Shani 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Hanuman gets affected by Halahal!

Shani 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani Dev always walks on the path of karma without any bias. He teaches us that he decides one’s Karamfal depending on their karmas. ||

Hanuman and Bhadra are engaged in a fight. Hanuman is also strong and powerful. Stop Bhadra. You were lied to. Stop now. Your brother would never want you to do something wrong. Stop now. She withdraws her hands for a moment followed by Hanuman. She tells him he cannot harm her mother. Hanuman realises she is unable to hear anything owing to the shield. I must break it. He manages to break it but falls down in the process.

Shani and Kakol are on their way. Shani tells Kakol he has realised that what he was expecting has already happened. Hurry up!

Hanuman says it is enough. You (Bhadra) would only understand the knowledge of force now. Both Bhadra

and Hanuman engage in a fight yet again. Shani hears the sound of a blast and tells Kakol to fly faster. We must reach there before anything goes wrong. Hanuman and Bhadra are in no mood to back off.

Shani and Kakol reach where Hanuman and Bhadra are but it is too late. Halahal casts an effect on Hanuman .Bhadra too lies unconscious in a corner. Sanghya rushes to her side to check on her. She is stunned to see Shani coming there. She makes Bhadra stand. It isn’t time to fight but save yourself. Bhadra goes with her.

Shani asks Hanuman if he is fine. He looks around but Bhadra isn’t there. She was here, right? She only attacked you? Hanuman shares that he tried his best to stop Bhadra. Devi Sanghya used her powers to make Bhadra’s conscience weak and is using her to her advantage. Bhadra cannot see the difference between right and wrong. Chase Devi Sanghya and free Bhadra. He coughs. Shani declines. Sanghya is very smart. She can hide and run anytime. Trust me. We wont be able to find her right now. We will find her later. Right now, we must take care of you. Kakol and Shani hold him from either side. Shani thinks come what may, I will surely free my sister from this trap. I only need a small help from you (Bhadra). Just get out of Sanghya’s trap. You too are unintentionally heading on the wrong path. Hope it doesn’t happen that I will be forced to punish you in the end.

Narayan says Halahal has completely spread in Hanuman’s body. Hanuman swayed from his path while helping Shani. Mahadev nods.
If the problem is because of Shani then he too only has to provide a solution. Narayan says it is time I must interfere then.

Kakol is teary eyed to see Hanuman lying unconscious. Shani asks Dev Vishwakarma if Hauman will be fine. Dev Vishwakarma replies that such wounds (from Halahal) are impossible to cure. Mata Anjana asks him what he means. Dev Vishwakarma says we must always accept the bitter truth. These wounds can be dangerous for Hanuman’s life. Mata Anjana starts crying. Shani says there is no problem in the world which cannot be solved. This too will have a solution. Dev Vishwakarma nods. It is really difficult though. We need Devi Parvati’s energy to cure Hanuman. The same energy saved Mahadev from Halahal once. Only she can protect him now. Shani knows she is in deep meditation. It is impossible to bring her out of it. Mata Anjana asks Shani to do something. Hanuman holds his mother’s hand. there is no bigger cure than your love. Trust me. Nothing will happen to your son. Shani points out that there is another way. He goes.

Bhadra says it is paining badly. Sanghya uses her powers to heal her wounds but in vain. She is irked to hear her constantly blabbering Mata-Mata. I am trying since so long. What can I do if it isn’t helping? Stop chanting Mata Mata every second! Bhadra asks her why she felt as if it is someone else who is speaking in her voice. You never use such words. Sanghya gets conscious. If this Halahali doubts on me then everything will be over. She acts before Bhadra. I cannot see you like this as I am your mother. I am angry with myself. I just blurted it out in anger. Please forgive me. Bhadra hugs her. Sanghya wonders who can help Bhadra at this crucial moment.

Shani comes to meet Ganesha. Hanuman’s life is in danger. I need your help to cure him. He is hurt because of Bhadra’s Halahal. We need Mata Parvati’s energy to protect him. Ganesha points out that she is in deep mediation. Shani nods. You are also a part of her energy though. Ganesha says you went against father. He wouldn’t like it if I will help you. Shani says I am not seeking help for me or Bhadra but for Hanuman. Only you can save him. We cannot waste even a second. We must help Hanuman. It is your decision now. Ganesha sees senses in his words and shares a part of Mata Parvati’s energy with him.

Sanghya comes to meet Dev Vishwakarma. He thinks her to be Chhaya. Stay assured. Hanuman will be fine soon. Shani has gone to bring energy from Mata Parvati. I am also coming with a medication for Hanuman. Sanghya says I am also concerned for Bhadra. What if she also got hurt? Everyone is here to help Hanuman whereas Bhadra is all alone there. Would Sanghya be able to help / revive her if she got hurt in this fight? Dev Vishwakarma declines. She has Halahal inside her. There is only one cure for her. She would need more Halahal in that case. I hope she isn’t hurt and should return to her home soon so that no one in the world can use Bhadrantak to kill her. Sanghya realises there is a weapon with which she can be killed. I must find out more about this.

Shani sits next to Hanuman holding Ganesha’s energy. You put oil over my head to cure me once. This way, I will be able to pay you back also. The energy immediately cures Hanuman. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Hanuman tells his mother he is extremely hungry. Everyone smiles. The scene freezes suddenly worrying Shani.

Precap: Shani says if Hanuman’s devotion is pure then no one can stop him from coming to you. narayan says you are the one who is stopping him though. Your friendship is so deep that it is not letting him find the motive of his life. Shani asks him how friendship can be above devotion. Narayan gives example of his love towards Bhadra. Will Shani be able to renounce his beloved friend Hanuman?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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