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Shani looks at Sanghya in anger and hits her hard on her stomach. Sanghya shouts in pain. Surya Dev is shocked. Shani says you dared to disrespect my mother. You cheated your husband. You disrespected your own father being a son. Yam and Yami rush to their mother. You stomped over a son’s feelings being a mother. A son can be bad but a mother can never be wrong. This is what world says but you proved it wrong today. You have disrespected the womb of every mother of the world which is why this blow was justified. It was the demand of justice.

Yam gets upset with Shani. Your end is destined today! He is about to hit Shani when Sanghya tells him to stop. You help the helpless. I am not helpless. Surya Dev tries to say something but she holds out her hand at him. She gets up. I am a mother but I don’t

deserve to be one. This is what you said, right? Now a mother will punish you! I, Surya’s wife, curse Shani. The leg, with which he hurt my stomach (womb), should break apart from his body right away. Surya Dev tries stopping her but in vain. Sanghya attacks him using her power. Shani screams out in pain. Sanghya enjoys it. Shout as much as you want to. This bad mother wants to hear you scream. Shani stops screaming. He falls as his leg breaks apart from his body. Dev Vishwakarma shouts his name in concern. Shani fails to get up. Surya Dev feels bad to see his condition. Shani says mother repeatedly as the pain is too much to bear. There are mixed reactions on everyone’s faces present there.

Shani sees his blood flowing right in Chhaya’s shadow. The pebble is also there. He drags himself towards the Chhaya. Dev Vishwakarma reaches out to him. He asks Surya Dev what’s happening. What kind of lifeless Sabha this is where injustices are happening? Everyone here is quiet! This is the Sabha of would be Devraj. What example will you give to the world if injustice happens here only? I regret it that Sanghya has some of me inside too. Shani’s life had its meaning because of his mother. She was snatched from him. He got cursed when he revolted. What is it if it isn’t injustice? Shukracharya seconds him. This is injustice to Shani. Indra Dev says I don’t deserve to present my opinion. Narad Muni asks Surya Dev to give a solution to the injustice which has happened in his Sabha only.

Surya Dev says what Shani did was wrong. It was a crime. Sanghya smiles whereas everyone else is shocked. Surya Dev says the one to be blamed for that isn’t Shani but Sanghya. She pushed him to the level where he lost control. Why you did this Sanghya? Shani was right. A wife can go wrong and so can a daughter but a mother can never be wrong. I agree that your Chhaya was Shani’s mother but I am a living proof of the fact that Chhaya never discriminated in her love for all 3 kids. What you did? The son who saved you from Vyakragandha by risking his life, you broke his trust? Sanghya says amazing. First father took Chhaya’s stand and now husband is doing the same. what’s my mistake? I wanted to be near you, to bear your heat so I created my shadow. She cheated me by giving birth to Shani. Surya Dev reasons that she could have told him. We would have found a solution for this. You took wrong path. You are the culprit here. Like Devrishi said, injustice has never happened here before. The same will happen today. Shani stopped injustice from happening twice earlier in the Sabha. Now Shani’s father will stop the injustice. Surya Dev gathers his energies together. Everyone’s vision gets blurred because of the strong rays that emanate from Surya Dev. Shani’s leg joins with Surya Dev’s powers. Shani realises the same. He tries to stand but falls again. Sanghya looks unhappy. Shani looks at his father as he finally stands. Surya Dev says your body joined together with my energy but a wife’s curse cannot go in vain. From on own, you will walk slowly. Shanichara!

Mahadev says Surya Dev did his karma. Now we have to see what result Karamfaldata gives.

Surya Dev’s wound heals permanently. Surya Dev smiles realising the same.

Mahadev says it was a mark of the injustice done by Surya Dev. His action today wiped it clean.

Shani walks up to his mother (Chhaya). He caresses the shadow while past memories with his mother flash before his eyes. His eyes fill up. Please come back mother. I cannot walk properly now. You will have to return. Sanghya decides to teach him a lesson. She moves away because of which Chhaya gets pulled too. Shani’s eyes widen in shock.

Shani picks the pebble. He stares at it and then holds it in his hand tightly. Earth begins to shake because of his anger. Everyone is startled. Shani gets up decisively. Thank you for this Sabha which made me realise that I have nothing left in this world now; no relation, no bondage! Now, with my mother’s identity, I too am finished. He opens his fist. Pebble has broken into pieces. Now I will destroy the world that snatched my mother from me!

Precap: Brahma Dev and Lord Vishnu request Mahadev to stop Shani or the world will be destroyed. Shani angrily shouts mother!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. wow,really nice epi..Iam too happy bcoz surya dev act.

  2. Want to see Sangya to be punished by Surya dev!!!!

  3. such a wonderful story i ever heard. Thanks to the entire team for this such a wonderful show.

  4. it’s aewsome yaar.truly saghya/chaya the way of showing your acting revenge/’s truly you nailed itand not only her and aso shani ,surya dev, and all hats of performance……you all rock it…..

  5. Wow!!What a story! M dying to see next episode.Love d roles of surya dev,mahadev,Sanghya/chhaya,SHANI n d entire team.loved everything about d serial.THANK U colors 4 d beautiful never-heard-b4 story of Shani.

  6. Nandhini

    Now the story is getting intense…every shot was amazing and not even a second to be missed with a blink of an eye while watching…

  7. Wow!What a story.thank u team Shani n colors 4 such a beautiful serial.cnt wait for next episode

  8. Vanshika

    Wat a superb epi and best update Pooja di… Thanks for the update

  9. Shani dev's bhakt

    ? waiting eagerly for next episode…..thank u colors & entire shani team for such an wonderful & extraordinary serial…..superb acting by Kartikey(shani) ,juhi parmar(sanghya or chaya) & Surya dev……??❤

  10. SHANI you are great , brave and outstanding , today show was superb

  11. 🙁 at starting i was sad and at last i am eagerly

  12. Surya dev’s (salil ankola) best act till!!! Loved his expressions..

  13. very very emotional epi , awesome acting by the actor who plays shani , his acting made me cry , and the scene when shani dragged himself towards chaaya was so emotional .

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