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|| One gets Karamfal after the karma is complete just the way a fruit tastes once it ripens. Shani teaches that outcomes can be destructive if you already start expecting for the Karamfal. ||

Devraj witnesses (using his magical powers) Surya Dev also turning into a horse. Finally I have found an answer for Shani’s tortures. Rahu asks him about it. Devraj says you like Surya’s warmth. You will have to hunt it. Rahu says you seem drunk. How will I be able to bear his warmth? It will burn me instead. I cannot bear it. Devraj says I will tell you how to make it possible. He gets his sword and looks angrily at Rahu. He tries hurting Rahu but it passes right through him. Did he hurt? Rahu shakes his head. It is because I have no body in reality. I only have a head. Devraj nods. We get hurt only on the

body (flesh). Rahu understands his plan. I will start implementing the plan right away. Devraj tells him he wont have any retaliation from Surya Dev. One, who is stuck in family matters, is a very easy target. You can make him do anything you please. Right now Surya Dev has turned into a horse to help Devi Sanghya. His energy will decline afterwards. We have to use it to our advantage. Once you attack him, you will get more powerful in turn. You will be able to get your lost identity and you may also get a right over Shani. This time our revenge will be complete! He laughs out evilly.

Kakol comes to Surya Loka panting for breath. He relates everything to Shani. I saw a monkey flying. He is so swift that even I seem like a tortoise before him. He only did this to me. I came all the way from earth to tell you about him only and you don’t seem interested to know anything about maruti. Shani gets alert hearing his name which surprises Kakol. Shani tells him he doesn’t know why he reacted like that. I just felt something strange hearing this name.

Mahadev remarks that a person’s name is really important. Every name has a special energy, a special sound. They can be experienced when you take that name. Brahma Dev says what Shani felt after hearing his name is just the beginning of the relation they will share in future.

Kakol asks Shani what he experienced. Shani says I felt some power, some devotion. Whosoever has this name will be a devoted and pure soul. It will also be powerful.

Maruti is shown.

Kakol says I don’t know about devotion but he is indeed powerful. I saw it with my own eyes. He shook the entire tree on which I was sitting in one go. He along with his friends created a lot of ruckus. Flashback shows Maruti giving his friends fruits. You think I always invite dangers but you should meet him once. His nature itself is dangerous.

Maruti mistakes a Maharishi’s tresses to be a special fruit. It must be special. His friends advise him against it. It is evening time. We must head home. Maruti stays put. His friends tell him not to go there as Maharishi might get angry. Maruti replies that he would only get upset on the one he would see. I would disappear in no time. I will taste this fruit anyhow. Maharishi ends up shouting for help. Matang Rishi shouts Maruti’s name angrily. Maruti’s mother drops everything hearing his voice. What has he done now? Matang Rishi questions Maruti if he cannot differentiate between a Rishi’s tresses and fruits. Maruti’s mother apologizes to him on Maruti’s behalf. Forgive him as he is a kid. He wouldn’t have done it intentionally. Maruti and his friends nod. We were hungry. I mistook it for a fruit. Matang Rishi points out that he broke Rishi’s tapasya without knowing anything. He burns their fruits as punishment. Maruti calls it unjust. We are kids who made a mistake. You are snatching our food even after being a Rishi? Mata Anjana folds hands before Maharishi. You did right. I assure you Maruti wont trouble anyone in future. Matang Rishi says this will be good or the punishment will be something beyond your imagination. Everyone leaves. Mata Anjana looks pointedly at Maruti. He tries to flee from the spot but she does not let him. Enough for today. You will come home with me now. At home, he asks her what she has made for dinner. Mata Anjana asks him if he is still concentrating on food after what happened. He points at the sun. Can I eat this? She is taken aback. Why not! Go ahead and eat it. Everything that exists in the world is a fruit for you! Sun sets in the sky. Maruti says you disappeared. Be ready tomorrow. I will eat you up!

Shani points out that the sun has set. We will meet Maruti some other time. Right now we have to be in Mrityu Loka where Surya Dev and Devi Sanghya are. Kakol asks him what he will do. Shani replies that he will do his karma. If Surya Dev comes in my path then he also will have to bear its consequence.

Surya Dev comes out in his human avatar followed by Devi Sanghya. She is about to ask him something when he tells her to forget the past. It will be best to leave behind whatever has happened in Mrityu Loka. No one should know about it. She notices the wound in his hand. How did you get hurt? He replies that it might be because of them breaking the curse. She suggests taking some medicine from father. He nods. They turn to go but see Shani coming there with Kakol. Sanghya accepts that he might not think well about me about her even now but after my punishment, I have realised that I deserved it. Our family’s bad time is over now. Shani replies that it isn’t over. It has just begun again. Surya Dev has not cut your curse but the justice of your karmas. The consequences will come forth in future. Surya Dev tells him everything is even in his eyes finally. You did your duty as Karamfaldata and I did my duty as Sanghya’s husband. Come Sanghya. Surya Dev leaves from there with Devi Sanghya. Shani notices the burn mark in Surya Dev’s hand. Kakol remarks that the problem is over now. All is well that ends well. Now Yam cannot be upset with you anymore. Shani says the problem isn’t over yet. Seeing Devi Sanghya and Surya Dev leaving without meeting the eye, I can sense that something is about to go wrong.

Shani meets Maharishi. You will have to tell me or you too will have to bear the result of hiding something from me. Maharishi says I only know I am free of a burden now. I am finally out of this situation and don’t want to be a part of it anymore. He walks away. Kakol tells Shani not to worry. Darkness will end with sunrise. Shani denies. My conscience tells me that some big problem will also come up with sunrise.

Precap: Mahadev says a fight between Pavan-putra and Karamfaldata. They will become the biggest enemies of one another in future!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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