Shani 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani refuses to be Karamfaldata again

Shani 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Duty is a very big responsibility which you get either by birth or you deserve it. Shani teaches that following the path of duty is the right path that one should walk on. ||

Epi begins with Young Shani saying Shani only gives that what is necessary, be it punishment, prize or information. It means the rest of the answers are right in your heart. You have to look for them yourself. Saying so, he leaves. Dhamini tries calling after him but in vain. She is brought back in Dev Vishwakarma’s lab once again.

Dev Vishwakarma asks her if she found all her answers. She nods. I have to find the answers to my remaining questions on my own. She takes his leave when she hears someone calling out her name. She is puzzled but ignores it. Dev Vishwakarma and Yami look on. Dev Vishwakarma says if our

attempts are genuine then we can gain God too. This is regarding Shani. I hope she will find all her answers.

Ravan laughs. Rahu says I told you everything. We have same enemy. If your strength meets our mind then we can get Shani out of our way once and for all. I will just inform Devraj! Ravan holds him by his neck. You came to play with me? Don’t forget who I am! I influence the world. What will you do to me? I will spare you as you are my guest or I wont mind changing my mind. Run away. Rahu flees. Ravan shouts after him. You were going to strike a deal with a Brahmin! I only called you here to know more about that incident. Now it wont be just Shani but all 9 planets who will fall in my spell!

Brahma Dev worries what if Ravan succeeds. Narayan hopes Shani resumes his Karamfaldata position soon as it is very important for the world. Mahadev replies that people do the duty which they are supposed to. Now all our hopes to save the world are pinned on Shani and Dhamini.

Dhamini is in Dev Vishwakarma’s laboratory. She again hears someone whispering her name repeatedly and begins to look around. She finds an empty spot in the lab. Entire room is full whereas this is empty. What was kept here? The whisper keeps bothering her. Who is calling out to me? Whose voice is it? Dev Vishwakarma shares that someone else also heard this voice before her. She asks him who heard it before her. He takes Shani’s name. Shani reaches his Nana Shree’s Loka. I know you are here only Dhamini.

Dhamini asks Dev Vishwakarma why Shani heard this voice. Dev Vishwakarma replies that it is the voice of Shani’s weapon. She wonders why it is calling her. He says it is because you are his wife now. Now you and Shani are one which is why you can also hear the voice which Shani could hear till now. I created that weapon upon Mahadev’s askance. Dev and Asura fought over it! After lifting it, it was proved that Shani was real Karamfaldata! Not just Karamfaldata Shani but Dandnayak Shani and Nyayakarta Shani. This was not just his weapon but an indication which he got from Mahadev!

Shani is very near them.

Dev Vishwakarma says Mahadev gave Shani a very special gift because of this weapon – his Vakra Drishti! Dhamini asks him about it. Dev Vishwakarma shares that with it, he could know about the past, present and future. If that Drishti falls on anyone then it counts their virtues and sins and gives them karamfal accordingly. She asks him what Mahadev had said.

Shani shares that Mahadev said that because of my Drishti I would be able to look beyond what is before the eye and would be able to do justice. Dhamini smiles and walks up to him. He asks her if she is fine. She nods. Not because you saved my life but because you came back. He asks her why she came here. She says I came to find answers to some my questions. He asks her if she found what she was looking for. She nods. I found answers and possibilities too. We can figure out everything together.

Rahu greets Devraj who is irked to see him. You always leave the plans in between. Rahu says this time I can make you happy. I met Dashanan. Devraj smiles. Why dint I think of it before? He compelled Mahadev. No one could defeat him in the entire world. He lifted Kailash! He is the only solution to this problem named Shani. He is my last resort!

Ravan says I couldn’t win it from my devotion but I will win it with my strength. Your boon will help me in fulfilling this dream! I will kill Shani using Chandrahaar weapon. I will destroy his arrogance completely! He creates a kundli and is seen to be standing in the house of enemy. Shani defeated Nav-Graha’s in Surya Loka while I will become their Swami by gaining control over them! Shani stopped Mahadev from coming to Lanka. Stop Nav-Graha’s now if possible!

Shani asks Dhamini what she wants to find solution of. She says your energy was at its peak whenever you did your duty. You were at the path of your karma at that time. Mahadev’s Dristhi was neither auspicious nor inauspicious. It is important for you to have it. It was taken back from you because of Mangal’s act. He calls it his karamfal but she calls it a plot. You were created to do the bigger tasks by Tridev. You will have to resume it. When you will do so, one thing will surely be finished – either Mahadev’s boon or Mangal’s Drishti! I request you to resume your position as Karamfaldata. Please return on the path of dharma. Welfare of the world lies in you getting your Drishti back. I am doing the duty of a Dharam-patni today. Return on the path of dharma. Everything will be fine. Dev Vishwakarma too asks Shani to listen to what she is saying. This is the demand of time. Yami also seconds them. You should become Nyayadata. Dev Vishwakarma again tells Shani to become Dandnayak. Their words echo in Shani’s head. He shouts against it. Dhamini found the solution but this isn’t necessarily my solution. I cannot become Karamfaldata once again. Forgive me Nana ji, Yami. I am not ready to become Karamfaldata yet again. I will not accept this post at any cost! Dhamini tells him it is very important for him to gain Mahadev’s given Drishti to escape from her curse. You must accept this post again. Shani stays put. This is my last decision. I would want you to respect my decision. He walks away before she can say anything. She says I don’t know why Shani isn’t agreeing but I promise to make him Karamfaldata once again! I will free him from the curse which I gave to him under Mangal’s influence. He will get that position, respect and fame back again. This is the promise as Surya-putra’s wife!

Kakol asks Shani why he refused to accept karamfaldata’s position. Shani isn’t keen to talk on the matter but Kakol insists. Shani says for the first time my motive is dharma and not karma. I dint love Dhamini when I married her. But after those 4 pheras, I am bound by a duty. If I resume my post again then I will resume its duties. It is different than other positions though. I will have to keep it above my duty as a husband. This is not the perfect solution for me. Kakol apologizes to him. You once again proved that others are more important for you. You are sacrificing once again for others. Shani corrects him. I am doing it for those who are close to me. He senses something wrong and leaves alone.

Yami says we failed again. Shani isn’t ready to listen to us after everything. Dhamini is keen to know what prompted Shani to leave his position in the first place!

Shani and Ravan come face to face.

Precap: Shani came face to face with Ravan and a new war began! Ravan challenges Shani to cast his Maarak Drishti on him. Shani does so but it does not affect him. Ravan laughs! No one can do me any harm now as I am an immortal now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I liked this episode I just wish shani accepts his position.

  2. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Super episode

  3. Hi friends,can you tell me please which time colors tv show shani(karmafaldata shani)?

    1. Mon-Fri at 9:00pm

  4. I can’t understand. Shani’s vakradrishti is blue color but now they show red color, why?

    1. Vakradrishti is given to Shanidev after he got the position of Karmfaldata but when that position was snatched, the power of Vakradrishti is become lesser and now after the curse of Damini because of Mangal dosh, his drishti becomes Red color which symbols the destroy of the thing to whom he sees. This is the only reason why Damini wants him to become once again the Karamfal data as then only her curse will become weaker.

      I think Shanidev will accept this position only when his mother, Chaaya will permit him. This is my assumption only.

      1. Kamalanayani

        I also guess the same…. Shani dev won’t accept the position without his mother’s permission as she herself seized it from him…

    2. Pooja

      Because because of Dhamini’s curse , he has got Maarak Drishti now which can kill anyone who he will look directly at.

  5. Kamalanayani

    Shani dev’s weapon… his Dand…
    I hope that, Mata Dhamini can lift it also…
    Just as Mahadev and Mata Parvati/Sati can only lift his Trishul…
    This serial has some adaptations from DKDM…
    Shani dev is Shivansh right..

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