Shani 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani finds Bhadra!

Shani 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Another name for struggle is life. One does not succeed without struggling in life. Shani teaches that the one who struggles in life always succeeds. ||

Mahadev says it is time to create the weapon which will finish Bhadra. He puts pressure on his throat. Halahal burns his throat. A tear wells up in his eye. Rudraksh was born by my tandava and my tear will produce Bhadraksha. He holds his tear in his palm. It turns into a ball of fire. He adds Halahal to it and creates Bhadrantak weapon. Now this will finish Bhadra! Karamfaldata Shani will now have to make the most crucial decision of his life!

Chhaya is pacing in her room. Sanghya is unable to get any hint from Chhaya’s eyes. Shani comes to Chhaya’s room but stops her from turning around and holds her hand. He draws his questions on

her hand. Can Devi Sanghya see you right now? Shake your hand to answer. She moves her hand. Sanghya feels something is wrong but is unable to understand anything. Shani gestures another question on his mother’s hand. You aren’t telling truth as Bhadra’s life is in trouble? Devi Sanghya can hurt her if you tell the truth? Chhaya shakes her hand again and again in response. With the same gestures, he also gets to know that Devi Sanghya is hiding in Pataal Loka. Shani thinks I bring everyone on the right path but some people are bent upon destroying that path. You (Sanghya) would soon know what Dandnayak Shani does to those kinds of people!

Shani and Kakol are on their way to Pataal Loka. Shani reaches there and shouts for Guru Shukracharya. Guru Shukracharya comes out. Shani asks him how many exits are there in Pataal Loka.

Mahadev says time is moving at its own pace but this is the first time when Shani cannot see the right path. It isn’t about you (Shani) being right or wrong this time. It is about the outlook which is taking you to the wrong path.

Shani tells Guru Shukracharya that Sanghya must not escape from Pataal Loka. Shukracharya assures him she is his culprit also. She entered here without my permission and will face my wrath. All the exits of Pataal Loka are closed. She has no option to escape. Shani points out that Sanghya has Bhadra who has Halahal inside her. She feels Devi Sanghya is our mother. Bhadra can go to any extent to protect her. Shukracharya promises to protect Bhadra. Shani suggests him to be mindful of the fact that Sanghya must now know they are here.

Narayan remarks that there are only 3 avatars of Kaal – Shakti, Shiv and Shani. All 3 of them are shaken right now. You do know what it means? Mahadev nods. It is time for you to take birth on earth as Shree Ram. Hanuman will also have to undertake a new journey leaving all this behind.

Hanuman is in jungle. He bows to the shadows before him (of Mata Sita and Shree Ram). He turns and notices Shani retreating in his steps. He shouts after him to stop but Shani shares that it is time for them to go separate ways. He wakes up shouting for Shani. Mata Anjana asks him if he saw a bad dream. Hanuman says I don’t know why but I feel I must meet Shani right away or I wont be able to meet him ever again! He rushes from there.

Bhadra wakes up but doesn’t find Sanghya anywhere. She goes around looking for her.

Sanghya is still watching Chhaya. There is something wrong for sure. It’s been so long and Shani hasn’t come to meet her even once. Hanuman comes there asking about Shani. Chhaya keeps mum and signals him using her hands / fingers. He is unable to understand anything. First Shani said he understood everything and just disappeared. Now you are acting strange too. Tell me where he is? Sanghya gets thinking. Bhadra comes there. I feel something is about to go wrong. I sense that lot many people are coming towards us. Sanghya thinks of Shani. I too feel it. We must leave right away.

Chhaya says Devi Sanghya would have found out everything by now. There is no point hiding anything. She tells Hanuman to rush to Pataal Loka. Shani needs you.

Shukracharya and his Asura’s are looking for Bhadra and Sanghya. Sanghya tells her to hurry up but Bhadra offers to protect her from anything. Sanghya says it isn’t small. You don’t understand. Bhadra says you don’t understand my powers correctly. The problem might be big but I will protect my mother from everything! Sanghya stays put but Bhadra insists upon knowing why she cannot take part in this fight. I trust myself. Don’t you trust me? Shukracharya shouts for Devi Sanghya. Shani decides to take his sister from here at any cost. You will find out today to what extent I can punish.

Sanghya uses Shani’s name to make Bhadra agree to leave from Pataal Loka. Bhadra melts down immediately.

Shani finds the cloth covering Bhadra’s tail. It means Sanghya has already left with Bhadra.

Sanghya and Bhadra are walking away stealthily but get caught by Shukracharya. He warns Sanghya to stop. I will make you my captive for entering here without permission. Just stay put. This is my last warning. She decides to do something before her truth comes out before Bhadra. She fills Bhadra’s ears against Shukracharya. He called you Anishta in the Sabha before everyone. You must punish him or he will kill both of us! Go now!

Bhadra angrily turns to face Shukracharya. No one can harm my mother! Shukracharya tells her to move out of his way. I must punish Sanghya. Bhadra says she isn’t Sanghya but my mother Chhaya. Sanghya shouts at her to attack before Shukracharya can harm them. Bhadra attacks Shukracharya who manages to ward it off. Shani reaches there just then. Stop Bhadra. He is Shukracharya. Don’t hurt him. Stop! Sanghya thinks to stop Shani. Shukracharya hides behind a piece of stone to protect himself. Shani is attacked (by Sanghya). He glares at her. Sanghya refuses to let him ruin her plans so easily. You are the biggest problem in my path. He gets his weapon. I am danger to your life right now. He attacks her. You challenged me thereby making the biggest mistake of your life. You are destined to die now. They both try attacking each other and warding off each other’s attacks. Bhadra and Shukracharya also continue to fight with each other. He tries to explain to her that she is being misled but Bhadra pays no heed to his words. A blast happens. Shani stumbles back. Sanghya and Bhadra disappear. Shani says even Mahadev cannot save you today. He notices Sanghya behind a stone. She acts to shout for help from Bhadra. They want to kill your mother!

Precap: Shani notices Bhadra turning dangerous with every passing second. If I don’t stop her, then Pataal Loka will be finished. He tries telling her to stop yet she attacks him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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