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Arrogance destroys people if people don’t finish their arrogance. Such person can never be happy. Shani teaches one to finish arrogance so they can live happily.

Shani suggests them to hand over their son to Maharishi if they feel they wont be able to give this Dakshina. Dakshina will be considered complete then. Raja Harishchandra looks up. He refuses to give his son. I will pay the Dakshina but I need some time to arrange for this amount. Shani tells him to remember to stick on the path of truth to arrange Dakshina. Raja Harishchandra takes leave from Maharishi. He tells Shani he will pay the Dakshina right before his eyes. Just wait! Raja Harishchandra walks away with his family.

Rahu looks at the gold coin in the air. You made my work easier Shani. Harishchandra loves his son so much

that ge renounced everything. What if he has to now renounce his son too? Think how much he and the people of the state will hate you! Rohitashva has to die. You (Shani) will be blamed for it because of which the world will hate you!

Rani Taramati is scared to hear strange sounds. Raja Harishchandra says it is nothing. No one is around. They continue to walk. Someone peeks on them from behind a tree. Shani is also in jungle. He senses someone’s presence. Rohitashva is hungry. He asks his mother if they will have food. She nods. They all sit down to eat. This time all of them hear some strange sounds coming from the jungle. Raja Harishchandra goes to check. Shani also hears the sounds. He is sure something is wrong. I can feel that Raja and his family are going to be in danger.

Rani Taramati and Rohitashva join Raja Harishchandra. Rohitashva wants to drink water from the river. His mother stops him but Harishchandra tells her to let him go. We have to make him strong and brave. He needs it to follow the tough path of life that I have chosen. They head back to where they were sitting while Rohitashva walks closer to the river. Someone is keeping an eye on him. Rohitashva senses it too. Shani continues to look around. Rohitashva picks up a stone and is about to throw it but finds no one behind him. He turns to look closer. The Asura comes from behind. Rohitashva shouts as the Asura attacks him. His parents run to save him. Shani too hears his scream. The Asura is trying to suffocate Rohitashva to death. Raja Harishchandra hits him. Go away from my son! Asura decides to eat him first. They engage in a fight. Rani Taramati shouts for help. Shani runs faster to reach them. The Asura hits Raja Harishchandra. Rani Taramati tells her son to run away. Asura remarks that no one can escape Brahmarakshas. He pushes Rani Taramati and kidnaps Rohitashva. Rohitashva is gone by the time she gets up.

The Asura brings Rohitashva to his cave. I will free you from your pain very soon. Rohitashva keeps shouting to let go. The Asura throws him down a cliff but a bubble appears around him magically. Shani remarks that you (Asura) will be in pain now! Rohitashva comes up safely. The Asura holds him.

Raja Harishchandra and Rani Taramati run in the direction from where they hear their son calling out for help.

Shani warns the Asura to come on the right path or he will have to do so. Asura takes it lightly. Rahu is irked to see Shani here. Asura challenges Shani to save the kid if he dares to. Shani holds the Asura’s hand and frees Rohitashva from his grip in no time. He advises Rohitashva to go to a safe place. Shani fights with the Asura. Rohitashva’s parents reach the cave. They see Shani fighting with the Asura. The Asura is having an upper hand. He is about to throw Shani off the same cliff but Shani manages to pull away. Asura and Shani get hold of their weapon. They continue their fights. Shani says it is time to punish you for your deed. He kills the Asura. Rohitashva rushes to his parents relieved. Shani smiles seeing their reunion. He senses someone else’s presence as well and turns to look but Rahu disappears from there. Shani is in thoughts.

Rahu wonders why Shani isn’t letting go of Harishchandra. Shani keeps defeating me every time! He feels being followed by someone. It is Shani who holds him by the neck. You thought you will escape? He pushes him on the ground. Rahu acts innocent. I was simply passing by. Shani knows him too well. I also know why you are here and what are you planning to do to Raja Harishchandra and his family. I still allowed you to come on earth. Just like Amrit is of no importance without poison, people too wont understand the importance of goodness without negativity. I am letting you go as you are a bigger part of Mahadev’s plan. You need to be safe. But stop playing these cheap games or our next meeting wont be a happy one for you. He walks away. Rahu looks upset.

Rani Taramati is worried what if some other Asura attacks them. Raja Harishchandra wants to avoid Shani. We should reach Kashi soon. They find Shani standing in their path yet again. Shani shares that he was sent here to show them the right path. You can be free from shadow at night but you cannot be free from Shani.

Devi Sanghya blames Shani for putting Raja Harishchandra in this situation. He made him let go of his state and now this Dakshina! Surya Dev says you think I am not pained seeing all this. I can punish Shani but I don’t have a right to come in his path. That path was chosen by Mahadev after all! Devi Sanghya decides to stand in Karamfaldata’s path.

Precap: Devi Sanghya frees Raja Harishchandra and his family from all their promises. Now SHani wont be able to bother you anymore.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nandhini

    Can watch that scene ‘n’ number of times whenever kartikey (shani dev) says his line “Maark par aa jao….”???

    1. Kamalanayani

      Yes and during yesterday’s episode, I was telling those lines along with him…
      I mean it is in my mind. You know something if I say some lie or do something mischievous or naughty or something not good, I feel someone is standing close to me and I can’t see him though but I feel he stares at me and few times said “MAARG PAR AAJAO ANYADHA MUJHE TUME MAARG PAR LAANA PADEGA”…

      Once I had pinched myself to know whether I am in my dream or not…. But it was not dream…

      Guys am I getting into any Anniyan mode????

      You know something our Prime Minister has also quoted this in this speech recently, I saw in a twitter page…. (Like a diamond on the crown of Shani serial, right) (But no politics here ok…)

    2. Kamalanayani

      Its beauty is because Kartikey says that and his voice perfectly fits it

  2. Kamalanayani

    Hope you all watched Baahubali 2 in theaters or in the internet ;-P ;-P ;-P

  3. Kamalanayani

    @ Pooja didi

    He was not Asura but a Rakshash I suppose…

    Anyway its ok

  4. I read your Summery daily. It helps me to understand the drama better. Best wishes from Sri Lanka….!!!

  5. It seems so nice of you Pooja ji , for you are giving us these wonderful written updates. I like Shani written updates because its in simple english language , and most importantly I like the written update of INTRODUCTORY MESSAGE which is displayed at the beginning of serial and in your update as well…I like this thing the most, Keep it up , and always keep updating wonderful written updates……..Thank you Pooja Ji.

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