Shani 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Time is the most powerful thing in the world but it also sometimes falls weak before truth. Shani teaches us to treasure truth so as to treasure time.

Epi begins with Devi Sanghya deciding to stand as an obstacle in Shani’s path.

Shani tells Raja Harishchandra to understand he is an ordinary man now. You have no money. Face the reality. You wont be able to do anything until you accept you are no more a king!

Next morning, one guy is deciding wages for everyone who is willing to work for him. Raja Harishchandra is also standing in the queue. The guy agrees to pay him in return of work. Shani asks him if he wont ask the new person who he is and why he is here. The guy asks Raja Harishchandra who he is. Raja Harishchandra reluctantly tells him his truth. The guy immediately apologizes. All

this belongs to you only. Please accept it. Raja Harishchandra denies. Right now, I am neither a king nor a beggar. I will only take money in return of my hard work. The guy politely declines. You are our King. I cannot give you any work. All this is yours anyways. Raja takes his leave. Shani tells him to try as much as he wants. No one would like to employ a king. Till the time you accept you are an ordinary person, you wont get a job. Raja insists he is sticking to his promise. I wont lie. Shani points out that this is the truth. You are not a king anymore. You wont get work anywhere till you speak truth. Raja tries at other places too but in vain. Shani says you tried a lot but you should understand you are a father and husband now. You should lead the family and think as to how to take care of them. Sanghya says a king remains a king always. He is born a king and dies a king! Shani is surprised to see her there.

Devi Sanghya tells Raja Harishchandra not to worry. I am Surya Dev’s wife Sanghya. I am here to help a Suryavanshi king. Raja Harishchandra and his family greet her. Rani Taramati says you must have come to take your son with you. Sanghya tells them Shani’s truth (of he being her Chhaya’s son). Can Surya Dev and my son be this ugly? He wouldn’t have troubled a Suryavanshi if he was indeed a Surya putra. Raja Harishchandra is a true king. Whatever is happening is embarrassing Surya Dev. I have come to give you a solution. You were forced to promise not to lie by Shani. You don’t value what you don’t do willingly. Raja Harishchandra is confused. She tells him to break his promise. No one will mind it as it was Shani who had forced you to get into this agreement. He refuses to back off from his promise being a Suryavanshi. She insists he was forced to do it. Trust me. I am telling you. You wont commit any sin by doing this. Shani says everyone has to bear the consequence of his or her actions. You too will have to do so if you take the wrong path. You are anyways on wrong path. Don’t go so wrong that I will have to bring you back on the right one. She challenges him to punish her if he wishes to. You might have cast your Vakra Dristhi on Raja Harishchandra but don’t forget who I am.

Shani reminds her how he cast an eclipse on the same Surya Dev when he spoke / did ill to his mother. I don’t spare anyone. When he couldn’t escape it then how can you. I give Karamfal at the right time. You too will get it at your right time. Just wait a little. This is Raja Harishchandra’s time. He walks up to Raja Harishchandra. What have you decided to do – to follow or sway from the path? Raja Harishchandra thanks Sanghya politely for thinking well about him. I will stick to my words though. I will fall in my eyes if I break my promise this time. She asks him if he has no responsibility towards his family. Raja Harishchandra reasons that this is his Karamfal and maybe his family’s too. I wont break my promise for anything! Shani suggests Sanghya to leave as she has her answer now. She says my leaving now does not mean I wont return. You will regret sending me away when I return next time! She walks away. Raja Harishchandra tells Shani he does not know what enmity he has from him but trust me I wont let you be happy. I wont bend or break before any of the challenges that you will pose in my way. Shani says there is still time in starting your new life yet again. I warn you again to come on the right path!

Rani Taramati is pained as their son is hungry since yesterday. How will we eat without money? Shani adds that the path of truth is difficult. They hear an announcement. It is Swanand (a trader from Banaras) who knows the royal family already. He agrees to give them money but asks for Rohitashva in return. There must be something special in him if you took such a big risk for him. Raja Harishchandra warns him to be quiet. How dare you say that! I am not going to put a price on my son! He is my son after all! Shani finds the suggestion of the trader right. There is still time to think. Your love for your son is the reason for all the problems. The sooner you give it up the sooner all your problems will end. Raja Harishchandra thinks of Maharishi’s offer and what all happened thereafter. He suggests giving up his wife instead shocking everyone present there.

Precap: Devi Sanghya asks Shani to cast his Vakra Drishti on me. Your mother will also have to bear the consequence.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Mata Chaaya is coming back…..
    I am so excited… Oh no, I have to tolerate 3 long days (including Monday till 9 pm)…

    Did my dream really summoned both the devis ?????? and did your words came true ??? ??? I am really happy if MATA CHAAYA comes back…. and Shani dev will never have to feel alone or cry…. His mata will never let him spill a drop of tear from his eyes…

    1. Nandhini

      But i am afraid Devi sangya has tricked shani dev by making him cast his vakra drishti on Devi chaaya too…it means devi chaaya also wil have to bear the karmfal of devi sangya right?

      1. Kamalanayani

        But why Devi Chaaya has to bear her karmfal why Devi Sangya’s karmfal???
        Let her be the shadow so what did devi Sangya share her tapasya with devi Chaaya then how her karmfal can affect devi Chaaya ???

        Tapasya or Karmfal can never be shared or distributed or given as dhaan or given away as blessing or shaap…

        I have read it in a book….

  2. I also think maata chaya will be back

    1. Kamalanayani

      Actually it was confirmed in the precap
      Devi sangya pours the magic fluid on her shadow thus mata chaaya appears

  3. Kamalanayani

    Looks like I am alone posting since this morning.
    Chaaya, Chandamaya, Nandhini…
    Are all missing
    It is really boring to talk alone.
    Where are you guys ????

    1. Nandhini

      Hey i am sorry yaar…i was little caught up…you are not alone…many friends are here like madhu,santhosh,chaaya,chandamaaya,you,me and many??
      Like you even my Raashi naath is Shani dev?? it means shani dev is staying with us throughout our life..proud to be a shani dev starrian?? i think maybe thats the reason we got this opportunity to watch this grand Shani series to feel our Raashi naath?? and yeah i am waiting for ur posts about shani dev’s temples and its related stories?
      And you are absolutely right…that punch line of shani dev fits well only for kartikey malviya..thats why the scene seems to be extraordinary when watching…what you predicted in ur dream is becoming true…i didnt expect mata chaaya wil be coming back??

      1. SANTHOSH

        main toh shuru se hi iss forum ko follow kar raha hoon….

      2. Chaaya

        Saturn is direct, and is literally direct influence since July 2016 to December 2017. The effect will be great transformation. The earth the to have more tribulations with the element of water, like floods, lots of rain, etc. So literally Saturn’s effects are currently direct on our planet.

      3. Kamalanayani

        Actually it is a boon or disease
        Dreaming about what really happens in the future is with all of my ancestors.. (I mean my mom, grandmother and her mother and her mother….),,, I comes only to the girls from their mother…. We have a lot of experience in that…. Any thing important in our family or even about distance relations comes in our dream… But it will be foretold in our dream around a month before it happens really.

        It is my turn now….

    2. Chaaya

      You are never alone, dear! I’m a bit on the tired side, so taking it a bit easy.

      Yes, our Chaya is back. Now the real action will begin. Shani is in for a bit of a surprise, but Sandhya will be the one who will not ever be able to get rid of her shadow. ?

      1. Kamalanayani

        I think Devi Sangya’s bottle of magical fluid has run out,. this time so no more coming in and going back… I want Mata Chaaya to be there forever…

    3. Kamalanayani

      And now I will say I am not alone…
      But nowadays we are not having more discussions…
      May be because it is May…. The Sun is soaring so much heat hugh??

      Anybody start a topic related to Shani dev now or Shall I do it ???

      1. Nandhini

        I am from chennai…the heat is too intense here…you know surya dev loves chennai and tamil nadu more inbetween may month (agni natchathiram) and he showers his extended love to us during that time??

      2. Kamalanayani

        Once again a same pinch Nandhini…
        I am also from Tamil Nadu… So first of all Vanakkam….
        I am from Tirunelveli district…
        For you Kapaleeshwarar and for us it is Nellaiappar – Temples of Lord Shiva….
        Its great to have you so close,,,, and not only chennai is liked by Surya dev so do Tirunelveli… Here also agni natchatram pichu otharuthu pa… – Unbearable heat…
        May be Surya dev shares his happiness in this way only…. I am glad that my Birthday comes in May month only…

  4. Md. Manzurul Islam

    How mata Chaya can be back?



    Shakti 2.2 (0.1 decrease)
    Udaan 2.1 (0.2 increase)
    ▶Shani 2.0 (0.3 decrease)???..
    Swabhimaan 1.9 (0.2 decrease)
    Sasural Simar Ka 1.8 (0.1 increase)
    Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 1.6 (stable)
    Dil Se Dil Tak 1.2 (0.2 increase)
    Devanshi 0.8 (stable)
    Thapki Pyaar Ki 0.6 (0.1 decrease)

    1. Kamalanayani

      Oh no
      But Mata Chaaya is coming back. This not only makes Shani dev happy but also increases the TRP of Shani serial

    2. Nandhini

      Maybe because some viewers are angry with the current track of raja harishchandra story is being little twisted…so the trps went down…

      1. Kamalanayani

        Yeah it is a little boring… But surely TRPs will increase if Mata Chaaya comes into the show,,,,

  6. Chaaya

    I think a lot of here are similar, in that our ring planet is Shani, or Saturn. So Saturday is our day. In think Chanda mentioned too that Saturn is her planet in a last episode comment. We can are all kindred spirits here.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Yeah…. It seems to be like that only

      a same kind of spirits are surrounded and it is nice as it is united in the name of Shani dev,,,,

      It would be great if they air Shani serial on Saturday also because that Rising star program has also ended right ??
      And Saturday is his day and it has to be aired right ??

      So people who want that to happen… Lets try a survey here
      Comment as reply to this if you really want to see Shani dev 6 times a week…

      1. Nandhini

        Ofcourse they have to air Shani from monday to saturday and saturday is our beloved lord’s day and it will be a nice thing if we (viewers) experience his weekend influence on us at saturday 9 pm??

    2. ChandaMaya

      I did, and Saturn is lucky for me. Saturn is a great planet, summons the age of Aquarius!


    Positive shades of Shani dev Sade Sati

    Saturn is one of the most ferocious planet who have been in between the mortals as a deep fear since ages and so on in the words of science of astrology the planet Saturn have prevailed as the most dreadful planet. With the same expressions the most well-known period of Saturn have also been spread in the folk lore as the most gloomy period of life path specially comprising throughout the land of India.

    It’s a clear vision about its impact upon different zodiac signs as it has been mentioned in the words of astrology that the Sade Sati of Shani dev does not effect badly to the natives of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. But it leaves adverse effects upon the births of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio on account of their being universal enemies of Saturn.

    It’s the human eyes which only sees the negative shades of surroundings and remembers it so deep and strong that it looses the vision to see the positive shades. As everything on this mortal land have brought some good and bad shades its only upon us to which shades to see and live with. But the truth is that believing in negative side would make us weaker and on positive side would make us stronger.

    Some scholars call sade sati a phase of major changes in life which could explore new turns and make you choose a new path in a new direction resulting as changed colors of life path. Through the true vision exploring true meanings of life, we can see to sade sati as a phase making us more stronger to win in the race, a phase to know ourselves, a phase exploring our potential. Sadhe sati is a turn of the path when you confront your mistakes of the past times and realize how wrong you were walking earlier on account of which you could call it a span of learning the true facts of life. Altogether, this difficult phase of life i.e. Sadhe sati comes as for betterment of our inner self so that we would succeed in this left walk of life.

    While peeping through the hole painted in spirituality it gives a picture exploring our karmas in our previous existences on land and in our walk till yet in this life as the impact of Sade Sati reflects from our deeds. It says our good and moral doings defends us from the dangerous rage of Lord Shani dev and our evil and sinful doings bring us in front of the furious eyes of the Lord of Saturn as to purify our souls while walking through his fire of rage. Our walking on fire and pieces of glasses have been shown as paying to the almighty for our evil deeds and sins on land for the purification of our inner self. This period is dominantly known for freedom from the feeling of materialism and attachment from the worldly things called as “freedom from Moh Maya”.

    Now in one articulation this whole could be taken as Sate Sati of shani dev being the period of detection of souls along with revealing the inner potential which goes through a tough walk and leaves a pure soul along with a true inner self in the end. Acceptance of this vision will give us strength to succeed in this rough road and cover this path with patience and endurance without acquiring much harm. We should never forget that only hard times shows us the true picture of world around. In other view, it is the only way to smile in pain so that it may reduce a bit.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Capricorn and Aquarius are not affected so much by Shani dev because he is the Raashi Naath for Capricorn and Aquarius. Shani dev is my Raashi Naath too, that’s why I like shani dev so much…
      And Leo belongs to Surya dev, so they are affected so much…

      I completely agree with Madhu’s Points:

      1. The truth is that believing in negative side would make us weaker and on positive side would make us stronger.

      2. While peeping through the hole painted in spirituality it gives a picture exploring our karmas in our previous existences on land and in our walk till yet in this life as the impact of Sade Sati reflects from our deeds. It says our good and moral doings defends us from the dangerous rage of Lord Shani dev and our evil and sinful doings bring us in front of the furious eyes of the Lord of Saturn as to purify our souls while walking through his fire of rage. Our walking on fire and pieces of glasses have been shown as paying to the almighty for our evil deeds and sins on land for the purification of our inner self. This period is dominantly known for freedom from the feeling of materialism and attachment from the worldly things called as “freedom from Moh Maya”.

      1. Chaaya

        If your Sun sign is Aquarius it is a great time. Shani’s effect is less if you need also pray to Hanuman.

      2. Chaaya

        Hanuman worship lessens the effects of Shani . . .

      3. Kamalanayani

        I also like Lord Hanuman very much….
        He is like one of my dearest person… as he was the beloved by Lord Ram as well as Lord Krishna and Lord Shani…

        Wait a minute… Lord Hanuman is the friend of Lord Shani right… So he will also be portrayed in this serial… I have heard a story that as he is the student of Surya dev, he was the only person who made friendship with Shani dev…
        So, If we worship him we can get the power to bear the Shani dev’s Saate Saadi.

        But do you know the fact that his Ghadha will protect us until our karmas are good else it, itself will attack us. Thats why he is the friend of Shani dev…


    Sorry Kamalanayani actually my exam is going on and it will be finished on 16th may 2017 so I could not get time to post anything here. After 16th may I will be free and then i will post regularly.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Its ok madhushree… The former post was nice…
      Nice info…. And Good luck for your exams and mine has already got over and I am on vacation… hugh… Freeeeeeeeeee……


      hiii MADHUSHREE best of luck…..

    3. Nandhini

      Hii Madhu! Study well…all the best dear?


        Thank u so much all of you my dear friends☺
        ?my zodic sign is cancer which sign is ruled by moon , who is shani dev’s enemy for that i am somewhat sad.
        But in numerology my life path no. is 8 which path belongs to shani dev so for that i am very very happy☺.
        Check with your HOROSCOPE, where the SATURN is placed in RASHI.
        Saturn in Aries (Sani in Mesham)
        Saturn brings delay to Aries, the sign of initiative and the result is confusion. If you have Saturn in Aries you can be strong and powerful one minute and irresolute and wavering the next. This position is not an easy one, for you must continually fight against obstacles placed in your way. Many of you achieve success, but not without disappointment and setback. Saturn in Aries makes you ambitious and determined, and promotes your power to control other people. On the negative side, Saturn in Aries can be stubborn, dictatorial and sometimes solitary and grumpy. In general, your hardest times come early in life. It is then that you develop the strength of character that serves you well in later years. As you grow older each year brings less struggle and more success. Natives of this Saturn position tend to suffer from headaches and dental problems.

        Saturn in Taurus (Sani in Rishabam)
        In Taurus, the obstinate and tenacious qualities of Saturn are emphasized. With this Saturn position you are determined and capable, and take responsibility seriously. Your strong willpower borders on stubbornness and rigidity. You usually try to amass possessions and wealth because of your underlying fear that you will be left alone and bereft, without material resources or love. Unfortunately, Saturn in Taurus does not predict an easy time financially. Money tends to come in slowly and to be dissipated along the way. You tend to spend a lot of effort trying to put away the savings, stocks, bonds and real estate you feel you must have. As a result you are sometimes considered materialistic and selfish. However, once you achieve material comfort usually later in life, you are generous to others in need, for you understand what it means not to have enough. Saturn in the position makes you susceptible to cold, sore throat and thyroid problems.

        Saturn in Gemini (Sani in Mithunam)
        Gemini is a good home for Saturn. This versatile sign’s intellectual qualities are emphasized by Saturn. With Saturn in Gemini, you have a sharp mind that is deepened with understanding under this planet’s steadying influence. You can, however, be cynical and sarcastic, skeptical and cold hearted. Much more likely, you have a happy combination of native wisdom and a youthful wish to learn. Saturn-Gemini’s sometimes have a difficult childhood during which you suffer loneliness or sorrow. You may have a hard time obtaining an education. Later in life, you are likely to encounter obstacles while travelling. However, Saturn endows you with a good head for finances and also a musical ability. You prosper when engaged in work that requires both patience and intelligence. Saturn-Gemini’s are susceptible to ailments of the chest and lungs.

        Saturn in Cancer (Sani in Katakam)
        Saturn encourages too much dependence on others in this emotional and clinging sign. As a Saturn-Cancer, you love to overindulge in eating, drinking and other sensual pleasures. In this position, though, Saturn also gives a shrewdness and tenacity to your personality. You are superb at seeing a task through to completion. You are also ambitious, and strive to find material wealth to make your life secure. The obstacles that Saturn places in your path are insecurity and lack of confidence. Sometimes your early life is marked by problems with parents, especially a mother. Many of you Saturn-Cancers had to take on family responsibility at a very young age. Natives of this position tend to marry someone older in an effort to find an anchor and stability. Saturn endows you with a good business sense, although you must be cautious in dealings with relatives. The negative side of Saturn in Cancer is a tendency to melancholy and self-pity. You are prone to digestive and stomach problems. If you are not careful, you can become quite overweight.
        Saturn in Leo (Sani in Simham)
        Restrictive Saturn and the expansive sign of Leo are not in harmony. Saturn in Leo is likely to bring a chill to the emotions and disappointment in love. There are however many good points to this Saturn position. You are proud and strong willed, self-assured and authoritative. You are good at organizing people and assuming responsibility. As a Saturn-Leo, you have an instinct for knowing how to draw the public to you. You are inclined to be cold and analytical in choosing your associations, though you are subtle enough to keep this from being obvious to the casual observer. You fear appearing mediocre and ordinary, and hide feelings of envy and jealousy because this is a weakness you will never admit to. You strive to make a dramatic impression, but tend to be suspicious of compliment and dislike excessive displays of affection. In your career you often rise to great heights, but Saturn in Leo has a way of causing a downfall when you are at the peak. Natives of this position are susceptible to high blood pressure and heart ailments.

        Saturn in Virgo (Sani in Kanya)
        The responsible planet Saturn and the consciencious sign of psychic-gathering Virgo work well together. This Saturn position heightens Virgo’s intellectual ability and practical turn of mind. You are methodical and organized, willing to work to achieve goals. To you, theory and practice are one and the same, you immediately put what you learn into use. Saturn does place hardship in your path, usually early in life when you must sometimes cope with sorrow, disappointment, or frail health. You can become bogged down in trivialities because you are a stickler for details. You are also capable of becoming a petty tyrant when others don’t see things your way. Saturn gives you wisdom but not necessarily vision. Too often you see the dark side of life and fear the unknown, what you cannot categorize and control. On the plus side, Saturn endows you with an ability to make money, especially in real estate. Natives of this Saturn position are vulnerable to intestinal upsets and ulcers.

        Saturn in Libra (Sani in Thulam)
        Libra is a favorable sign for Saturn. As a Saturn Libra you are gifted with good judgement and an instinct for making the right impression on others. You know when to be aggressive and when to be diplomatic. Though it is part of Saturn’s lessons to bring some sorrow and disappointment in relationships, you usually benefit from the stability of marriage. However, there may be a divorce before you find happiness with a mate. Sometimes an early love affair turns out to be the love of your life, but ends in loss. Saturn in Libra may suppress the desire to share and be close to another person, which often results in loneliness. In general, this is an excellent position for success in public life, and also for a strong showing in artistic pursuits. It has been said that if your Saturn is in Libra, you will only get into trouble when you are doing what you ought not to be doing. Saturn-Libras are susceptible to back injuries and kidney problems.
        Saturn in Scorpio (Sani in Vrishchikam)
        Saturn is powerful in this secretive and passionate sign, lending subtlety and force to the personality. As a native of this position you understand human motivation, which enables you to control others. Your dominating strength is often hidden under a pleasant and genial exterior. Saturn, however, places obstacles in your path in the form of emotional difficulties and sometimes scandal. You tend to be drawn to secret love affairs that bring sorrow or trouble into your life. When you achieve power you sometimes undergo a downfall because of rumour and gossip. When young you often have health problems, but you get through this and tend to live to a ripe old age. This is an excellent planetary position of executive ability and an unswerving commitment to a goal. Your strong will can become inflexible. Once you set on a course, you see it through to the end. You are prone to secret brooding, but there is usually a touch of dry Saturn humour to relieve it. Saturn-Scorpios are liable to suffer the loss of loved ones early in life.

        Saturn in Sagittarius (Sani in Dhanus)
        In Sagittarius, Saturn has the effect of delaying success until the lessons of patience and perseverence are learned. You may encounter adversity and setbacks early in life, and often must work hard and long to receive what is due to you. However, as you get older you acquire wisdom, vision and a depth of understanding that fashions you into a leader. Saturn gives your mind a philosophical bend, you can usually face up to what life offers because you put your faith in the long-term outcome. This is an excellent positon for success in law, poliitcs, writing and foreign affairs. Saturn, however, emphasizes Sagittarius’s tactlessness and cynical point of view. It is possible you may suffer a blow to your reputation because of something heedless you have said. As a Saturn-Sagittarius you expreience inner conflict between your need for order and security and your desire to seek adventure and challenge. Natives of this Saturn position are susceptible to accidents involving the hips and thighs.

        Saturn in Capricorn (Sani in Makaram)
        Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, and thus its power is strong here. Both the positive and negative qualities of Saturn are powerfully emphasized in you. You are ambitious and independent, dedicated and unswerving, but your methods can be dictatorial and overbearing and you may sometimes be thought of as selfish and mean. Saturn puts many obstacles in your path, and you learn early in life to be self-sufficient. You want to do everything yourself. It would be easier to take a cub away from a mother bear than a task away from a Saturn-Capricorn. You also have an instinct for doing things the hard way; you don’t listen to advice. However, you do learn from experience. As a child you may have been insecure and timid, but as you grow older you gain in authority. Loneliness and an inability to share is a running thread throughout your life. Many of you are prone to melancholy, but you usually have a witty, dry sense of humour. Generally, you attract faithful friends but Saturn in Capricorn tends to bring disappointment in love. Natives of this Saturn positon are prone to aches in the joints and knees.
        Saturn in Aquarius (Sani in Kumbham)
        In the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, Saturn’s qualities of trustworthiness and self-discipline are well placed. As a Saturn-Aquarian, you have a talent for dealing with people and appealing to the masses. Many of you achieve fame in both the entertainment world and politics because of their ability. Saturn in Aquarius enhances a rational and original mind, capable of learning and study. Like those with Saturn in the other fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, you are likely to encounter obstacles and difficulties early in life, but you tend to gain the wisdom and maturity that serve you well as you get older. You like to run the show and get your own way, and are clever about manipulating people. You can be obstinate and cunning at the same time. Saturn gives you the aggressiveness to take leadership, but you know how to avoid rubbing others the wrong way. You have humour and wit, though your need for independence sometimes leads to a lonely life. Natives of this Saturn position are prone toward injuries to the lower legs and ankles.

        Saturn in Pisces (Sani in Meenam)
        Saturn in the mystical sign of Pisces does not favour material success. What you gain in life are sagacity and discernment. Your vivid imagination can be translated into creative work; your sympathy and intuition enable you to draw others to yourself. However, more than people of any other Saturn position, you are sensitive to the woes and harshness of the world. Saturn often brings disappointment and loss; that way it forces you to make personal sacrifices for others or dictates that you take an inferior position even though your talents are superior. In time you can change this, but you must first develop the courage and determination to do so. Pisces is the sign of self-undoing, and your greatest power comes when you learn not to be the cause of your own unhappiness. You are drawn to philosophy, writing and teaching of a spiritual or occult nature. Natives of this Saturn placement are vulnerable to ailments and problems involving the feet.

      2. Kamalanayani

        Are you also from South side… may be Tamil Nadu..
        You have included the Tamil Zodiac names – Mesham, Rishabham…. Meenam
        while in hindi they used to call it Mesh…

        Good luck for your exams….


        No dear I am from west Bengal , Kolkata. I have a friend from south from whome I learned somewhat south language.

      4. Kamalanayani

        Which south language do you know Madhu…. ?
        Your posts looks great….


        Dear I know a little Tamil and maharastrian laguage .

      6. Kamalanayani

        Looks great Madhu


        Dear Kamalanayani thanks for your appreciation. ☺


    New pics of shani promotions from Indore kartikeya tarun aka mahadev and salili ankola aka suryadev…
    Juhi madam & daughter…

      1. Nandhini


    1. Nandhini


  10. How about Sagittarius ?

  11. sai srinivas

    Hey i am too a Capricorn so I am a also in your gang

    1. Nandhini


  12. Nandhini

    @kamalanayani: vanakkam pa?? yeah i know you are from tirunelveli (from ur previous comments) i heard its too hot there..even hotter than chennai!! I am wondering how you are all coping up there…and yeah our cities famous respected Lord shiva temples☺…great to know ur birthday falls on this month.!!.may i know on which date??
    This is actually a gift what you got from ur ancestors (foretelling dreams) will make you prepare for the upcoming turning of events before..good or bad…(this statement may sound a bit robotic but anyhow this thing will make you ready to face any happenings before hand)
    Ok if karamfal cannot be gifted or donated, transferred….now i have a doubt…they say the good and bad deeds done by people will affect their children the most rather than affecting them…this is also a kinda karamfal right?? How come the innocent children be suffered by their sinful parents?? Sometimes the parents maybe dead by the time their children are suffering from their parents wrong deeds…so they may be not aware of their children’s state…this is applicable even to the good deeds…the childrene experience the most blessings and a better life (with or without their knowledge) due to their parents good deeds…can you explain me this fact?? Anyone welcome to give their opinions…

    1. Kamalanayani

      Nandri Nadhini avargale… (thank you Nandhini ji)
      I will PM you my b’day.

      I am a capricorn. So I am ruled by Shani dev himself and other guys please don’t worry about your Raashi nath may be Surya dev or Chandra dev.. but your Karmas are the matter.

      But anyway my father used to say that if you are inside your house you will not break things as they matter to you but if you go to your friends house even if you break things, you do something good to make your friend ok.. But if you go to your enemy’s house you break a lot of things and you won’t do any repayment as it matters to your enemy. (We wont go to enemy’s house anyway but if we have no other option this might happen.)

      Coming back to you Nandhini.
      I know the reason why parents karmas are affecting children. I hope you know the 3 stages of Pitru. You might have seen it in dharpan or 16th day of death. They used to go to river and use sesame seeds and 3 balls of rice. If you keenly notice that, the Iyer will keep 3 balls in the leaf and he will merge a new ball to that and take away the foremost inserted ball.
      To explain it, I will assume 4 generations like great-grandfather (GGF), Grand father (GF), Father(F) and Son(S)[Let us take that the son has died now]
      To maintain balance, GGF,GF,F are held in half way between the yamlok and heaven or hell to which they have been assigned to go. Now as the son has come, the first person in the queue ie, GGF will be liberated from intermediate area and will go to his hell or heaven.

      A father or mother is always fond of their children and that is the reason why their karmas affect the children. It means that if you are fond of your children then be good in your karmas. For Example… Always guide the child even to walk. you may help it once or twice then it has to try. If you never let it fall then it will never know how to handle if it falls when it grows up. That time the child may scold its parent why did you not let me fall and now I am affected because of you.

      Even if the child does not say a word, it might feel and that feeling and the problems faced by the child because of the parent can be understood by the parent. (As they grow up old). Even if they die, they will be in the intermediate 3 stages. So that soul can sense it and feel for it. That is the punishment for the karmas of the parent soul.

      We might say they just feel it but we are affected. For those people the answer is, we are in the material world and this is a temporary body. We might even get distracted in thought or something. But they are in a pure soul form. They can’t get distracted or bribe to anybody to get rid of that thought or they can’t even escape for a single second. That nobody knows. They will be locked with chains of pain and will be liberated when their karmaphal is completed.
      That liberation may be in 2 ways.
      1- Death of the next generations and they join the queue so getting complete liberation.
      2- Parent’s good karmas will play on the child’s life so the parent soul is happy.

      If the parent is alive then also, they won’t get much distraction as the children as they are old. (Getting old and retiring from jobs will always make them to think about karmas and feel for it. Thats why old people go for various temples. To earn good karmas and to get mental relief.)
      Parent’s karmas (includes all the incarnations they have taken) also play a vital role in child’s birth time and fixes its zodiac and Raashi nath which is fixed in this birth. Premature birth of children are also included in this.

      Do you know that this applies even to all living beings from an amoeba to a blue whale. But we consider only humans.
      Hope this solves your question Nandhini.


        Children are born a couple based on the combined net effect of their karma. It is said in jyotisha sastra that the happening (often bad if any) child’s first four years are result of mother’s own karma, the next four years that of father’s, the next four years of that individual.

        Children can give and take life of their parents i.e. children born on amavasya when Moon is merged in sun, indicates, loss of maternal love & affection, hence considered to be a bad omen by some. Similarly children in purnima when sun & moon are bright reflects parents affection in plenty.

        Moon represents mother, Sun represents father. If either of them afflicted then that karaka suffers, say like a child born during eclipse, depending it lunar or solar eclipse, one would suffer for Rahu would be in close degrees with Moon/Sun. Rahu = shadow

        Every individual brings his own fate & destiny. It is a beauty of nature’s law that using jyotisha sastra, with one horrorscope, presuming the jyotish is a learned one, one can predict three generations before & after … i.e. one can predict on father/mother, grandfather/grandmother, children & grand children, prosperity of brothers/sisters.

        Devaki-Vasudev prayed and got children, seven got killed by Kamsa, eight child survived (Lord Krishna) who gave moksha to his parents. However, the first seven children brought grief & sorrow to their parents.

        Every soul of an animate or inanimate, has its own individual karma, plus its family karma (Bhagirath who brought goddess mother ganga to mother earth), community karma & state, country karma

        Person born in America enjoys better privileges than an African born = country karma. Similarly extend it for other segments too.

        The short answer is “yes” and “no.” A more descriptive “short” answer is that the karma of the parents in their past life affects the karma of the child, but the karma of the parents in the current life does not.the parents’ karma in the current life does not affect the child’s karma unless the child chooses to follow in the steps of the parents and commit some crime.

    2. Kamalanayani

      Thank you so much
      But we can’t see everything
      But the the the the most important events will be fore-told in the dreams. My mom is expert in this. I am now an apprentice…
      Even if we know, we can’t prepare anything. Personally felt them.
      So, from that I have proposed a theory.
      “If it has to be, it has to be and it will be. No one can neither increase its effect nor decrease its effect. Neither can escape from it. May it be good or bad. Believe in the almighty and Do a complete atma-samarpana to the Paramathma and all done. He will take care of the rest”

      After atma-samarpana if something pains you, it pains the lord too. Thats why lord takes care of them good. But he tests their samarpana also. So pure atma-samarpana leads you to the lotus-feet of the Paramatma (My beloved lord Krishna).

      1. Nandhini

        That was a very beautiful detailed explanation kamalanayani..thanks a lottt! Arumaiyaana vilakkam!?? yeah i have heard about the pitru rituals but i didnt get the clear understanding of the 3 rice balls until now…so even if the parents are dead, they wil sense and feel the pain/happiness their children are going through (due to their parents karmas)…you nailed it on the point of the soul’s pain and a living being’s pain in material world.???
        Ur theory on “atma samarpan” is too good! Wow! Ur points made my worries go away and leave everything to God…thank you very much dear!

      2. Kamalanayani

        thanks Nandhini
        The fact is our karmas and 3 stage pitru karmas decide our death time and how we die.
        So those intermediate stage atmas have to bear the pain of their generations sufferings and only if the feel completely for it, they will be released to hell or heaven ie, next gen will die.
        until that they will have to simply suffer in thoughts.
        So surely thary can sense it and feel for it. But we can’t sense it. Simply we have to understand it


    General Characteristics of Shani Bhagwan/Planet Saturn:
    Sani has only one face, any idol that you will see, will have only one face and not like the other gods who in some forms are multi-headed. He has different names like Mandhan, Pinimukham, Savuri, Madumagan etc. He married Neela devi and had a son called Guligan. He has 4 hands. In the upper right and left, he sports a bow and arrow, The lower right and is Varadahasta(boon-giving) and in the lower left hand he carries a sword or trident. He rides an iron chariot drawn by eight horse. So #8 is his favorite number. In some holy books and illustrations he is shown to ride a crow and an eagle. He is blue in complexion and he is also fond of this color including black. He has the strength of a male and the softness of a female and he is hence referred to as a eunuch planet. His favorite gem stone is blue Sapphire, or Zircon blue, favorite grain is Sesame and flower is water lily or Karunguvallai.
    Get your Saturn Mahadasha or sade sati reading for INR 3800(In India)/ USD 75(outside India)
    He rules over the forests, hills and some scholars believe over the burial grounds too. He rules over the sign of Capricorn- Makara Rashi and Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi.
    His effects on different houses of the Zodiac are as follows;(remember this is as per vedic Hindu system, so here the 1st house means the Lagna or Ascendant and the 2nd house means the next house from the Lagna).
    First House(1st House): The native is assured of a long and illustrious life. He will succeed in all his enterprises and will be strict in speech and economical in life. He has the good habit of doing any work only after a detailed study.
    Second House(2nd House):The native is argumentative. He also marries early in his life and in some cases also twice. He will lead an irregular life, and does not have too much of an education. He is prone to addiction to drinks and liquor. But if Guru or Brihaspati or Jupiter aspects the second place in his Janma patri, the native will be gifted with eloquent speech.
    Third House(3rd House): The native is friendly towards his subordinates. He is an atheist, but enjoys a luxurious life. He is short tempered. In his lifetime, he will be benefited by his siblings- brothers and sisters.
    Fourth House(4th House): It is quite likely that the native will be in printing business and Lord Sani in the 4th house from the Lagna signifies trouble to the mother of the native. the native is likely to suffer stomach troubles. He will not think deeply before undertaking any work. He may have a wavering mind.
    Fifth House (5th House): Saturn in this house signifies in auspiciousness to the father of the native. It is not favorable to the natives son and daughter too. He will also sport frequent quarrels with the government and he is likely to have a confused mine.
    Sixth House(6th House): Saturn in this house makes the person famous in some field or the other. He will suffer from nervous weakness and lack of energy. He will have mental trouble because of frequent borrowing.
    Seventh House(7th House): The native will have wife-related problems, he will also have contacts with many women. He will be interested in traveling and may marry twice.
    Eight House(8th House): The person will have a long life and will have to put up with much suffering in his life. He is likely to encounter failure in his work or enterprise.
    Ninth House(9th House): Saturn in this house indicates risk to ones father. The person will meet with frequent accidents. He will also suffer from poverty in his early youth.
    Tenth House(10th House): The native will be of religious bent of mind and will perform religious acts judiciously. He will be connected to the iron industry. He will undertake frequent tours.
    Eleventh House(11th House): Saturn in this house indicates high intelligence. The person concerned will be a man of wisdom. He will have a long life. He will earn profit through vehicles. He will acquire wealth and luxuries and reach a top position in his life.
    Twelfth House(12th House): Saturn in this house indicates ability. The person will be polite. He puts up with every problem. But he will not be in the pink of health. He is a spend thrift and hence he will suffer from poverty.
    Though all the predictions are general in nature, they are also dependent on the Mahadasha, dasa bhukti and other sub-dasha at the particular time.
    If Sani is exalted in ones horoscope, then the person will accomplish every work in the best manner. he will have a long life and tremendous will power. If he enters the steel and iron trade, he will be particularly successful.
    If sani is weak or debilitated in a natal chart, then the native will be impolite in speech. He will not have a good code of conduct in his personal life and he will criticize scriptures and tradition.
    Sade Sati and its effects:
    Generally the Sade Sati occurs in our life once in every 22 years. In a verse- Sage Puliappan gives a list of the ill effects which are caused by the 7 1/2 years Sani domination . They are diseases of the head, cholera, smallpox, theft or loss of money and jewels, seizure of land, separation from family, exit from home-town and acquiring a bad name from all around. Even thought he 7.5 years Sani afflicts all people. He causes maximum trouble to those born under Scorpio(Vrischika), Simha(Leo), Cancer(Kataka) rasi natives.
    The period of 7 1/2 is divided into 3 parts of 2 1/2 years. The first round of 2 1/2 is called as Mangu or Decadence Sani, the second round of 2 1/2 years is called as Pongu or Prosperity Sani and the third round of 2 1/2 years is known as Marana or Death Sani.
    Mangu Sani is the period of innumerable evil and bad effects. Pongu Sani ushers in prosperity and Marana Sani period though does not indicate death directly, unless the Maraka Dasa, or the other planetary positions also indicate the same, but it indicates the fear of death and illness.
    Some problems are deterioration of financial condition, loss of job, unnecessary travels and strains, problems in ones profession, shortage of funds, mental worries, aversion, depression etc. There will be wasteful expenditure, unnecessary law suite, if you lend money, it will not come back and if you loan money, you will not be able to return it. Family relations will be strained. Couples will have disagreements, sometimes bitter. Medical expenses will increase. Bodily weakness, dullness, disgrace and theft will occur.
    During the third phase however, the ill-effects lessen and there will be help from friends, success in court cases, help from friends and increase in income. Any chronic disease that was troubling as of now ill lessen and the native will feel free and buoyant again.
    The term Sade Sati is a Hindi word which means ‘seven and a half”, wherein “sade” stands for “half” and “sati” stands for “seven”. The term has been used to explain a particular phase of Saturn transit in the moon-chart of an individual. When the planet Saturn enters the twelfth house of a moon-chart, the sadesati is said to begin and continues till it remains in the second house. This means that the day Saturn leaves the second house from the moon, the sadesati of a person comes to an end. Saturn remains in one sign for approximately two and a half years. That is why to transit through the three signs it takes a total of seven and a half years, when it transits through the sign previous to one’s moon sign, the moon sign itself, and the sign next to the moonsign.

    It is a basic astrological common knowledge that a chart has twelve houses and every planet passes through all of these houses one by one in their own time period. This means that Saturn also passes through all twelve houses. Then why has its transit through the twelfth, first and second houses from moon has been given extra consideration and labeled as “sade sati”. I may say that there are two reasons for that—one which is a technical reason is that it is a CONVENIENCE CONCEPT, that is, to segment one part of study of Saturn transit out of its entire journey through the twelve houses, thus, to make it more simplified and understandable. Another reason is more substantial, which is, that a rashi or moonsign of a native is one of the most important influences in his life, and on the other hand, Saturn transit is also crucial as it is for a very long time that this planet remains in a particular sign and house. So if we combine these two considerations, that is, the significant duration and role of the planet Saturn in a person’s life and the significance of the moonsign, then we would realize the need of this treating this phase as a special transit. Apart from the moonsign, the previous and the subsequent signs have been involved because they are the closest to the moonsign and thus Saturn being close to moonsign from these two positions influence it significantly.

    As an Astrologer, I always try to take an objective and non-scary way of interpretations. So, before delving into the hardships which sadesati brings, I would like to mention as to what exactly leads to this general PHOBIA of sadesati and five topmost reasons that sadesati can even be extraordinarily beneficial.

    People are scared of the planet Saturn because it is a hard taskmaster. It makes them work hard and bring discipline in their lives which means the person under its influence has to now grow up and stop being a playful kid. However, once the person is already mature enough or attains maturity, the benefits of this planet can be reaped of and enjoyed which are very permanent and stable. Following are the topmost five reasons how and why this phase may be enjoyed rather than be scared of :


    Although Saturn has been designated as a natural malefic, for a few ascendants or lagnas, it becomes benefic and even a raj-yog-karaka. These are those who have Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius as their ascendants. For these people, Saturn brings good results in some phase of sade-sati and thus the entire seven and a half year period is not bad for them and in fact, as I said, a part of it can be even beneficial. It could be the first dhaiyya (the first two and a half years), the second dhaiyya and/or the third dhaiyya.

    Mercury and Venus are permanent friends of Saturn’s. If it is passing through signs owned be these planets, then the chances are high that the results shall be very beneficial for the native. Thus, if Saturn is transiting through Virgo, Gemini, Taurus, and Libra signs, then it will give very beneficial results. In fact, Saturn at the present time, that is in February/March 2010 is in Virgo which is generally good for all people as it is in its friendly sign. Also, if any hardships are to be brought for those under sadesati influence during these days, they shall be mitigated to a large extent. Also if Saturn is transiting through its own signs, that is, Capricorn and Aquarius, the benefits shall be more positive than negative.


    If Saturn is beneficially disposed in the birth chart or the D-9 chart, that is, if it is placed in the third, sixth, eighth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth house, then it will lead to overall good influences in the native’s life, although some exceptions may come under this category, depending upon all the combinations.


    Saturn also becomes a beneficial influence if it occupies the same sign in the birth chart and in navamansh.


    Despite all the adversities that are brought forward with sadesati, it is a phase which leads to permanent changes in the person’s personality as the tribulations and the rewards it brings are of a permanent nature. The gains and losses in the native’s life lead to a permanent impact on the psyche of the person. The period of sadesati takes away the natural support system of the person, leaving him on his own and thus leads to the maturity of the person as he learns to survive in the world.

    To remove the fear of sadesati, was the main object of my write-up and I hope I have been able to do that for all of my readers. To add to these, I would now mention certain results which occur during this phase so that the person can prepare himself to face these.

    POSITIVE RESULTS may include rewards paid for hard-work, wider social acceptance and help, good family life, career advancement, overcoming obstacles and sound health.

    NEGATIVE RESULTS may include public humiliation, result of hard-work delayed or compromised, failures in enterprises and efforts, disturbed family life, greater challenges and health problems

    Apart from this, it may be noted that the first dhaiyaa is beneficial for the following moonsigns-Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces and it is bad for the following moonsigns- Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and give neutral or mixed results for Aries and Capricorn moons. The second dhaiyya is good for following moonsigns-Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra Capricorn and Aquarius, and is bad for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio moons. It gives neutral or mixed results for Sagittarius and Pisces moons. The third dhaiyya is good for Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn moons, bad for Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Pisces moons, and mixed and neutral for Scorpio and Aquarius moons.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that although sadesati is infamous for being a difficult time in a person’s life, if the person keeps in mind certain truths like above about this time, it can bring a lot of mental and practical ease in his life. The adverse results can be mitigated with the right attitude and positive results can be accrued gracefully and with humility—and that is what exactly, Saturn is there for – TO TEACH US HUMILITY IN LIFE.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Great I got to know more about jaathagam (Zodiac)
      Thanks to you Madhu


        You r most welcome Kamalanayani ☺

      2. Kamalanayani

        Madhu why don’t you create a new Tellyupdates account…
        You dont have to type name and mail id for each comment right….
        And there are many more facilities….


        Yes dear Kamalanayani now my exam is going no so when I will become free then i will make it. And ☺thanks for your advice dear.

    2. Nandhini

      Hey Madhu! Thanks a very lott for sharing ur points and clearing my doubts?? this shani forum page is a knowledge bank from many beautiful souls sharing their views and points and real facts! All glories to the Almighty who made me participate here and learn many things from you guys.??

    3. Nandhini

      Hope i will quench my thirst here for my doubts and hidden truths in upcoming days by you dear friends…once again thanks a lot…so grateful to get answers from you guys!??

  14. ChandaMaya

    Just came by to wish everyone the best. I guess there is nothing left to say. Enjoy the weather whatever it may be, consider it tapas . . . Nature doesn’t complain only humans. Bare all discomforts with a sense of gratitude, even that too has great reward. This helps in the practice of humility. Modesty in even what you may know is a sign of humility.?

    1. Kamalanayani

      Nature never complains only humans because it thinks they are also a equal child.
      But it is our duty to save our mother. But many people are not doing it nowadays.. I did not say all anyways… Let us try to save the respect and modesty of our mother nature – Ultimately it is our Bhumi devi.

  15. Kamalanayani

    New Trivia
    Lord Krishna said No atma brings anything by birth and takes anything back by death.
    But I can prove it is false. Guess what do we bring and what do we take back.
    I think Lord Krishna missed this point.
    Lets see who wins…

    1. Nandhini

      One’s sins and noble deeds???
      But Lord krishna referred to material things…

      1. Kamalanayani

        not actually
        But you came a little close…

  16. ChandaMaya

    Nothing! The Atman is equivalent to the Brahman. There is no contest, because this is the simple Truth! Sat Chit Ananda!

  17. ChandaMaya

    No need to lament anything . . .The Lord IS, the beginning, the middle and the end. As in the Bible too, He is the Alpha and the Omega!

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