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Shani 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Just by choosing the path of truth you don’t become truthful. Shani teaches one to choose and follow the path of truth diligently so as to become successful.

Maharishi is getting impatient. You promised to make this yagya successful. Either give me your state or son. Answer me! Raja Harishchandra is in a dilemma. Raja Harishchandra agrees to give him his state and people. He offers Aahuti in the yagya. Maharishi is pleased to free him from his position. Raja Harishchandra removes his crown and keeps it near the Kund. Shani has a smile on his face. Rahu decides not to give up. This isn’t end. We will meet soon Shani. I will give you a fitting reply! He leaves.

Raja Harishchandra greets his people. I am lucky to have you by my side. Maybe I dint deserve to be your King which is why I

cheated everyone and Maharishi by handing over someone else’s kid to him. I hope you will understand and allow me to leave. He turns to go but finds Shani standing in his way. Shani points out that he proved people are not real kids, right?

Raja Harishchandra and Rana Taramati remove their jewellery one by one. He apologizes to her for going through this. She denies. It would have been more painful to lose my son. My husband and son are with me which will still make me feel royal. She walks up to Rohitashva and is about to remove a neckpiece from around his neck but he refuses to give it. Father gifted it to me on my birthday. It is very dear to me. I wont give it. She convinces him to give it offering to make a necklace for him every day. Rohitashva happily removes his neckpiece. They all dress up in ordinary clothes. Rohitashva wonders where they will go to. Raja Harishchandra tells him they will make new house where only 3 of them will live. Rani Taramati adds that no one will come there to snatch him from them. They share a group hug.

Raja Harishchandra and his family take leave from Maharishi. Their people follow them. Raja Harishchandra goes to Shani. Now I have lived to my word. What else do you want? Shani points out that he handed over his state to Maharishi but I am not a part of it. You promised to keep me with you as your advisor. How can you leave me like this then? Raja Harishchandra retorts that he isn’t a king anymore. You cannot come with us. Shani insists he needs him. You might not have been a father to these people but they still look up to you. Plus, you need me. Raja Harishchandra says I will face everything on my own. Shani wants to accompany him so he never sways from his path. Raja Harishchandra asks him what he would have done if he was in his place. I do love my son more than my people! I don’t find it wrong or embarrassing. As a father, I am proud to protect my son. You made me promise not to lie but you wont know how hard it is to do your duty while sticking to the path of truth. Shani says you crossed the first milestone already. You accepted that you love your kid more than your people. This is a good sign to reach your destination.

Devi Sanghya asks Surya Dev what mistake the king made. Shani is troubling Suryavanshi’s so you are bothered. What will he do to ordinary people when he can do this to an extraordinary king? Why are you quiet? Surya Dev says things aren’t what they seem. Shani just started. There is surely some bigger plan behind it.

Maharishi tells Shani there are and will always be differences between them but you surely gave a very nice suggestion to Harishchandra. Shani offers to give him a suggestion as well. You did yagya in Raja’s courtyard. He made an Aahtui too but you still dint get Dakshina as the pundit.

Maharishi chases Raja Harishchandra and his family and stops them. You cheated me but I am pleased with your penitence. I need to take Dakshina from you as the pundit or the yagya will be incomplete till then. Rani Taramati says we gave you everything we had. We are left with nothing. Shani insists that the one who gives Aahuti must give Dakshina too. Raja promised to complete the yagya. Incomplete yagya brings destruction. Raja Harishchandra asks Maharishi what he needs. I will do my best to complete it. Maharishi asks for one gold coin. Rani Taramati gives her husband a gold coin she has been carrying. Raja Harishchandra offers it to Maharishi but Shani calls it inadequate. Every karma, everything, every action has a reaction. It was a Bahuswarna yagya. This alone cannot suffice for it. Maharishi tells him to look at their condition. Shani says you can value according to situation and condition but if you accept it as Dakshina then it will be considered pity instead. I don’t think great Harishchandra would want to be pitied. Raja Harishchandra retorts that Suryvanshi don’t need pity ever. He requests Maharishi to say what he wants. I will do my best.

Maharishi asks the strongest soldier to step forward. A soldier comes forward. Maharishi advises him to climb up a statue kept nearby. Soldier goes. Maharishi next takes the gold coin from Raja Harishchandra. He throws the coin at the soldier asking him to throw it in air. Shani tells Raja Harishchandra there is still time. You can still back out from your promise as I feel something weird is going to be asked. Raja Harishchandra says greedy / cheaters turn back on their words. Kings live up to their words. He orders the soldier to throw the coin in air. Soldier complies. It flies in air leaving Raja Harishchandra confused. How is it related to Dakshina? Maharishi explains that he will have to make a pile of gold coins from where he is standing till the point where that gold coin is (almost in the clouds). This is the perfect Dakshina for the yagya. Raja Harishchandra is boggled.

Shani turns to Raja Harishchandra. I warned you to think about the consequences before making a promise. Rani Taramati says how we will pay such a big Dakshina. Any amount of money will fall less! Shani suggests them to hand over their son to Maharishi if they feel they wont be able to give this Dakshina. Dakshina will be considered complete then.

Precap: Rahu makes sure Rohitashva dies. Shani will be blamed for it because of which the world will hate you! Shani feels Rohitashva’s life is in danger. Rohitashva screams out in fear seeing an Asura.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Hi guys, I am back

    I went for holidays and now I have missed 1 week of our written episodes….

    Anyway I did not miss Shani serial sharply at 9 pm…. 🙂

    Looks like Chaaya has searched for my presence… So for Chaaya – मैं यहाँ उपस्तित हूँ
    Just as Shani dev said…. :-p

  2. Kamalanayani

    Guys I had a weird dream yesterday night….

    Can anybody tell me, is Shani dev behind it or not….

    It was a 3 storey building (G, F, S floors). rectangular in shape and It has a garden in the middle (kind of hollow in the center and lots of rooms on the sides)
    I was there in the 2nd floor. My outfit was entirely resembling Shani dev’s bluish black outfit.. (But a bit girl-ish outfit…)
    I has super-natural powers and was able to fly without wings… But no crows were near by..
    Many people were standing on the three floors… and where looking at me…
    and 2 people were trying to attack me but before I could react to it… 2 snakes (I remember that they are talking snakes and said they were twins…) got hold of their legs and those guys fell down and they bit those attackers.

    I was still flying and blinking without really not understanding what is going on. But I saw that there were some weapons in my outfit itself…
    I was about to touch it but the Alarm shouted…. arrgh…. I turned it off and continued my dream… I saw someone in a distance… standing on a black bird…. and looking at me….
    But again 5 mins has gone again the alarm…. I woke up….

    This is weird…. Was that Shani dev standing on a crow at the last 5 mins…. Did I have his dharshan in my dream ????
    and how did I get into that outfit and HOW DID I FLY ??????
    And from where those snakes came into action ???? I felt that those snakes were angry because somebody tried to attack me…
    My mom says Snakes in dream are related to Shani dev…

    Guys, Is this related to Shani dev ….

    1. As I don’t know much but ur lucky to have such dream I must say this is because of ur attraction towards shani dev I think ur in deep thought of shani dev I know this kind of dreams come whenever we are in deep thought of someone because so many times I had dream of my dear god Krishna so went on thought what is this for them I realized I mostly think of god Krishna only that’s effect my mind and whenever I was in sleep I could feel him like he is near by in my dream or I was dressed up like him hope this help you?(sry if I did any grammar mistakes?)

      1. Kamalanayani

        I have seen Lord Krishna twice in my dreams
        So Same pinch Sandhya…
        Looks like you have not logged in as you Peacock Krishna is missing…

    2. Chaaya

      Flying dreams mean that you are in control of your destiny. You have the power within you to see it all, and manifest the best. You have some type of enemies.

      I love flying dreams. Sometimes the enemy is no but ourselves. Anything is possible in the dream state. The subconscious level is very potent. Unharness the subconscious level are live without fear. Life itself is the Lord’s dharshan.

      1. Chaaya

        Excuse typo errors, unharness your subconscious self and live fearlessly.

    3. Nandhini

      Hello kamalanayani!? hope you had a nice vacation!…well i dont know if this dream is related to shani dev or not but one flying in dream refers to one’s control of life and freedom as chaaya said…

      1. Kamalanayani

        Hi Nandhini
        Thank you dear
        Have gone through more about Thirunallar temple

        I mailed the admin of tellyupdates and confirmed that I can upload stories and legends related to Shani dev and Shani dev temples…
        I will do it soon….

    4. Kamalanayani

      Guys any information about those snakes in my dream… Any relation to Shani dev ???

  3. Chaaya

    Welcome back. Hope you had a good vacation.

    Thank you.

  4. Chaaya

    My, my Kamalanayani, you were able to summon both Sandhya and Chaaya? Shanidev is close by.

    1. Kamalanayani

      May be it is Shani dev’s wish to bring both Sandhya and Chaaya devis close and may be it is the reason behind my dream… ;-p

      Is it really true that flying in the dream means having control of freedom and destiny…

      But really liked that outfit… It was like it perfectly fitted me…. I will be happy if this dream comes true…. perhaps….

      I feel like I am surrounded by a bunch of dream-readers…… 🙂

    2. Kamalanayani

      And another one thing @Chaaya

      Shani dev is my Raashi Nath…
      So I must have those capabilities to summon Mata Sangya and Mata Chaaya right ??? ;-p

      Nowadays I started scolding people who blame Shani dev like they have Shani dosh and related ones just like Devi Sangya in this serial… I say that he is not bad and think about your karmas… Rarely few (old age people) slightly understand but many (teens and middle aged ones) are deaf when I say these… I feel that I am doing my Karma may be like warning them but it is anyway upto them right ??

      1. Chaaya

        Shani is never the root cause for any of our Karmas. Shani merely is the fruit of all our good and bad action.

  5. Kamalanayani

    Thank you guys as I really had a good vacation and for you kind words.

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