Shani 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhamini invokes Bhadra’s presence

Shani 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani teaches that one should do good deeds only as Shani gives karamfal to everyone in this life itself. ||

Shani and Ravan come face to face.

Dhamini says it is important to know what prompted Shani to give up his position. She recalls Mangal telling her about Shani killing Bhadra. She asks Yami Mata is upset with Shani because of Bhadra’s death. Yami avoids looking her in the eye. Dhamini asks her again if this was a lie told by Mangal or reality. Yami tells her it was indeed true. Dhamini asks her to tell her more about that incident. Yami shares that Shani was told by Mahadev to do his duty and kill Bhadra. Mata tried to stop him but he was Karamfaldata who had to abide by his promise to Mahadev. He did that only. Karamfaldata Shani killed Bhadra! Dhamini calls it impossible but Yami

tells her they all were a witness to it. Dhamini says I am his wife. How should I accept it? He has Maarak Shakti because of my curse with which he can kill anyone but he did not do it. He dint use his power even on his enemies. He dint kill his enemies even when he had a reason to do so! Why would that Shani kill his sister for no reason? He loved her so much! Yami says I am also clueless about it. Dhamini asks her if she can take her to the place where Bhadra died. Yami agrees. Why do you wish to go there? Dhamini replies that she wants to know what was the karma associated with the karamfal which Shani went through and had to give up his position, Surya Loka and family.

Shani tells Ravan he is not interested in his karma or karamfal. He begins to go but Ravan refuses to let him go. Kaal was in your favour at that time but it is in my favour now. I would make full use of it to take my revenge. You are in a very pitiful state. Sadly, I cannot even ask you to look at me now as you are under your wife’s curse. He laughs at Shani.

Yami brings Dhamini to the place where Bhadra had died. Dhamini closes her eyes and tries invoking / bringing Bhadra’s energy together. She calls out to Bhadra. You are the one who Shani loved the most. I am Shani’s wife who loves him most. He dedicated his life to you while I have dedicated mine to his. This is why I wish to know how you died. Shani needs his sister’s and his wife’s help today. Help me Bhadra. Please come. Yami asks her to come. Entire world knows that Shani only killed Bhadra. Dhamini refuses to believe that Shani can kill his sister. I will invoke Bhadra’s presence. I would find out what made Shani renounce his position.

Shani calls it his karamfal. Your path is clear now. I would suggest you to evaluate your karmas once before starting a new cycle. You will otherwise come face to face with the results very soon. Ravan tells him not to lecture him on karamfal. I am knowledgeable enough. I know all about scriptures. You should instead lecture your wife who cursed you foolishly. She would have so many expectations from you. She thought she will marry a Surya-putra but she would not have known that her husband would be a sanyasi who would neither be able to fulfil her desires nor do anything else! Shani warns him to stay in his limits but Ravan tells him he cannot even gauge what his limits are. I am so powerful now that I will soon bind you in my powers! Shani says no one could tie Shani till date and neither will anyone succeed in doing so in future. Ravan accepts his challenge. I will do it and I will see who will stop me! Cast your Maarak Drishti on me! I would find out how strong your wife’s curse is. Shani is angry but Ravan tells him to go ahead. Shani casts his Maarak Drishti on Ravan who is set afire for a second and screams. He turns into ash. Shani closes his eyes.

Dhamini vows that she will either find out Bhadra’s truth today or she will accept death! Yami looks at her in shock as she sits on the ground and casts a circle of fire around her. She requests Dhamini not to be stubborn. This is foolishness! Don’t do this! Don’t kill yourself. If Shani finds out then he will be angry. Please don’t do it. The flames begin to affect Dhamini. A blast happens suddenly because of which the fire is doused. They both look up and see Bhadra. Yami is also moved to tears.

Bhadra asks Dhamini what she wants. Dhamini says I want to end Shani’s pain. You are his sister and I am his wife. We both are somehow the reason behind his pain. Please help me. Please tell me the truth.

Shani opens his eyes and sees the ash turning once again into Ravan. Ravan laughs seeing the shock / puzzlement on Shani’s face. You must be thinking if it is a dream or illusion? This is true! I am alive. Your Maarak Drishti or any weapon in the world cannot harm me now as now I am not just Dashanan Ravan but an immortal now! No one can harm me now. You give karamfal to everyone but now it is only those who are powerful who can give karamfal and right now I am powerful! I will give you your karamfal.

Dhamini asks Bhadra to speak up. What happened that day? Only you and Shani know the truth. How could he kill you? I only wish to know the truth.

Shani asks Ravan how he could escape his Maarak Drishti. Ravan asks him if he cannot believe what he just saw. You are too proud of your Drishti. Try again and clear away all your doubts! Shani says only those who drank nectar can escape it. Ravan is impressed that he can think even when in trouble. I agree with what you just said. I have nectar but I dint drink it.

Tridev look at each other tensed. Flashback shows Brahma Dev telling Ravan he cannot bless him to be an immortal. Ravan nods. I only want you to bless me in a way that one kalash of nectar stays inside me. I promise you I wont drink it. Whenever I am killed then I will lose only one drop of nectar but I wont die! Don’t say now that you cannot do this also or people will lose faith in you! Brahma Dev is angry. Ravan asks him if he should pray to some other God and make him above him. Brahma Dev ends up blessing him with his wish. Flashback ends. Ravan tells Shani he isn’t immortal but nectar is inside him because of which no one can kill him! Your Maarak Drishti must have made you strong but you cannot win all the wars with it. I was, I am and will always be most knowledgeable. I am the strongest person in today’s date because of my smartness. He shows Shani a demo by throwing him high in the air. Shani falls down on a stone.

Precap: Ravan throws Shani on the ground. Dhamini comes running there. He tells her to leave. Ravan laughs. She is the reason of your weakness then! It is right after all. It is right to be weak when you have such a woman by your side! Shani gets angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Awesome episode i wish if mata bhadra announce to be reborn as tapti

  2. Kamalanayani

    Nice episode…
    Return of Mata Bhadra was nice…
    I guess that, Mata Dhamini will get to know the truth and expose it to everyone including Mata Chhaya and finally Mother and son reunite successfully…. Then, Mata Chhaya will again make Shani dev as Karmphal daata… And for his wish Mata Bhadra will be reborn as Tapti river…

    It would be nice if, Devi Neelima also returns…

    But, I don’t understand this part, Ravan has a kalash of nectar inside him… I’ve heard that, his wife Rani Mandodari actually, sneaked out with it from Chandraloka while Chandradev dancing with his wives… and gave the Kalash to Ravan… But no idea of whether he drank it or not…

    But, I haven’t heard of Brahmadev giving such a vardhaan to him.. Weird…

    Again, Ravan insulting Mata Dhamini…Arrrrggghhh… How much insult she had to bear…

    1. We all know that Ravan has a kalash of nector in his stomach as all mythological stories stated the same but the way of getting that kalash is different in all stories. so, my guess is that it is not relevant how he got. Tjhe main point is that he got that kalash inside him because of which he became powerful than GOD and his EGO arisen. Same way, we all know that Ravan got a curse from a Devi that he will destroy if he touches any women without her intention. I think now Shani Dev story will show this story but in a different way. I think that Ravan will try to insult Damini Devi in front of Shani & as per Ravan’s karamfal, Damani Devi will give that curse to Ravan.
      In any case, I love to watch this serial.

      1. Hi pradeep. The devi who cursed ravana was the apsara rambha.

  3. Kamalanayani

    Who joins me on missing a great villain of this show – Devi Sangya…
    But she isn’t that buri actually…

    1. I am joining you di in this story.

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