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Shani finally lifts the glowing weapon. Tridev and Dev Vishwakarma look on happily. Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya observe the same. Mahadev says Dandnayak took the first step of his journey. Vishnu adds that the second chapter starts now. Tridev says Karamfaldata Shani followed by Dev Vishwakarma.

Shani looks at the storm in the sky. He angrily lets out a scream, aiming the weapon towards the storm. Energy emits from the weapon. Everyone looks on in awe as the storm comes to an end. Chhaya begins to fall down. Shani shouts Mata and drops the weapon. He runs to hold her in his arms. Shani asks his mother to open her eyes. He panics seeing her condition. Her fingers move. Shani asks her if she is fine. Chhaya looks at him. Dev Vishwakarma comes there. Chhaya closes her eyes once again leaving Shani

puzzled. We have to take her inside.

Indra Dev is thrilled to know Shani’s truth. Karamfaldata, Dandnayak is a God! Knees always bend towards the stomach. Shani will be in the favour of Gods only. He will take our side. Karamfaldata took birth as a God. You understand its meaning, right? Gods are better. You Asuras are stained! Mahadev sent this energy on our side. Now you will see how I will destroy you Asuras using this power. Guru Shukracharya tells him to stop. I still trust Mahadev. He is my Guru. His decision cannot be wrong. Question is this special energy had to be unbiased. Why did Mahadev make him a God? He will have to answer my question! He leaves.

Shani asks Chhaya about her wound. She says it might be because of the storm. Don’t worry. I will be fine soon. He says you take care of everyone. I will take care of you now. You will do as I say. You wont go anywhere without my permission. I will be with you all the time. He feeds her water. She asks him how he did this. How did you end that powerful storm? Shani says it was because of our relation. You were the one who saved me from Surya Dev’s rays and took me to jungle. From where did you get that much strength to get ahead the power of rays? This is the relation of a mother and kid. If one is in trouble then the other gets strength on their own. She smiles at him.

Shani’s weapon is glowing. Dev Vishwakarma looks at it and recalls the day when other Gods were trying to lift it. Shani is the power sent by Mahadev to do justice! I know why Chhaya was born. Sandhya dint create her to find a solution to Surya’s heat. You created Chhaya so she can teach him to be unbiased and do justice. I am thankful to you for giving me the honour to be the relative of this power. I will try to help you as best as I can in this! He remembers his convo with Chhaya and of her request. Hey Dev, if you dint let the world know of this power then there must be a reason. Why did I ask Chhaya to tell Shani entire truth? What did I do unintentionally?

Shani says I did what every son would do when his mother is in trouble. She says how I thank Mahadev for giving me a son like you. He replies that there is a solution. If you rest and get well soon then Mahadev and I will like it. She smiles through her tears but then remembers her promise to Dev Vishwakarma. It is time now. She tells Shani she wants to share something with him. He notices her tensed. She asks him if he will still love his mother the same way. He says there is nothing in the world which will lessen his love for her. If there is something of that sort then I don’t want to hear it. She says you will have to listen as it is very important. She fumbles in her words when Dev Vishwakarma says she wants to say that she (Sandhya) isn’t your mother! Shani looks at his mother in shock. Dev Vishwakarma asks her if this is what she wants to say. When kids do something big then this is how you feel. Parents doubt their identity, on the strength of their kids. But the reason is their pride on their kid. This is what Sandhya wants to say. Chhaya nods hesitantly. Dev Vishwakarma adds that your mother and I are proud of you (Shani). She got a son like you with Mahadev’s blessings. Surya Dev says a son who brings problems on his family every time. He isn’t a blessing but a curse! Shani looks pointedly at his father as he enters.

Yam and Yami come as well. Yam looks unhappily at Shani. Yami hugs her Chhaya. Surya Dev says he (Shani) took birth and cast an eclipse on his father. He attacked his brother in the first meeting and now put his mother in trouble. I told you (Sandhya) that he will only create problems! She tries to explain but he tells her not to save Shani. I know that Shani must be the reason behind that storm too. Yam seconds him. Shani brings trouble for whoever he is with! He is inauspicious. Mother’s life was in danger because of him only. He does not deserve to be in Surya Loka or anywhere near mother! Shani’s anger is visible on his face now. Yami nods. Yam tells Surya Dev not to let Shani go near mother. Chhaya is taken aback. Surya Dev says Yam is right. The lamp which burns house does not deserve to be inside home. Shani says you can pluck fruits from tree but if you separate roots from tree then tree can die. I don’t care what you all think of me but I wont accept staying away from my mother. I will stay with her always. Yam says I will use my power to do so if you wont do that willingly. He is about to attack on Shani when Chhaya shouts their names. She loses consciousness. Shani worries for her. Yami too gets worried. Yam blames Shani for Chhaya’s condition whereas SHani points out that it is because of his stubbornness. Yam vows to live up to it. Shani refuses to do so. Surya Dev says I will take a decision now. Shani says I know your decision wont differ from Yam’s decision. So, I neither accept your decision nor Yam’s stubbornness.

Precap: Shani decides to find out who was behind this storm. Whoever is behind it will surely be punished! Mahadev says Shani will have to go away from his mother to become Karamfaldata. Shani refuses to accept Mahadev’s wish to go away from his mother.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks pooja di for fast update

    1. Pooja

      Anytime dear 🙂

  2. Pehley ashoka and now shani . Vaisey u r very sweet

  3. well track

  4. Nandhini

    Thrilling episode! And beautiful update pooja! For a second i got scared when chaaya didnt open her eyes!
    How could suryadev and yam call shani dev as abshagun????? He only saved her life!! Why cant Suryadev’s family understand this?? Shani dev can only love and protect his mom more than anyone else!! Dev vishwakarma please make them understand the truth! Surya dev must know about the cruel intention of indradev…
    Hii santhosh! Hi Vanshika,,Garima,,Nayana,,Supreetha and friends! How are you all? Hope everyone are doing good!??


      hii Nandhini……☺aaj kal main forum par thoda late aah raha hoo …☺
      coming to the episode…
      “S for Shani ka S for Supernatural weapon”….

      i think upcoming track…

      Sandhya return to surya lok after completing the thapassya that time chhaya ki astitva mitt jayega. (jaise vishwakarma ne knife ke baare bathaya tha na vaise) aur saath mein shani ko apna beta nahi maanegi (she can’t accept Shani her son) yeh baat sunke shani ka dill toot jayega . isi toote hue dill ke saath mahadev ke paas jayega and next yeh balak shani 100% turn to karma phaldatha SHANI…..
      what do you say…!!??

      waiting. waiting… waiting for upcoming episodes…..

      1. Yes…. you might be right… next track would be like this… Being a Karma Phaldatha, Shani dev should be relieved from all relationships….

  5. Wow..Superb Episode…Well I didn’t get scared coz Shadow never dies…So How can Chahya die..?…Finally, My 3xams got over…Well..I think no one remembered me…?
    Thanks Pooja Di for your update..??

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome dear. We all did miss you 🙂 How were your exams?

      1. Thank God…You remembered me…My Exams were superb…Now I am waiting for my results..I hope it will be better from last time..?..
        Well Di..How are you???

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