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Devraj is taken aback to see Shani there. Shani tells Devraj it is time for him to get his Karamfal. I thought about what you said at the time of Neelima. I thought over it and realised you are a good ruler of Dev Loka. You cannot take Devi Sanghya to Dev Loka. You wanted a guest there. I will fulfil your wish. Return to Indra Loka. Get ready to welcome a new guest tomorrow morning. Devraj asks him who he is. Shani says it is the one who you would never let come close to you – Karamfaldata Shani! Devraj is stunned. Devi Sanghya laughs.

Mahadev remarks that now Indra loka will be purified. World is ready to welcome your new avatar Narayan. That will be an inspiration for the coming ages. Narayan says it is time for the Yuga to change as well. Mahadev agrees. Satayuga was symbolic of good deeds but sins

will become stronger over virtues in Treta-yuga. Shani’s work will increase. You will have to take birth for the very same reason. Narayan says I will have to leave to create a balance between dharma and adharma. Barhma Dev says Narayan is ready to take a new avatar. Shani is also ready to do his duty. Why do you seem worried? Mahadev replies that it is the realisation of his duty. Before Narayan takes birth there is another life which has to blossom. It will be helpful for Shani also. Let’s first see how Karamfaldata

Devraj murmurs to himself. He will come. He will surely come. He will be reaching anytime now. Why did you send Shani in my life Mahadev? Devguru tries to reason that he dint think once before committing any misdeeds. Shani greets Devraj just then. Devraj asks him to come. I have made preps for you as you must be in a rush. Shani replies that he is Shani. I come and go Shanay-Shanay. Devraj gets tensed. Shani politely tells the celestial nymphs to leave. You wont be needed till I am here. He makes the jugs filled with liquor fall on the floor. He turns to go which makes Devraj happy. Shani tells him he is needed somewhere else more right now. Don’t worry I wont leave till the time I

Chhaya places her hand over fire but it does not affect her. Shani asks her what she is doing. She says I am Chhaya. I wont get burned. He says it will hurt though. I cannot see you in pain. She asks him why he cannot free her from the pain that is in her heart. A mother’s duty is to raise her kid and a wife’s duty is to bring peace in her house. I failed in doing so. Our family isn’t happy. I get upset thinking how I failed as a mother and wife. SHani says you dint fail. Your rights are your Karamfal and similarly Devi Sanghya is bearing her Karamfal. Her mother reasons that Devi’s make mistakes too. You should forgive them. She must be alone. Shani denies. One can feel lonely even amongst people. Staying together isn’t important. Staying happy is most important. Sinners have to bear the consequences of their misdeeds. It is their Karamfal.

Devraj is angry. Everyone has to bear his or her Karamfal except SHani. He himself is Karamfaldata. Who will punish him? See what he has done to my Loka. I am Devraj Indra. I wont give up so easily. He fixes everything. Rahu says you atleast have a LOka. Shani has made me a dog. Gods are ready to accept me as a God and even Shukracharya has thrown me out of Pataal Loka. Do you have a solution for me? Devraj insists on finding a solution to the problem named Shani. Rahu denies. He became stronger after Neelima’s incident. Now Vinayak is on his side too. Devraj says there must be a solution to our problem. He throws things around angrily.

Maruti is born.

Narayan welcomes Hanuman. You will be known as my biggest helper. Mahadev says before your helper / support, there is a fight due between Shani and Maruti. This time Shani will come face to face with the biggest power of all time.

Kakol tells Shani to go to Dev Loka. I feel like visiting earth once. Shani jokes that it means something is surely about to happen on earth in another Loka. Kakol gets confused. What do you mean? Shani smiles. You create a problem for me whenever you go somewhere. Kakol is curious to know what’s happening on earth. I am hearing some rumours. Are you happy? Shani nods. Only till you don’t fall in any problem. Kakol says Devraj is about to fall in trouble. Treat him nicely. I will hear stories when I am back. Shani assures him he will surely hear many stories as I am in Dev Loka now.

Devraj says come Shani. I am ready to welcome you. Shani enters just then. Devraj smirks. He tells the celestial nymphs not to let any hindrance come in Mahadev’s puja or they will be punished. I know no one could understand the sudden change in me but it is all because of SHani’s arrival in Dev Loka. Our thoughts should be clean so we have a clear conscience. There is nothing better than Mahadev’s puja which can purify our soul. Shani folds his hands before Shivlinga. Devraj acts surprised. You are back. We were about to start the puja. The way you sent the nymphs out of Dev Loka and broke my liquor pots I was upset. I have come to realise your path is right. I have started this puja for purifying Indra Loka. Shani questions him if this is for the purification of Dev Loka or just a sham to please Mahadev. Devraj angrily asks him what he means. He calms down but his guard is up. Shani reminds him he is Mahadev’s creation and not Mahadev. I am not Mahadev or Bhola (Bholenath). I very well know you want to please Mahadev so you can get past the boundations I have put. You get Karamfal but the intentions behind the karmas are also important. Your bad deeds wont turn good just by acting good. One does not change till the time your conscience is clean. This is just the beginning of your downfall. You cannot deduce till when I will stay here (for 7.5 minutes, weeks, days, months, years or decades). From now onwards, Shani will have his Drishti on your many eyes.

Precap: Surya Dev tells Shani he will get Sanghya free from her curse. Shani warns him to return on the right path as his path isn’t right. Chhaya asks him what he will do otherwise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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