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Shani requests his mother to put him to sleep by singing lullaby. Chhaya worries what if Devi Sanghya hears it too.

Devi Sanghya thinks of Dev Vishwakarma’s words and worries. I would have thrown Shani out of Surya Loka today itself but father stuck me in such situation! I don’t understand what to do. Chhaya sings lullaby for Shani. Devi Sanghya hears it too. Where is this noise coming from? She heads out to check.

Devi Sanghya looks inside Shani’s room unhappy to see Chhaya putting Shani to sleep. She dint leave yet? She opens the curtains but Chhaya is gone by then. Shani is also asleep. She checks behind the bed. Chhaya hides. Devi Sanghya spots her in the mirror. Chhaya goes by the time Devi Sanghya comes there. She leaves from the room but Devi Sanghya follows her. Chhaya is

aware of this fact so she hides. Devi Sanghya is sure someone was there. She keeps looking around in the jungle while Chhaya tries to hide all this while. Devi Sanghya says I know it is you only. Come before me Chhaya. Don’t make me angry. Don’t forget that you are my creation. I can also destroy you. Chhaya gets tensed. Devi Sanghya walks around the tree. You wont be able to escape. You are forgetting that you are only a shadow. I am a Devi. Chhaya goes in different direction but ends up falling down. Devi Sanghya spots her. She was a fool to think she will be able to hide from me. Chhaya thinks she is stuck now. Devi Sanghya finds Kakol amid the dry leaves instead. He is surprised to see her here at this hour. She lies that she wasn’t sleepy so she came out to walk. What are you doing here? He replies that Shani told him to go out. She tells him to sleep as it is too late. She looks around but cannot see Chhaya. Chhaya peeks from behind a tree.

Guru Brihaspati asks Devraj if he will suggest Shani’s name as their representative. Indra Dev refuses. Guru Brihaspati reasons that he has seen Shani doing justice. He is not biased at all. Indra Dev says this is the very reason I don’t want him to be our representative. He can take stand for Asuras anytime.

Guru Shukracharya wants to make Shani their representative as his outlook is way beyond the Dev’s and Asuras. His assistant asks him what if Indra Dev chooses Shani. Shukracharya is sure he wont choose him. Shani would represent Asuras.

Indra Dev wants to make sure Shukracharya fails in even suggesting Shani’s name as the representative of Asuras. I have a plan. Guru Brihaspati asks him how it will happen. Indra Dev says it is time for sunrise. I haven’t seen sunrise in Surya Loka since a long time.

Surya Dev sits on his throne. Sun rises in the sky. Indra Dev and Guru Brihaspati come to meet Surya Dev. Surya Dev is surprised to see them in Surya Loka so early. Welcome. He greets Guru Brihaspati. Your arrival at this time hints that the issue is serious. Indra Dev nods. It is Mahadev’s order after all. He has announced that it is time for creation of Devloka and earth. He wants Dev and Asura’s to choose their representative to decide who will rule earth. Surya Dev says there is no point wasting time by coming here then. You are Devraj. No one can represent Gods better. Guru Brihaspati says this is the problem. Fingers can be pointed at him for taking side of Gods. Surya Dev asks him if he has come to seek suggestion on the same from him. Indra Dev says we have come to request you to represent us. Surya Dev says the same will apply to me. Indra Dev denies. no one can doubt your unbiased judgement. Devguru seconds him. Surya Dev says I cannot disobey your order Devguru. Question is who Asuras will choose. Shukracharya enters just then. You asked the right question at the time right. Surya Dev asks him how he dare come in Surya Loka without his permission. Indra Dev smiles. Shukracharya comes in with his Asuras. Indra Dev calls Shukracharya a guest who comes unannounced. I would like to inform you that Surya Dev is ready to be our representative. Shukracharaya congratulates him on getting a great and unbiased representative. Did you inform him that the one who loses in this competition will be dismissed on earth for forever? Smile disappears from Indra Dev’s face. Shukracharya tells Indra Dev he leaves no one when it comes to choosing someone for his own motive. But this time my choice will be better than yours. Surya Dev asks him what he means. Shukracharya says we have chosen our representative too. He might not be like Surya Dev but he is no less. He is Shani!

Chhaya looks emotionally at Shani and then at the sunrise. There is no better happiness for a mother than seeing her son sleeping peacefully. It seems as if entire night went by in a minute. I wish I could do it forever.

Surya Dev refuses. Shani is a Dev Putra. He cannot represent Asuras. Shukracharya tells him it is not going to be his decision. As per Mahadev’s order, we have chosen our rep. Shani has to decide if he wants to represent us or not. Indra Dev repeats that Shani’s father has made a decision for Shani. Surya Dev says he is right. A son’s decision cannot be different than his father. Shukracharya demands to call Shani. I want to see what his decision is. Indra Dev tells Surya Dev to make Shani understand. He is a Dev Putra. It will be wrong if a God will decide against another God. He has to say no. Surya Dev agrees to bring Shani. He tells Shukracharya not to wait another moment once Shani refuses to be their representative. He leaves. Devi Sanghya smiles hearing it.

Surya Dev calls out to Shani. Chhaya thinks to leave as he is headed to Shani’s room. She gets up when Shani calls out to her. Where are you going? She turns. Surya Dev enters just then which leaves her with no option but to stay. Surya Dev tells Chhaya to get ready and come in meeting. Shani asks him if there is any special reason. Surya Dev tells him about Shukracharya’s wish. I want you to come in the meeting and tell Shukracharya you wont represent Asuras.

Precap: Devi Sanghya thinks no one has the power to defeat Surya Dev. Shani will surely lose. He will end up going away from my family for forever then!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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