marriage; Shani did not look me in the eye and today this demand! Why? Dhamini shares that with their wedding, a very tough chapter of their life began. It is time to tell everyone the truth now. She tells them about the curse (in mute). Shani failed to look at any of you because of my curse which I gave when I was under Mangal’s spell. To free him from that curse, he must accept the position of Karamfaldata once again. Devi Chhaya calls it impossible. In my opinion, Shani does not deserve that position. I am not against him. I have sympathy towards him for what he went through but I am not in favour of this decision. You are Shani’s wife. It will be better for you not to know what happened in Shani’s past. Dhamini says I know the truth but there is a truth about Bhadra which you do not know about. No one present here is aware of it. It will answer all the questions raised at Shani.

Ravan is taking Devraj somewhere. They hear someone calling for help which worries Devraj but Ravan assures him they will find out soon. They see Rahu tied in a house in the kundli created by Ravan. This was what I was busy with since so many years. It will help me rule the world! I will catch each planet one by one and become the Swami of Nav-grahas. He laughs thinking that Shani’e end is near now.

Precap: Chhaya asks SHani why he dint say he was innocent. She addresses him as son. Ravan is told that there is some problem. Karamfaldata Shani will finish teach a good lesson to the culprits.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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