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Shani 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is gathered in Indra Loka. Surya Dev asks him to tell the solution. All this happened because of you only. Show me a way out. Indra Dev shares that he was told this garland is extremely powerful and you will become more powerful after getting it. After gaining it, I was also told to throw it away! They are shocked. Who said so? Rahu enters chanting his own name. Who else has the power to influence Indra Dev’s mind? He laughs seeing Gods so weak. Shukracharya would have enjoyed seeing you all this way. Look at yourself! Gods look angrily at him but are too weak to do anything. Indra Dev says how you dare come here. Rahu warns him to be careful. You might die if you will exert yourself too much. Indra Dev falls down. You have cheated me. Rahu points out that it was his choice to trust him. It was

your mistake. You only will bear the consequence now. He looks at Shani. Karamfaldata is also here? You couldn’t save your beloved Gods, Shani Dev. You said you gave me what I deserved. I gave all of you what you deserve. You made Rishi Durvasa’s anger your weapon so the garland is out of my league. I used it against you only to snatch all your powers from you. It was bad though Surya Dev. I loved your warmth. Now you will have to light a diya to even see your face. The sun which was shining since years is setting! Do you know why all this happened? It is all Shani’s fault. If he would have made me a God then you all wouldn’t have lost your powers today! Karamfaldata Shani is responsible for your condition. Remember that this isn’t end. Rahu’s festivity has just begun. I will return. Wait to see what gift I will bring this time. He stares victoriously at the Gods before leaving.

Mahadev is deep in meditataion. Brahma Dev tells him that Veda’s have disappeared. Narayan adds that every granth has disappeared. Brahma Dev says what kind of test is this. Mahadev replies that it is Shani’s biggest test. Curse was given because of karma’s. Shani is karamfaldata. They ask him if he cannot do anything. Mahadev says we cannot do anything even if we wish to. Maharishi’s curse has left everyone devoid of everything. Narayan agrees seeing their weapons disappearing because of the curse. You are right. We only have hopes from Shani now.

Shukracharya tells Rahu he has lost his mind. We cannot attack on Dev Loka. I have trust on Mahadev. I am sure he must have thought well for everyone. Rahu addresses all Asuras. Gurudev is right. If it wasn’t for Mahadev then don’t know what would have happened to all of you. I trusted Shani just like Shukracharya trusts Mahadev but I got nothing. I am also waiting for the time we will get our rights. Truth is that time will never come. We have to make efforts for that. I did that. This is the right time to attack Gods as they are utterly powerless. We must not miss this chance. he again asks Shukracharya to come with him. we will get what belongs to us. It is time that Kalpa-vriksh blossoms under our control. It is time to get Indrasan in our control. Asuras cheer in his favour. Rahu and Shukracharya look at each other. Rahu extends his hand towards him which Shukracharya finally accepts. They all cheer happily. Rahu remarks that now Shani will know what I deserve.

Gods have lined up. Surya Loka says I agree we have become weaker than before because of a curse but don’t forget who we are. We are Gods. We cannot lose out to Asuras without fighting. Indra Dev asks him if this indeed is the end of Gods. Shani steps forward. You don’t have to be worried because of your weakness as this war isn’t going to be fought for power but respect. Everyone chants Har Har Mahadev. Shani adds that even if they die world will remember us with proud. Gods sacrificed their lives for dharma. We will accept death bravely but wont give up. The chants continue. Rahu calls Shani a Sadhu (sage). Behind him and SHukrahcarya stands an army of Asuras. Rahu tells Shani he is a good orator. It was a good speech. I would have appreciated you for it but it is my motive to insult you Gods so much that you will fall in my feet and beg to be killed. Shani tells him he swayed from his path earlier too. This time you have not just chosen but also created the path of adharma. Be careful! Come on the right path or this time Shani wont forgive you!

War begins. Asuras begin to slay Gods. Shukracharya stands face to face with Indra Dev. You have always mocked Asuras. This time it will be the other way round. Heads of Gods will bow down before the world today. I wont do injustice on you though. You are not fit to hold a weapon so I will also fight without a weapon. Rahu and Shani walk up to each other. Rahu is content to finally get what he had been waiting for. Shani’s vision is blurred.

Shukracharya pushes Indra Dev on the ground and beats him. Surya Dev is doing his best to avoid getting attacked from Asuras. Shani keeps falling down because of lack of strength. Rahu enjoys beating him. You fell! You wont be able to get up ever again! I have finalised this is your place. Remember this forever. You are responsible for whatever is happening with Gods today. All Gods fall down on the ground one by one. Rahu makes a fist and attacks Shani.

Precap: Rahu asks Shani to bring Amrit for him from Tridev. Shani replies that Sagar Manthan is important to get that.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    I felt pain when Rahu hit Shani dev..
    He will pay for it…. definitely

    1. Chaaya

      Yes, he will lose his head for it.

    2. chaaya shani ki maa

      i also felt very pain for shani dev


    Cvs faults….
    ?Shani dheere dheere chalna chahiye.lekin, jab bhi sankat aatha hai Cvs shani ko Hossian bolt ki tarah dhouda raha hai.
    ?Shukracharyya bhi dev hai.hun par rishi doorvaasa ki shraap ka prabhav nahi pada…!!kyo…?? humko yuddh dikhana tha kya…!!??
    ?itni badi samasya hui hai phir bhi yam,yami,sandya,vishwakarma,Bhrihaspati,naarad scene par nahi tha…kyo….!!?? Cvs ke paas paisa nahi actor’s ko dene ke liye…!!??
    ? abi tak sandya ki character ko ±ive nahi banaya…!!?? Sandya ko maarg par laane ke liye Cvs ko aur kitni time chahiye…!!??..
    baatakar jaaye toh ek bada list hotha hai. story jaisa hai vaisa nahi dikha na chahiye ho toh teek hai.lekin, Cvs story mein apni maasala ko kuch jyaada hi daal ne ki zarurat nahi……
    om Shaneshwaraya namahaa…..?

    1. Hello hello hello to Shani lovers…
      how r u all ?

      kese ho bhaiya,
      kabi kabi purane frieds or sister s milne bhi aa jaya kro…
      hume bhut yaad aa rhi thi aapki deka akir doond hi lia na aap ko mene..

    2. Acha sonooo bhaiya ager aap muje dekna chahte ho to 15 april ko 11 bje subeh or 17 april ko 10 bje raat ko DDK matleb Door Darsha Kisan p dek sakte h..
      to phchano apni bhen kudrat ko..

    3. Kamalanayani

      who is Cvs here??

      1. ChandaMaya

        I have yet to view last two episodes but we Arevalo waiting for RHu to get his identity, a headless wondered.

      2. SANTHOSH

        creative team of serial….

    4. KUDRAT

      Bhaiya where you go
      Please come nA

      1. SANTHOSH

        hiiii kudrat..??
        kaise ho…!!??
        mere yaha par woh DDK nahi aatha hai…??? ….

    5. Hahahaha You are absolutely Right (y) …

  3. ChandaMaya

    Oh, I mean Rahu.

  4. Chaaya

    Saturn retrograde from April 6th to August 25th, 2017 – all the best to Pritivi Mata (Earth) and it’s inhabitants.Bkssings. Full Solar Eclipse will occurs within this time (Aug. 21st). Interesting times. Blessings to all.


    Amrit Manthan – Churning the Inner self.
    As said before, Indian mythology is an interwoven and interlinked junction of small stories that explain different forms of living life. Amrit Manthan is one of these stories that come from the first yuga i.e Satyuga. The story explains the mutual alliance of devas and asuras for the churning of Sheer-Sagar (ocean of milk) to produce valuable content from the divine ocean.

    Indra, (King of Devas) was once travelling on his divine elephant Airavat and met a powerful sage Durwasa in between his journey. The rishi gifted him , a garland that was offered to him by Lord Shiva. Indra , to prove that he was not egoistic hung the garland on the neck of airavat who in return smashed the gift on the ground. On this account, the sage became angry and cursed him for what he did. As a result the devas were defeated by asuras and the heaven was ruled by the evil power Asuras (King Bali).

    Samudra Manthan

    Devas asked help from Lord Vishnu as the heaven was not supposed to be in hands of the evil power at any cost. The lord suggested them to handle the asuras in a very diplomatic way and take the power back from Asuras. The devas formed an alliance with asuras and mutually decided to churn the milk of ocean and obtain Amrit (nectar of immortality) which they would share equally among themselves. Vishnu said that he would mange that the nectar comes all alone to devas side.

    The Mandar Parvat was used as the churning rod and the serpent that abides the shiva’s neck became churning rope.

    The Kurma Avatar

    The Samudra Manthan was an elaborate process. Many days were taken to churn the ocean with so heavy mountain with full power. In between the process, the mountain due to great force started to suppress into the ocean bed which led to great shocks experienced throughout the world. The earth started to shake and earthquakes started destroying everything. All this created a hassle and it became an uphill task for the devas and asuras to churn the ocean any more.

    Vishnu helping in churning

    Lord Vishnu was asked for help and he did the same by taking the form of a giant turtle called Kurma which went beneath the mountain to avoid sinking of the mountain. The problem was solved and the mountain was churned on the back of lord Vishnu.

    The Neelkanth Story

    The churning of the divine ocean led to discovery of many things. One of them being a lethal posion called Halahala which in some contexts emerged from the mouth of the serpent used for churning . Before amrit cound come out of the ocean the fumes of the deadly poison started killing the both sides. The devas ran to Brahma for help who told them to go to Lord Shiva on Kailash.

    Shiva inhaling Halahala
    The Lord Shiva accepted the request and agreed to swallow the poison which was deadly. As shiva tried to drink this deadly poison his throat started to shrink and become blue. As it was difficult for him also to drink this poison , his wife parvati which is always represented in form of shakti sat in his throat to save him. By this he was started to be called Vishdhar and Neelkanth.

    The Nector of Immortality`

    After all this hard-work and sacrifices that devas and asuras did , finally the Dhanvantari emerged from the ocean along with the most awaited amrit with them. After the emergence a massive fight started between the devas and asuras for the amrit.

    Mohini – Vishnu
    The devas went to Vishnu for his help as he promised to do so. Vishnu thereafter, made the form of beautiful girl called Mohini. Mohini in between the fight of both sides distracted the asuras from the fight and made sure that devas drink it. She succeed in it but an asura named Rahuketu in disguise to be a deva drank a drop of the divine nectar. Mohini with Sudarshan Chakra cuts his head but as he drank the nectar he became to livings , his head being Rahu and body being Ketu. Both of them later formed planets.
    The Kumbh Mela – Origin

    According to Hindu mythology, during the fight of asura and devas Garuda once carried away the amrit pot from asura andd flew a long high. During this flight he dropped some drops of amrit which dropped at four places on earth namely : Ujjain , Prayag , Trimbak , Haridwar. According to the legend these place contains magical and spiritual powers and people who bath in the Kumbh Mela they can attain Moksha (salvation).

  6. Parthasya Patel

    why is everyone unable to release their weapons? rishi said dev will be shakti-heen and shri-heen and did not say their tasks and duties will go away so their fighting power cannot go away is what i think should happen.

    1. Kamalanayani

      But you need shakti (stamina and strength) to fight right???……
      They lost even the power to stand and walk as well as to hold their weapons in their hand
      Thats why this happens….

      But a long time question of mine is how did they have the stamina to churn the Sheersagar, even though asuras supported them??
      Can any one answer

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