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Shani 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahu calls out to Shani. Seems like you dint succeed in your mission. You have come back empty handed. I was surprised to see you here but then I realised you want this garland for Gods, right? Shani agrees. I tried but Maharishi has some doubts regarding Gods. He did not accept but what’s the point of telling you. He wont give it to Asuras even when he dint give it to Gods. Let’s go Kakol. Our work ends here. He leaves with Kakol. Rahu thinks Shani made his work easier. You have aroused anger in Durvasa’s mind against Gods. Now that he doesn’t wish to give his power to Gods, I will get him to use it against Gods! Shani walks away with a smile on his face.

Rishi Durvasa is walking holding the garland. Shani’s words echo in his head. Now that foolish kid will tell me how to protect

my powers only? Rahu greets him. Rishi Durvasa angrily says seems like number of people coming uninvited is too big today. Who are you? Rahu gives his introduction to him which does not interest Maharishi at all. Rahu adds that he knows about the power which he has created with his tapasya. I have found out you are upset with Gods. I can use your power to teach them a lesson. Give your power to me if you don’t want to give it to Gods. I will destroy them! Maharishi tells him to be quiet. Who told you I want to finish Gods? Rahu says I felt that you are upset with them. Maharishi again tells him to be quiet. What’s happening? Everyone is telling me how to use my own power! Leave or I will finish you! Remember that now I will give this power to Gods only as they rightfully deserve it. Rahu accepts his wish. Maharishi walks away. Everyone’s hateful words haunt Rahu again. You dint leave me with anything Shani! You dint let me either become a Dev or remain an Asura. I dint even get the garland from Durvasa. I vow to make sure even Gods don’t get that garland. It will bring doom for Gods!

Shani tells Surya Dev that the garland is very powerful. It can change the destiny of anyone including Gods. It can also destroy them if it falls in the wrong hands. Surya dev is surprised to see his concern for Gods. Shani replies that he is neither a well wisher of Gods nor their enemy. I am only doing my duty which is to maintain the balance in the world. Rahu wants to seek revenge from Gods. If he finds out that garland then he will destroy everything. It is very important to stop him.

Rahu is in Indra Loka. Will my problems never end? Till when will this continue? Indra Dev clearly tells him off. I have no time to hear your sad story. Rahu calls them partners which irks Indra Dev. Since when? You are forgetting you already got what you deserved. Nothing is left between us now. He shouts for his servants. Can anyone see my glass empty? Rahu pours liquor for him. I am still not useless. There is still something left between us – Shani! It is Shani because of whom we had to bear so much pain and stay away from our rights. As per Rishi Durvasa, the garland will be handed over to Surya Dev like Shani wants. It will only add up to Surya Dev’s valour. He can again demand for Indrasan from you. Devraj says Shani wont do so. He does not love Surya Dev. Rahu suggests him to see for himself. He is Surya’s son after all who is part of the committee made by Shani. We have to destroy the garland to stop their power. I tried my best but failed. I don’t know what we should do now. Devraj remarks that he knows what’s to be done. He throws his glass away angrily. Rahu hopes that garland gets destroyed once thereby destroying the Gods automatically. My revenge will be complete then.

Rishi Durvasa comes to Surya Bhavan. Surya Dev welcomes him. Rishi Durvasa is holding the garland in his hands. Everyone kneels down before him in reverence. Rishi Durvasa asks him if there is any special reason to invite them. Surya Dev replies that there is no reason to serve Gods and Rishi’s. You have done tapasya for years. You needed rest and I wanted to make you feel a bit comfortable. Rishi Durvasa shares that he feels he is at the right place finally.

Shani comes to Indra Loka and calls out to Indra Dev but it turns out to be Rahu shocking Shani. Rahu asks him why he looks so shocked. Very soon it will be me who will become the rightful owner of this throne.

Surya Dev washes Rishi Durvasa’s feet which please Rishi Durvasa. This garland is the result of my tapasya. Whoever will get it will become more powerful. I have decided you deserve it as you spread light to world equally. You will surely benefit it for the welfare of the world.

Rahu tells Shani he wont be able to do anything this time. Shani warns Rahu the consequences will be very dangerous. Rahu only wants his revenge from Gods. I don’t care of the consequences if the Gods are in pain. Shani asks for Devraj Indra. Rahu sits on the throne once again. He has gone to Surya Loka. I have heard Durvasa is also there with his magical garland.

Rishi Durvasa is about to handover the garland to Surya Dev when Indra Dev enters.

Rahu points out to Shani he is too late now. My work will be done by the time you will reach there. He laughs evilly. Shani looks shocked.

Indra Dev lies down on the floor to greet Rishi Durvasa. I couldn’t stop myself after knowing you are here. I came uninvited to meet him. He thanks Surya Dev for inviting Maharishi here. I am Devraj for sure but I am just a servant where Maharishi is. Please accept my greeting. Rishi Durvasa appreciates him on his gesture. You have come on the right time. Surya Dev thanks Maharishi for coming here. Indra Dev seconds him. Rishi Durvasa can give it to either you or me. What is important is that it will benefit Gods in the end. He speaks of the rules of Dev Loka. I am sure Surya Dev too wont go against it. As per the rules, it would be right that I accept this garland. Shani is running in Surya Bhavan to reach there. Maharishi decides to give the garland to Devraj Indra. Rahu peeks at them from far while Shani is still on his way.

Precap: Indra Dev tells Surya Dev he doesn’t need any garland to become great. He throws it out of the window. Shani shouts at him against it but in vain. Rishi Durvasa sees it. Rishi Durvasa curses Gods to be devoid of power (Shaktiheen & Shreeheen).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Shaktiheen is ok but why streeheen ??????
    Can anyone explain me….

    1. Not streeheen, its shriheen / shreeheen.. Meaning without Shree.. Without Lakshmi (not just material wealth but spiritual too) and moon.. Lakshmi and Chandra will come into the world again only after samudramanthan.. They both emerge from the sea.. That’s why Lakshmi and moon are considered siblings..

      1. No, you are wrong.

        Yea, keep assigning ‘gender’ now to abstract concepts and God also. It’s all false moronicness. A social construction on planet earth. And woman is not the ‘half power of’ a ‘man’, but a wholesome individual being in her own self. No body here is a ‘half’ of someone else lmao. The solething Sanatana Vedic Dharma teaches is that the soul is genderless and is an eternal part of GOD, Who is also genderless.

        Assigning ‘gender’ to things is hilarious and made up.

    2. Because mah be stree woman is a half power of man if man became streeheen his half power automatically falls down and he will be no more powerful that’s why man is not powerful without woman

    3. Chaaya

      Scientifically, matter (the male principle, represented by Shiva) and energy (female aspect, whichnis Shakti). Think of an atom, protons, electrons, and neutrons.

      1. ChandaMaya

        Chaaya, dear, some people have to worship through the medium of form. Creation embodies energy in its form, but even energy is a created, unseen but felt aspect of the material creation.

      2. ChandaMaya

        To tie it all in, the story has it that this garland was meant for Indra, who insults the gift of Durvasa, by placing the garland on his elephant. (I am not certain if this story is even shown in this series, but for the sake of Shani, so be it). Durvasa curses all the gods because they have become vain and power seeking. The demigods without a home runs to their creator, Bramhadev, You all know the story from here on; shining of the milky ocean (not literally the earth’s ocean). This ocean is in the universe. Laskhmi is born and Chandra is as if it were reborn from the ocean . . .MahaLaskhmi is born out of Maya Itself and therefore is married to the Lord that upholds this balance and controls Maya, Vishnu.
        This is the very essence of creation, friction, the churning of the ocean by the Devas and the Asuras.
        Vishnu balances and controls Maya . . .Shiva is beyond Maya.

    4. No, you are wrong.

      @Kamalanyani – the meaning of saying ‘streeheen’ goes back to what Shani was saying, that those who do not value ‘females’ and insult them, despite them being the reason for creation and existence, will fall. So basically, being ‘streeheen’ means the demi-gods will fall. For it is ‘female’ who creates and produces life, and so no females means no life. That is the meaning here. Yes, gender is a social construction, but that’s the analogy here.

      Remember, nothing is literal. Also, this show’s dialogues aren’t coming from a GOD-sent book.

  2. I mean to say in every situation man needs woman because she is his half power without her man is nothing like ardhnarishwar shiv and shakti when both power are in control whole universe is in control if one fails everything destroy in seconds that’s why women is more important I love that we respect woman as a devi but now a days somewhere this position is fading

    1. No, you are wrong.

      Messed up. and this is used now to call any and all given ‘females’ as a ‘devi’? what nonsense.

      neither are males superior nor ‘females’. every one is a genderless soul ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’ only depending on spiritual progress, not social construction.

      And to say that ‘female’ is the ‘half power OF man’ means that things start WITH ‘man’ and female is but ‘half’ of HIS ‘power’.

      Actually, every single soul is a 100% individual on its own and part of only the genderless GOD. Nobody is ‘half’ of something else, so stop with the crap. Sure, it gives you a means to ‘respect females’ but through a dumb means.

    2. No, you are wrong.

      I’m wondering if one would say that ‘man’ is woman’s ‘half power’. no, because you morons don’t consider ‘females’ as an individual WHOLE on her own.

      1. Chaaya

        You have either an x chromosome or a y chromosome. Change it and what do you have?

  3. Chaaya

    Okay, yes . . .Correct.

  4. ChandaMaya

    To confuse you on all even more . . .No one has to really agree with me or accept what I am going to say, because time has made the male aspect dominant, but in ancient Vedic times women were considered equal to males. Women even wore the sacred thread. In fact the whole earth was once only Goddess worshippers, but this all changed with conflict, wars, power of males, conquest, new concepts of the place and order of women, etc. So, going back to my original point, women were equal and they participated in philosophical debates with males.
    The preconcepts and the precursor of ancient thought was the reverse. The moon, actually is neither male nor female, but was considered to be the feminine aspect . . .Surya was originally feminine as well. Agni is fire, and fire emits energy, which is Shakti. I will just leave it there now. To explain more would be an academic task.

    Shiva embodies both male and female in one form (or rather, the formless One). Shiva is Agni. Shiva is the conceptualization of the moon. Shiva is the preeminent being, the source of Maya (great illusion).

    1. And the ultimate truth is that gender is a social construction and has no actual meaning beyond earth, and that GOD and the soul, aka everyone and every plant or animal, are all genderless. GOD has NO GENDER. The English concept of referring to GOD as ‘him’ creates a false image of ‘gender’ where it just doesn’t EXIST. I mean honestly, what does ‘male god’ or ‘female god’ even MEAN? GOD does not urinate.

      And demi-gods are not GOD. Demi-gods like surya or Jupiter or whatever are demi-gods. they might represent ‘genders’ for whatever meaningless reason but GOD has zero gender. none. ‘shiv ji’, ‘parvati ji’, etc are just FORMS OF ONE SINGLE GOD. THIS is what sanatana Vedic dharma is and what is unknown to most people. you have spoken the truth, chandmaya, which most moron Hindus don’t know.

  5. ChandaMaya

    The Vedic era predates the Puranic age(s). If one notices, the so-called truly educated became less, and less with the fall of Dharma. It is so corroded now, and even still corroding more within Kaliyuga. Women were highly venerated in Vedic society, and in modern day Hindu society it still sways to Goddess worship, but is not practised in common, everyday living, as it once was. Shiva is more present but Shakti is not well appreciated or understood.

    1. Nandhini

      I disagree with you here…shakti’s worship is predominantly found everywhere,,everyday equal to Shiva but i gotta agree with you on one point- Goddess worship is not focussed as the central-supreme level of worship today…its either done alone or along with Goddess’s male consort deities…

      1. ChandaMaya

        I am referring to the unseen, Unmanifest when I speak of Shakti. I was not making any reference to the worship of Shakti,because Shakti is inescapable on this earth.

      2. ChandaMaya

        How does one worship the unidentifiable? How does one worship the formless? It was through form, was it not? On this earth? Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 12 deals with this subject in detail. As humans it is very difficult to even reach the level of higher kevels of worship, as in merging with the One Branham. In the eventual Reality it is neither make, nor female. It is neither energy . . . .I did say energy still exists in the material reality. The true Reality is beyond Maya. It is pure Sat Chit Ananda.

      3. ChandaMaya

        I used the words Shakti is not appreciated or understood . . . I did not use the word worship. If Shakti is understood today, the level of minds would not be why it is in this Kaliyuga. We, today, are not as evolved. I many ways we blindly do rituals without truly knowing the depth of what we are doing.

        Thanks for your comment. Appreciate your thought.

      4. Chaaya

        What is the focus today? And eat is the central, supreme level of worship today?

      5. Chaaya

        Sorry, what is the central, supreme worship of today?

    2. No, you are wrong.

      Once you ‘Hindus’ understand that Sanatana Vedic Dharma is a MONOTHEISTIC religion with one GOD who has infinite forms, it’ll be nothing but common sense that any form of GOD is the one single GOD each and every time.

      1. Chaaya

        This is true the many in One. I how to the Atman in you. You need to be less hostile if you understand that we are all part of the One Divinity. Thank you.

      2. Chaaya

        I bow to the Atman in you. Atma to Atma, no gender. Everyone has different levels of understanding. You understand and ChandaMaya has approached this subject carefully. You ARE CORRECT.

      3. ChandaMaya

        Chaaya, the comment is actually meant emphatically, so don’t feel it is hostile. I guess the “wrong” seems like a rebuttal. It is a rebuttal in the form of a debate. This is a wonderful forum . . .The churning of the Great Sagar . . Only Amrit will come out of it. Drink of it.

      4. @Chaaya – thanks. Sorry, it’s just that many years over the internet and you start talking somewhat stressfully, seeing that’s how mostly people attack others online. But chandmaya is right, I meant the capitals for emphasis, because there’s no way to actually bold words. The capitals aren’t ‘yelling’ they are emphasizing lol.

        It’s good that you understand. Many people don’t know these things and you’re well aware of how s*xist Indian society is, with constant female suppression or forcing made up fictional roles onto females and forcing them to produce people. Like, no. So to realize that neither does GOD have a gender ‘nor does the soul is basically the central and biggest point of Sanatana Vedic Dharma. Majority of Hindus in India do NOT know that Hinduism is a monotheistic religion, and spread false notions of the religion to themselves and others. Anyways, have a good day.

  6. ChandaMaya

    Everyone is right in their own understanding until one can intellectually appreciate the various Indian philosophical debates. Advaita is one, Buddhism even comes under a philosophy (though today it is a religion), Vedanta . . .There are more schools of Indian philosophy. All these schools are paths. There is no such thing as Hindu (this is an Arabic/Persian term for the peoples of the Indus Valley), it is Sanatana Dharma. In fact the paths are referred to as Yoga . . .The destination the same. To the Supreme beyond even this created universe. Brahman. Yes, Amrita, you know the Vedantic truth. We are all striving to realise it and go beyond the cycle of birth and death.

    Yes, no gender – Atman, divine spark in all living beings. Very good debate.

  7. I think so many of you got my comment wrong i didn’t said that woman is depending on man so she is half power or else I said man is depending on woman so man need woman, woman is more powerful than man (bin stree k purush ka paurush bhi dhuk saman hai) first get what I wanna say (I don’t know much English)it doesn’t mean u can change my comment in different meaning if you don’t know what I mean(why it makes me feel that there is one person with the different names commenting here and using bad language)

    1. Chaaya

      You made your point, and no one wanted to change it. Your comment is accepted. Chanda is speaking on philosophical terms. So you know exactly what you mean. If the rest are wrong, then your are right. Your English is fine. No one is trying to defy you.

      1. Kamalanayani

        @Chaaya I agree that Chanda is on philosophical terms and Krishna is also doing good but you cant simply say that If the rest are wrong, then your are right. (Not to hurt anyone)
        Just wanted to say simply..

    2. Chaaya

      This is a place to openly express your ideas, beliefs and doubts, whatever . . . Sometimes we can get a bit passionate. The truth is I know nothing about nothing. Shivoham, Shivoham!

      1. ChandaMaya

        Nice! Remember, the demigods are bound by their duties but only on Prithvi Mata that a human can be born and go beyond the demigods . . .Mosksha!

        Maharishi Durvasa, Sage Vaishista . . .Chaaya, we are currently under this atmosphere (proximity to Patala Loka) under the Rule of Indradev! What can we expect? In the next earth creation Indra Loka will be taken over by Vamana. He will be the upcoming and next Indra. Current atmosphere is not the same as it was in the Vedic period. Can you explain, Chaaya. Nodal points of Rahu and Ketu have shifted somewhat in this age?

      2. ChandaMaya

        Oops! Moksha. Excuse typo.

    3. Kamalanayani

      @Krishna Never think that you have weak english. If you feel you are speaking good may it be simple english it is fine then… Shut your ears for the people who comment about you english skills. Widely open to talk & discuss & speak up your thoughts… Never care about anybody. I have heard that if somebody comment about you (May be good or bad) it means that you are growing and atleast a step forward than those commentators. Thats why they comment.. So take it easy..

    4. @krish – No, no one is saying that YOU’RE claiming ‘women are dependent’. It’s good to realize that everyone is an individual but the idea of ‘being half of someone else’ is messed up if you read it carefully. It’s just a wrong way of saying whatever you mean, not just YOU, again, but whoever says this statement. I find that if ever Indians DO respect ‘females’ it’s only if she is a ‘mother’ or because she is the ‘support’ of a male. That’s messed up. I don’t know how else to make one open their eyes and realize this. Females are an individual whole human being with a genderless soul, who is born, lives, works, prays, and dies. ‘Marriage’ is a random decision of one person, not a mandatory part of life, and a ‘woman’s’ worth doesn’t come from her relation to other people, especially to males. That’s the point. A ‘female’ is a whole human on her own.

  8. No I am not talking about chanda,anyways leave it we are here for god shani’s epi talkie

    1. ChandaMaya

      Thanks . . .Please know that your points are worthy and all comments have worth. Yes, I am very interested in how this serial is portraying Shani, Saturn. In Vedic thought, we adhere to a super sun, which is not Suryadev . . .I am very interested in this topic. Please!Ease share if anyone knows a bit. My research is limited on this.

      1. Chaaya

        The likes of such texts have been lost but has been some revival of theories as researched by Western scholars . . . I will provide some context offline, if you wish, since it might pose to be boring amd subject to misinterpretation. We are still suffering from amnesia due to the colonial past and the true subconscious minds still long for the glory of the great rishis and yogis.

        You also expressed some interest in the Siddha traditions . . .It was never lost but there is a type of revival. More humans on earth have been seeking health, and this ancient practise of yogisare being sought. . .It appears to be almost exstinct (I mean some lines of Siddhas are gone, or we do not know). Nothing leaves that easily though. The Akasha carries ancient thoughts and wisdoms . . .As wechave agreed on before, nothing is truly lost in this universe.

    2. I find it intriguing how some of the people here, especially the person named Krishna, think that they’re the centre of attention and that they have to update every series of their lives or every meaning or explication of their minds. It doesn’t matter to anyone. These pages are to discuss the serial or comment on the episode not get into your life story or complaints.

  9. Well, one thing is clear, this will lead to sagar manthan….
    And, I also think it’s shreeheen not streeheen….coz goddess laxmi is said to be the goddess of wealth, and they would be devoid of it
    Plus, Lord shiva’s wife, Parvati/devi Durga is the adi shakti…so I wonder if that’s what referred here…

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