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Kakol asks Shani who they are waiting for and why. Shani says we are waiting for that power which is going to come out of the yagya. Rahu would want it at any cost. We must not let it happen. Kakol asks him why they don’t tell this to Rishi Durvasa only. Isn’t it the easier way out? Shani denies. Rishi Durvasa is a very difficult person. He might change his mind in reality if we tell him. Rishi Durvasa opens his eyes and stares at his disciple Charudutt. Is there any doubt in your mind? Charudutt says we are praying since long yet the yagya isn’t getting finished. Rishi Durvasa tells him to go away or he will die because of his anger. Charudutt flees from there. Shani tells Kakol Rishi Durvasa’s biggest strength and biggest weakness is his anger. When your own power isn’t in your

control then others make use of it for their benefit. We will have to take his anger to the height where we want it to be. He looks at the sky and recalls Devi Sanghya’s words. He advises Kakol to keep an eye on Rishi Durvasa. Kakol asks him where he is going. Shani shares that he has to make sure no one else takes the wrong path before we manage Rishi Durvasa.

Surya Dev says I have invited all of you here as I want to make an important announcement. It is my right to take decisions being the leader of the committee. I am allowing Devi Sanghya to be a part of this committee. She will share my position and duties equally. Sanghya looks victoriously at Shani and then walks up to where Surya Dev is seated. Devi Sanghya turns to Shani. You made this committee. Hope this decision wont affect you. Shani agrees that he made this committee but it isn’t going to be the sole decision of any one member anymore. Did Surya Dev ask every member before making this decision? Surya Dev calls it unnecessary. Shani says it is important as this Sabha was made in the first place to stop the unruly behaviour of Devraj or anyone else. It was made to stop the bad influences of them on people. Every member has a quality which can influence the karma’s or emotions of people. Does Devi Sanghya have such a quality? I don’t mind to make her a part of this committee if she indeed has such a quality. Devi Sanghya is quiet. Shani leaves the decision on Surya Dev. Surya Dev accepts his mistake shocking Devi Sanghya. I must discuss this matter with everyone. He tells Sanghya she does not deserve to be a part of this committee. She calls it her right to be here with him being his wife. He holds out his hand before her. This committee has been made in order to fulfill some responsibilities. You don’t have the required qualities to be a part of it.

Devi Sanghya descends the stairs feeling dejected and hurt. Devraj tells her to stop. I believe she deserves to be a part of the committee. Every woman deserves something but their quality areas are different. He asks Sanghya to go and manage Surya Bhavan. Decide the menu; choose clothes for Yam and Yami. He laughs while saying all this. Devraj adds that she should dress up well to make Surya Dev happy but the thought of a woman becoming a part of Dev Sabha is completely baseless. Tomorrow Indrani too will ask for her right if you get yours today. This Sabha will end up as a mockery then. Go and arrange food. Surya Dev does not know how to wait. Surya Dev warns him to stay in his limits. I am warning you! Sanghya instead tells him to stop. Not Indra Dev but his arrogance of being a man is at fault. It can never give respect to anyone. Remember that Stri (woman) in itself is Shree. You will lose your manhood in her absence. That day isn’t far when that will actually happen! Shani tells Indra Dev he has committed a sin this time. Gods reside only where women are respected. If Gods only will disrespect women then their downfall is surely not far away. Shani apologises to Sanghya on behalf of the Sabha. She blames him for everything yet again and walks away in a huff. Devraj asks Shani what happened. you only dint want her to be a part of the Sabha. Why are you worried then? Did Karamfaldata got scared of a woman’s curse? Shani replies that he dint mind it that a woman should be a part of the Sabha but what you did is wrong. You insulted a woman! You have spoken ill to a woman. You never know when it can turn against you and can bring a problem for you!

Rishi Durvasa produces a garland out of his yagya with his powers. It can take anyone to the top and even destroy anyone. Rahu decides to use it for his benefit to destroy Gods. I will take this Divya-Mala (magical garland) from Rishi Durvasa and Shani wont even know. He heads towards Rishi Durvasa from behind. Rishi Durvasa senses someone’s presence and turns. Who are you? Why did you come here uninvited? Rahu hides again seeing Shani and Kakol. Shani replies that everyone’s life has a meaning / purpose. He introduces Kakol to him. Rahu hopes Durvasa wont give this power to Shani. Shani says I have heard you did a yagya because of which a powerful energy will be formed. This seems to be an ordinary garland though. Rishi Durvasa stares at him angrily. Your age is less to know anything about my power and my knowledge. Shani apologizes to him. I was waiting to see a powerful weapon coming out of your yagya but only this simple garland came out. Rishi Durvasa explains the importance of the garland. It can make anyone immensely powerful and can also help in breaking their enemies! Shani says how it is possible if this garland stays with you. No one will find out about its importance or use. I have heard power sometimes misguides people. What’s the guarantee that you wont fall in the wrong path after getting such a power under your control? Rishi Durvasa asks him if he knows who he is standing before. Shani nods. You should also accept even Rishi’s make mistakes. Do you promise not to misuse it? Rishi Dusvasa says you doubt me! How dare you! Shani apologizes to him. I am a kid. I only came to seek your blessings. Kakol nods. He is right Maharishi. Let’s go home Shani. Shani again turns to Rishi Durvasa. I hope you wont make any mistake and wont choose any path which will go against the benefit of the world. Rahu is happy thinking everything happened just as he had wanted it to! He left empty handed. Shani begins to leave from there with a smile on his face.

Rahu calls out to Shani.

Precap: Shani tells Surya Dev that Rahu wants to seek revenge from Gods. If he finds out that garland then he will destroy everything. We have to stop him. Rahu meets Rishi Durvasa. He is hell bent to destroy Gods. I wont let Surya Dev get hold of that garland. Even if he does so, Gods will still be destroyed! Rishi Durvasa comes to Surya Bhavan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Episode was alright. But the conversation between Shani and Rishi Durwasha was mindblowing. And added with Kakol’s expression of fear. As well Shani’s innocent act. Superb…
    Oho ! What is Sangya doing?? She is the reason of Amrit Manthan and blames Shani in every step.
    And the promo breaks my Heart when everyone blames Shani even Yami gets Angry 😮 ..
    When will Sangya pay for her deed??

    1. Kamalanayani

      I don’t find you active in here Kritika…
      It is like you are coming once in a blue-moon…

  2. I want to know where is the devi tapati daughter of chaaya and Surya and where is Sandya’s ahswa roop and where is ashwin Kumar and one more son of Sangya and Surya and another of chaaya and Surya their both sons name ends with Manu I don’t know first name well I hope they will show this soon

    1. Chaaya

      Yam (Yama) takes birth on the earth plane and becomes the first man, Manu.we have to wait, hopefully.

      1. ChandaMaya

        I am back for awhile . . . . Lectures are finished until end of the month, so we can dialogue again Chaaya.

    2. ChandaMaya

      There are variations in stories but let’s see how this series will unfold.

    3. Well the story isn’t gone that far and would mess up the current plot. let them do it how they are and stop urging. And your run on sentences area pain to read. Why can’t you use basic period punctuation?

  3. Md. Manzurul Islam

    Its too much to think how Sangya can be too much ridiculous.

    1. ChandaMaya

      I understand what you are thinking. Sandhya represents the unclear mind which is influenced by external forces.


    Show Synopsis
    The story revolves around the life of Lord Shani, who is known for his wrath, and how he is guided by his mentors Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.
    Episode Synopsis
    Episode – 107
    09:00 AM – 09:30 AM, 05 Apr Set Alert
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    Shani and Rahu watch an angry Durvasa performing ‘yagya’ where everyone is chanting and praying. As the ‘yagya’ takes place, Shani remembers that Sanghya had a key announcement to make in the ‘sabha’.
    Episode – 108
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 05 Apr Set Alert
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    Shani tells Surya about the importance of the garland and the fact that only devas should have it since Rahu is planning to destroy the devas. Surya invites Durvasa to his palace to please him.
    Episode – 109
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    Shani is shocked on seeing the garland with Indra. Durvasa informs Shani that he is delighted that he gave the garland to the right person. Shani is stunned.
    Episode – 110
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  5. ChandaMaya

    For the greater purpose of astronomy fact and astrology, let me repeat my previous comment from late February:

    Rahu is part of the nine planets (to put it in a modern sence, but in the Navagrahas Rahu is not exactly a planet, it is an influence). Rahu is a rogue planet, so to speak. Vedic astrology and astronomy describes the effects of Rahu and also Ketu. Rahu occupies the northern area, or point rather. When the moon moves from the south to north (orbit) the point of intersection is called Rahu. There is an ascending point which represents Ketu and a descending point is Rahu which has a negative affect to life on earth . . . Meaning, adverse affect on the soul’s course and fate on earth.

    I will comment on Sandhya, the Goddess of the Evening.

    1. Kamalanayani

      But people do Sandhya Vandan to Surya dev only during early morning

      I have seen my great-grandmother doing like that, in the river bank.

      1. Chaaya

        When the sun is in transition, three times of the day, the rituals are performed: morning, noon, and evening. It literally is a salutation to twighlight/dawn and then dusk (these are tranitions), then there is the noon, this is the peak point of Surya.

        Our ancestors elaborately performed these rituals daily, at least 2 times a day. The rituals today is more symbolic than earlier practices. I too perform Sandhyavandanam. The understanding behind it is that each day is a new day . . .Like beading a pearl necklace in a string of pearls. String is time and the pearl is day (example). Each day is a complete creative energy, in itself.

      2. Chaaya

        By the way, your profile picture is so beautiful. .. . Krishna? Is it Lord Krishna? It just draws one’s soul in. Very pleasant.

      3. Kamalanayani

        Thanks… Yes it is Lord Krishna

        If you want you can download the image from this link

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