Shani 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahadev refuses to help Shani!

Shani 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Shani teaches that one must follow the path of their karmas in any adverse situation. ||

Epi begins with Mahadev ordering Karamfaldata Shani to accept Bhadrantak weapon and kill Bhadra! Everyone’s eyes widen in shock. Shani politely refuses to accept Bhadrantak. Mahadev tightens his grip around his trident as he angrily utters Shani’s name! He still sends Bhadrantak to Shani. Hey Karamfaldata, I have handed over this Bhadrantak to you. Now it is your decision if you will protect the world by accepting it or destroy the world by refusing it. He disappears.

Shani looks at everyone present in the room. Surya Dev and Shukracharya tell Shani they wont mind accepting Bhadrantak if he doesn’t want it. Shani protects Bhadrantak in a shield so no one else can get hold of it. I will not

use this weapon at any cost. I wont let anyone else use it too. He holds the weapon. Surya Dev warns him not to be too stubborn. It might become the reason for the destruction of the world. Surya Dev and Shukracharya exit from the room.

Chhaya asks SHani what he will do now. Mahadev is against Bhadra. He has even created a weapon to finish her. How will you protect her? Shani replies that I will try to protect it with my life if this is the only weapon that can kill her. I am not doing so just because she is my sister. I am doing it so people don’t lose their faith on Karamfaldata. One might think ill of someone or try to hurt someone but Karamfaldata Shani wont punish that person till the time his karmas are wrong. It can even be Mahadev’s order but I wont step down. You get Karamfal only after doing (good or bad) karmas.

Kakol asks Hanuman if everything is fine. What are you thinking? Hanuman says Devi Sanghya is behind all the attacks. How is Bhadra a culprit then? I must help Shani find Devi Sanghya. All the problems will end when we will find her. He cannot stop thinking of his dream. No one can separate Shani from me after today. Kakol asks him where he will find Devi Sanghya. Hanuman deduces that she can only go to Mrityu Loka. I am sure I will find her there. Once I find her! Kakol gets scared. Don’t attack her at any cost. If you do so then Bhadra will protect her. Shani would never want his beloved friend and sister to engage in a war. Hanuman says the right thing would be to find Devi Sanghya and inform Shani then. Kakol agrees. Hanuman decides to do everything and anything to prove his dream false.

Shani comes to meet his Nana Shree. Dev Vishwakarma asks him why he came here. You disrespected and refused Mahadev. I cannot help you. Shani says I cannot insult him. He is way beyond that. Plus, it is impossible to do so. I am Karamfaldata and will always follow my path. You know me since childhood. Tell me when I swayed from my path or gave my relations more importance over my dharma? Dev Vishwakarma says I know it has never happened. Yam is Dharmaraj but it is actually you who follow that path diligently. Shani requests him to help him protect Bhadrantak. Entire world is after Bhadra. I cannot protect both Bhadra and this weapon t the same time. Dev Vishwakarma assures him he will do whatever best he can do to protect Bhadra. He holds Bhadrantak inside a shield. I will hide it at the most secretive place in the world. Shani thanks him. Dev Vishwakarma says I hope the situation comes around soon and Bhadra returns home. Shani nods and leaves.

Sanghya creates a maya above Bhadra’s head. I don’t have to lie to Bhadra anymore. This illusion will do my work.

Hanuman is looking for Devi Sanghya. I will find Devi Sanghya

Shani asks Kakol about Hanuman. Kakol shares that he went to find Devi Sanghya with you only. Shani is taken aback. We must find him before things go out of hand.

Sanghya wakes Bhadra. See who has come to meet you. She smiles seeing Shani and hugs him. Sanghya and her illusion (Shani) smirk at one another. Bhadra asks her brother where he was. Mother was very much concerned. He replies that he was also looking for them. She tells him she wont let him go anywhere now. He says I have to go. I don’t have much time now. Everyone has turned against me now and wish to kill you. All the Gods including Mahadev too have ordered me to kill you. They want a brother to kill his sister. She gets angry. This is sheer cruelty. Shani nods. We will surely give them a fitting reply. I need your help. Will you help me? She holds his hand promising to help him. Shani takes leave from her. He smirks at Sanghya as he hugs Bhadra again. Bhadra says I will fight with the entire world for you if necessary. The Maya created by Sanghya disappears.

Hanuman manages to locate Devi Sanghya and Bhadra. Sanghya tells Bhadra to be ready to attack the world. We will set an example before the world. Hanuman looks closely. I must warn Bhadra right away. Bhadra turns in Hanuman’s direction sensing someone’s presence. Sanghya also demands to know who there is. Hanuman moves aside when Bhadra attacks in his direction. He goes in front of her. She asks him what he is doing here. He tells her he has come to help Shani. You are in a big problem. I have come to protect you. She tells him against it. Hanuman is about to say something to her but Sanghya creates a shield between them. She tells Bhadra Hanuman has come here to kill her. He is Surya Dev’s disciple and thus our enemy. Fight with him. Hanuman shakes his head against it but Sanghya keeps instigating Bhadra against him. Bhadra attacks Hanuman. No one can harm my mother. Bhai told me to set an example by fighting with everyone in the world. It means you too are in that category. She attacks Hanuman who uses his mace to keep her off.

Shani comes to Hanuman’s home looking for Hanuman. Mata Anjana shares that he left to find Devi Sanghya. Shani and Mata Anjana feel something is about to go wrong. Shani and Kakol leave to find Hanuman. Mata Anjana prays for their wellbeing.

Brahma Dev says it doesn’t seem that Shani will use Bhadrantak. I request you to use it yourself if needed. You are Kaal after all. Mahadev declines. Shani must understand that we will help him by doing so. It is Shani’s destiny to kill Bhadra. If he still wont do so then Karamfaldata will have to die before her! Brahma Dev looks at him in shock.

Precap: She (Bhadra) is the emblem of destruction. The aim of Gods is to kill her but her brother Karamfaldata Shani is protecting her. Will Karamfalata Shani stand by Bhadra against Tridev in the last Chapter of Childhood?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Raunak

    This is getting lenthier 🙁
    When will we get some positive wibes………..Sanghya is dominating completely…..

    I understand that its only for TRP as Devi sanghya might not be too bad in real.

    But if we talk about this story, it really going too lenghthier………

    Shani has not even punished Devraj severly……forget about Devi Sanghya………

    Also not sure why but Makers are also making Mahadev’s role negative 🙁

  2. They r not making mahadev s role negative .they r showing that rven mahadev cant change destiny

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