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Surya Dev tells Shani about Shukracharya’s wish. He wants you to rule over animals and humans in future on earth. He wants a Dev Putra to be in their favour to support them. They chose you. Shani says justice is justice, be it Dev or Asura. Surya Dev says it isn’t some casual meeting. The decision taken in the meeting will affect the decision maker too. If you fail in presenting your point of view and lose then you will be sent on earth for forever. this is Asuras’ ploy. If Gods will stand on both sides then eventually one of them will lose. I am representing Gods. Shani nods at his mother. Surya Dev tells Shani I want you to come in the meeting and tell Shukracharya you wont represent Asuras. Shani replies that he will first think and then come to any decision. Chhaya worries. Surya Dev says you

will think! What will you think? I am not asking but ordering you as your father. I want you to say no to Shukracharya in the meeting. Shani says as a father it is also your duty to think once before ordering your son. Surya Dev asks Chhaya if she can see how rude her son is. I don’t want him to be dismissed from Dev Loka for forever. he listens to you. Explain it to him that I am speaking in his favour only. Surya Dev tells Shani he will wait for him in the meeting room and leaves. Chhaya asks Shani if she will agree to one of her ideals. Shani says I know you are concerned for me and that you want me to abide by what Surya Dev said. Don’t worry. I will think well and then decide. He keeps her hand on his head saying your blessing is important. She caresses his face with a smile. Shani goes. Devi Sanghya looks at them from far. Shani can possibly leave from here. I only have to put it in his mind that he has to stand with Asuras for Dharma. No one has the strength to defeat Surya Dev. Shani will surely lose. He will end up going away from my family for forever then!

Chhaya paces worriedly. What if Surya Dev wins? She notices the door open and hears some sound. Seems like someone is coming. Before she can close the door, Devi Sanghya enters. Chhaya hides. Devi Sanghya calls out to Shani but then remembers hearing Chhaya addressing Shani as son. She calls out to him sweetly. Shani comes out. Chhaya hides. Shani asks Sanghya why she is so worried. She says how a mother can be at peace when her son is in such a difficult situation. Shani says I told you I will think and decide wisely. She puts her thought in his mind about dharma and takes him to the meeting herself. Chhaya gets worried for Shani. Devi Sanghya is putting him in a complicated situation. Stop son. this is a trap. How do I stop him!

Shani and Devi Sanghya are on their way to meeting room. Chhaya looks at them from far. How do I stop Shani now? If SHani and Surya Dev compete with one another, then either of them will end up losing. She notices Dev Vishwakarma and approaches him. She asks for his help. We must save Shani. Dev Vishwakarma gets alert.

A maid servant informs Devi Sanghya that Dev Vishwakarma has called her urgently. She agrees to come but maid servant says she wants you to come with me. Devi Sanghya leaves after telling Shani to go ahead. Chhaya runs after Shani and calls out to him. He is surprised to see her back so early. why did you stop me? She says how I could let you go without blessing you. Stay on your path. Take a stand against your father even if you have to take a stand against your father for that. Your mother will be proud of you. Go. I will join you soon. Shani leaves. Devi Sanghya controls Chhaya with her powers. I told you to leave. This wouldn’t have happened if you had left back then. Did you think you will mess with a Devi being a shadow? Did you think you will fool me by staying in my Loka only? Chhaya cries. I dint do anything like that. I will go away for forever. please let me go for now. I have to stop Shani. I have to stop my son from being dismissed on earth for forever. Devi Sanghya mocks her. You got late. Shani must be in meeting right now. He must be speaking in favour of Asuras at the moment.

Surya Dev asks Shani to tell everyone his decision as soon as he enters. Shukracharya reminds Shani he had given him a promise for showing him the way to Kailash. You promised to support me in future if needed. Surya Dev points out that it is emotional pressure. He tells Shani he will only end up standing against his father by choosing to support Shukracharya. Will you do / accept Pitr-Droh? (treason against his own father) Shani says I will neither be affectionate to anyone nor will I go against anyone. I took a vow before Mahadev (flashback is shown)! I will follow that very vow today. He walks up to his father. Justice says if Gods have a representative like Surya Dev then Asuras too should get that right. I will represent Asuras in tomorrow’s meeting. Shukracharya smiles whereas Indra Dev and Surya Dev look upset.

Lord Vishnu says Karamfaldata chose his path. Mahadev adds that he chose his responsibility. He maintained his vow and his mission of life. Brahma Dev says he himself does not know about his life’s mission. Is this his path or motive? Mahadev replies that a seed does not know what the meaning of his life is. While choosing, it is important to see what you choose but the reason behind that is more important. At such times, our thoughts become our karma. Our karma becomes our fate. This is destiny. Karamfaldata has chosen his fate himself.

Chhaya begs Devi Sanghya to let her leave. Let me stop Shani. Sanghya repeats that her son has signed her letter of death. He will soon be banished for life. Before that, you must be killed for the cheating you have done to me. Chhaya gets up with difficulty. Devi Sanghya gets ready to attack. I am giving you a chance to attack. Don’t complain later that I dint give you chance. Chhaya says how I can attack you. Devi Sanghya calls her coward. Only cowards run from struggles. It is good that you accepted that but I will not leave my right. I will remember this last meeting forever. goodbye Chhaya!

Precap: Guru Brihaspati says it will be difficult for even Surya Dev to lose out to Shani. Indra Dev asks him what the solution is. Guru Brihaspati suggests not letting Shani come in tomorrow’s meeting. Indra Dev thinks to use Devi Sanghya for their benefit this time. Devi Sanghya is determined to make sure Shani gets banished from their world for forever.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What a disgusting person or God this devi is. She left for ten years and now this behaviour. No wonder her kids are like her.

  2. hi,alisha devi sangya ne aisa hi kiya tha aap dekhte rhaiye unhe unki tapasya ka koi phal nhi milega jiske unhe bhi unka karamfal milega.

  3. today’s episode was superb 😀

  4. and i like that lori song tune (shocked)

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