Shani 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahadev orders Shani to kill Bhadra!

Shani 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani tells Sanghya even Mahadev cannot save her today. Sanghya acts to shout for help from Bhadra. They want to kill your mother! Shukracharya and Shani look at Bhadra in shock. Shani realises she is turning dangerous with every passing second. If I don’t stop her, then Pataal Loka will be finished. He tries telling her to stop yet she attacks them.

Mahadev says the final chapter has begun. The one you (Shani) tried to protect is ready to kill you today!

Sanghya smiles seeing Shani lying on the floor hurt. He utters Bhadra’s name but Sanghya hugs her, very cleverly turning her face away from Shani. They leave. Shani tries hard to speak louder but in vain.

Shani manages to lift the stone that fell on him earlier. Hanuman holds it for him. He helps Shani stand on his feet. Are

you alright? Shani nods. I am fine. Hanuman says you are not at all fine. You are badly hurt. You must go to Vishwakarma for treatment. Shani says this is not the right time for treatment. I must stop Sanghya or she will use Bhadra to destroy the world. They notice Shukrhacharya stuck under a stone and free him.

Shukracharya looks at his Asuras who are all lying unconscious / dead all around. He notices his and Shani’s wounds as well. These wounds will stop us. I must chant Sanjeevani mantra to cure them. Shani nods. Shukracharya mentally chants the mantra. The wounds of both Shani and Shukracharya heal. Shani thanks him and turns to go but Shukracharya asks him to stop. Are you still going to protect that Bhadra? Look at the dead bodies of these Asuras. They came here to protect her only but she killed all of them. Understand now. She isn’t Devi but Anishta. It is your duty to kill her as Karamfaldata. She is the sword which must be broken (taken care of) or otherwise she will finish life from the world. Shani agrees that Bhadra is a sword. But the sword isn’t at fault if that sword has hurt you. It is the attacker who is responsible for it. Sanghya is behind it. Shukracharya insists that Bhadra must be killed. Shani asks him how many swords he will finish. We might kill Bhadra but then Sanghya will find another sword. If we want permanent solution to her then we must finish her. Shukracharya disagrees with him. It is best to finish Bhadra. I will do my best to destroy her!

Shani tells Hanuman the situation is turning worse. I need more help now. Every single being in the world wants to kill Bhadra. It is just me who is standing between her and her death. Hanuman recalls his dream. Should I talk to Shani about it or not? This isn’t the right time though. Shani is already very much worried.

Sanghya reaches jungle and acts to call out to Shani. I have brought Bhadra. Where are you? Bhadra also calls out to him. Sanghya decides to play her most important move. She had instructed some Asuras to attack her when she is in the jungle with Bhadra. Just show that Shani is behind it. Flashback ends. Asuras surround them. Sanghya tells Bhadra to protect herself. Asuras have attacked us. Bhadra kills them all in one go. Sanghya asks her if she is fine. Bhadra nods as she hugs her. Sanghya says I don’t understand what’s happening. How are we attacked at every place we go to? Who is sharing the details of whereabouts? Only Shani knew we were here. No one else knew about it. Why are we being attacked then? Is Shani? Oh God, is he against us now? Bhadra calls it impossible. Sanghya continues blaming Shani. This attack proves he is behind it. Bhadra wonders why he would do it in the first place. Sanghya replies that she too is wondering the same. How can he cheat us? What can be the reason behind it? I wont let you fall in any problem. I might have to die but I wont let you go away from me; or get hurt. It’s just us now. We have no one else, not even Shani.

Hanuman tells Shani not to go against the storm. Shani says I understand what you mean but I have faced many such storms earlier too. Narad Muni appears there. They greet him. Narad Muni gives him Mahadev’s message. You have to be present in Surya Loka. Mahadev is going to be present in Surya Sabha for a very important discussion. He disappears. Hanuman is sure Bhadra would be the point of discussion in the Sabha. Shani is unable to understand how he can protect Bhadra from all of this.

Everyone is gathered in Surya Loka. Surya Dev questions Shani if he still feels Bhadra is innocent. Shani refuses to give any more explanation about her. Kaal Chakra will answer all your questions. It will tell you what’s right or wrong. I only follow karmas. Bhadra’s good deeds only will protect her! Mahadev angrily calls out his name. Everyone greets him. Mahadev asks Shani till when and to who all will he give these logics. When it goes against truth then it becomes pointless. You are only arguing to protect Bhadra. World is on the verge of doom because of your blind eye. It is important to kill Bhadra to protect the world. Shani again calls her innocent but Mahadev tells him otherwise. She has killed many people. Her Halahal will destroy the world. Shani points out that he too has Halahal in his throat. You very know that it isn’t Bhadra but Sanghya who has killed all those people. She is the culprit and not Bhadra. This is why it should be Sanghya who should be killed! I want to remind you that at the time of my creation, you made me Karamfaldata. I gave you a promise at that time. I want to reiterate it today. I will punish Bhadra myself the moment Bhadra will kill someone wilfully. It would be impossible to punish her before she commits any sin.

Bhadra says it is impossible. There must be a strong reason for Bhai to do something like that. Sanghya sees her plan failing. I must do something to pit them against each other. I was thinking the same Bhadra. He cannot do it willingly but someone can make him to do so. Devraj Indra might have pressurized Shani to do something like this. Maybe he is forcing him for some reason or other. Bhadra says no one can pressurise Bhai. Sanghya reasons that Indra Dev might have used some maya to make him do so. We must free Shani from him. We have to attack Dev Loka and gain control over it so no one can turn Shani against anyone. No one will be able to make him go against us then. Shani will come back to us. This thought appeals Bhadra. She gets ready to attack Dev Loka. I will do anything for Bhai.

Mahadev asks Shani if he will go against the decision taken by Tridev. Shani reminds him that even they were punished for their misdeeds in the past. I might be considered a sinner in future but it is true that Bhadra is innocent. Mahadev warns him to stop. Just follow my order now, Karamfaldata. Bhadrantak appears there. Mahadev orders Karamfaldata Shani to accept Bhadrantak weapon and kill Bhadra! Everyone’s eyes widen in shock.

Precap: Sanghya tells Bhadra it wont be that easy. Indra Dev knows maya. It is possible that he can create my look-alike before you. Will Shani be able to save Bhadra?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Nice update Pooja didi… But one mistake – Misspelled Vishwakarma as Vishwathama… I guess it has to be a typo…

    And I don’t understand what the makers are upto ??? Mata Bhadra is river Tapti… and Bhadrantak ??? Shani dev might prove Devi Sangya behind everything at the last moment…

    They are portraying Devi Sangya character very worse… If I think of her, I feel simply bad about her… It is not good to create a bad impression on a Devi – Suryapathni…

    1. Pooja

      Thanks dear… you were right. It was indeed a typo. Thanks for letting me know 🙂
      The makers are always upto more TRP’s maybe. I don’t know.. let’s wait and watch.

    2. Raunak

      River Tapti and mata bhadra are different………

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