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|| You cannot undo the karmas and justice is always done on the basis of your karmas only. Shani teaches us that one cannot be emotional while giving Karamfal. One has to bear the consequences of their good or bad karmas. ||

Epi begins with Shani saying from now onwards, Shani will have his Drishti on your other eyes too. He leaves from there. Devraj looks angry. Now I have to handle this situation on my own. He instructs a servant to go to Rahu. He has to take my message to Devi Sanghya. Now we will see who wins in this fight – this 12 year old kid or Devraj Indra!

Kakol comes to earth. He is sitting peacefully when he gets disturbed by someone. He is confused hearing the sounds. Who is there? The kid goes quiet. Kakol

Yam insists upon finding his mother. No one might worry for her but

I am concerned for her. Chhaya says we all think about her. Yam replies that everyone just thinks. No one not even you do anything. You got the right you always wanted. You are now Surya Patni. Dev Vishwakarma warns him to stay in his limits. Don’t forget that Mata Chhaya has raised you. Yam says I was and will be thankful to her for that but I cannot forget that she did not help my mother at all. Yami tries to stop her brother but in vain. Chhaya tells her against it. He isn’t wrong. Yami nods. It might be but he also has no reason to talk to you like this. I will talk to him. Yami goes after Yam.

Chhaya feels bad. I always wanted this family to be together. Why is this happening then? Why am I being punished? Shani tells her this isn’t punishment. This is justice. We do get sympathetic with the culprit who got punished for his misdeeds for a minute but you cannot do justice on the basis of emotions. It is both a weakness and strength. It is one’s decision as to what he chooses it to be. Dev Vishwakarma seconds him. Chhaya demands to know where Sanghya is. Shani shares that she is in Mrityu Loka. She is paying for her sins. Chhaya is stunned. Shani relates everything to them. Chhaya says Surya Patni has become a horse. Does Surya Dev know this?

Before Shani can reply, Surya Dev calls out his name angrily. Devraj is also with him. Shani tries to tell him but Surya Dev advises him to stay quiet. I will say whatever I have to. I agree that Devi Sanghya deserved punishment but you have to take care of someone’s position too. You have crossed all your limits. You turned Surya Dev’s wife into a horse! It was good that Indra Dev informed me or we wouldn’t have come to know it. Devraj thinks I know many ways to keep Shani in control. There cannot be any better way than Surya Dev for this. Shani explains that not him but her karmas got her in this situation. She stayed stubborn like a horse so she was punished by Maharishi. Devraj refuses to believe he is innocent. You cannot always call it Karamfal. Surya Dev asks Shani if he dint know Sanghya is going to turn into a horse. Shani calls it his duty. I did what I was supposed to do. Surya Dev decides to do his duty as a husband. I will get Sanghya out of this situation. Shani repeats what he had just said to Chhaya. You cannot get emotional while making a decision or while giving Karamfal. Dev Vishwakarma also tries to make Surya Dev understand but in vain. I am concerned about my wife as she is in pain. You can back down from your duties as a father but I still remember my duties as a husband! It was justified that Sanghya was banished and punished for her misdeeds but I cannot accept it or find this just that she should turn into a horse! Shani stops him. Think once again. Yam stands with his father. He and Devraj get their weapons. Yam says father has thought well. It would be great if you don’t stand in our path now. Shani says I don’t come in anyone’s way but I bring people on the right path. He too gets his weapon. You are not heading to the right path. Come to the right path or else!

Chhaya asks him what he will do otherwise. I have always supported you till today but I will be the first one to get hurt if you think you can hurt my husband. She tells her husband to go. I promise you Shani wont do anything before sunset. Surya Dev tells Yam to be with Mata Chhaya. I will make sure Sanghya is out of her curse. He leaves with Devraj.

Kakol keeps looking for the naughty kid. Who was he and where did he disappear? Someone is keeping an eye on Kakol.

Surya Dev comes to that Maharishi’s place. Maharishi apologizes to him. I don’t know how I got so angry and cursed Devi Sanghya. Surya Dev tells him to let bygones be bygones. How can this be ended? Maharishi goes quiet for a minute. It can only be completed but there is one condition. You too will have to turn into a horse. As Devi Sanghya is your wife, you will have to marry her in that condition.

Kakol cannot figure out where this noise is coming from. I cannot see anything. It is time. I should return. Suddenly the branch, on which he is sitting, begins to shake. Kakol says I am not your enemy. I was just curious. Just forgive me. I am leaving. Don’t hurt me. Shani was right. I fall in trouble wherever I go. Who will protect me now? He falls down from the branch. Who are you and why did you make me fall from the branch? He gets no reply even after asking repeatedly who is there. He sees a shadow flying in front of him and gets surprised. Is this a monkey or human being? Maruti’s friends chase him. They step over Kakol in excitement while following Maruti. Kakol peeks at them from far. I must tell Shani about this strange kid.

Yam tells Shani he wont go anywhere till sunset. Shani says you know you wont be able to stop me if I wish to go but my mother has said it so I wont go anywhere till sunset. No one will be able to stop me afterwards though. There is very little time left in sunset. Yam says father will bring mother back till then. Shani says I hope he wont get bound by his emotions in the path to righteousness.

Surya Dev meets Sanghya. She apologizes to him. I have not just embarrassed you but entire Surya Loka. I deserve this. Surya Dev says I am not against justice but Shani has crossed his limits this time. She justifies his stance. I wouldn’t have realised my mistakes if he hadn’t done this. Surya Dev still speaks against Shani’s stance. You have been through enough. Now I have to get you out of this. He also turns into a horse willingly.

Chhaya wonders why Surya Dev isn’t back with Sanghya yet. It is about time. Dev Vishwakarma assures her whatever will happen, will be good. Kakol comes there panting for breath. He relates everything to Shani. I saw a monkey flying.

Precap: Mahadev says a fight between Pavan-putra and Karamfaldata. They will become the biggest enemies of one another in future!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Episode Synopsis
    Episode – 173
    06:30 AM – 07:00 AM, 06 Jul Set Alert
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    Episode – 174
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 06 Jul Set Alert
    Surya meets Sanghya who has been turned into a mare. Later, he transforms himself into a horse to rid Sanghya of her curse. Meanwhile, Kaakol meets Hanuman in Prithvilok.
    Episode – 175
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 07 Jul Set Alert
    On Prithvilok, Surya and Sanghya transform themselves back into humans. Later, Sanghya puts up an act and apologises to Surya. Subsequently, Shani arrives and notices a mark on Surya’s hand.
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    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 10 Jul Set Alert
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  2. I don’t think Shani dev and Hanuman are enemies. I never heard so. They aren’t enemies. I just heard from my grandma that Hanuman is Upadevada for Shani as Mata Durga is Upadevada for Rahu.

    1. Radhika di you are right. They are not enemies. I think hanumaan ji keval shani dev ke atyadhik krodh ko kam karate hain like controller. Keval niyantrit karate hain taki koi nirankush na ho jaye.

  3. Pooja

    Hi guys.. there is no signal here so I am unable to update the show. I will update as soon as possible.
    Sorry for the delay 🙁

    1. Kamalanayani

      It is ok Pooja didi… We will be waiting for your update…

    2. No problem. We’ll wait for the update☺☺


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