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Chhaya says dharma says I should leave. It says Devi Sanghya should take care of her kids. She folds hands before Devi Sanghya. I have only one request. Allow me to meet my son once. I just want to meet him, hug him once. I will leave for forever then. Devi Sanghya says I wont give permission for this. Chhaya accepts her word. Take care of my son please. My Shani does not want other than little love. Devi Sanghya says fine. You may leave now. Chhaya is in tears and so is Dev Vishwakarma. Chhaya holds the stone in her hand and seeks Dev Vishwakarma’s blessings. Sanghya looks on puzzled. Chhaya thinks of all the moments spent with her son as she walks out of Surya Loka. Door closes behind her automatically. Shani walks in the moment she steps out.

Kakol tells him to go and meet mother. They both are

headed to their mother’s room excitedly.

Devi Sanghya is too eager to meet Surya Dev, Yam and Yami. I cannot wait anymore. She hears someone calling her mother and gets glad. Shani enters. Devi Sanghya stops in shock realising it isn’t Yam but Shani. Shani again addresses her as mother. I am back from Kailash. He greets her. Sanghya takes his name angrily. She asks him if she forgot her son in a few days. Shani gets teary eyed seeing her angry expressions. She suddenly breaks into a tearful smile and extends her arms. Shani too happily extends his arms. They both walk toward each other but Sanghya walks past him and hugs her kids instead. Shani watches it stunned. Devi Sanghya kisses Yam and Yami many times. Yam says father told you got well. Come. We have to tell you a lot many things. Devi Sanghya agrees. I too have to talk a lot to you. She wipes her tears and asks them to come. She stops as Shani holds the end of her cape. Devi Sanghya looks at him pointedly. You dint even reply to my greeting. She pulls her cape free in one go bringing tears out of Shani’s eyes. She blesses him casually. Take rest as you have just returned from Kailash. I have to go with my kids. I mean they also need some time from their mother. Shani nods. Show me your hand once. I have to see if your wound is healed or not. I will be at peace once I see it fine. Yami asks her mother to come. We haven’t eaten with you since days. Devi Sanghya goes with her kids. Shani looks on stunned.

Tridev witness the scene too. Brahma Dev is in a fix. I cannot understand if you did the right thing by giving boon to Shani or not. It was our plan that he will stay aloof from everyone. He is still under the spell of love. Indra Dev says I have been always blamed for making mistakes. But what do we learn from that what Mahadev did? He immediately apologizes fearing Mahadev’s wrath. Lord Vishnu says you are right but maybe that example isn’t enough to teach you, though that only will make our wish to come true. Shani has agreed to become a loner. He turns to Mahadev. I request you that we should work on our initial plan. Indra Dev is confused. Mahadev asks him to go to Pataal Loka and bring Guru Shukracharya. Indra Dev ask shim about it. Mahadev says wanting to know more before time can put a question to your position. Go and do what has been asked from you. Indra Dev agrees. Lord Vishnu remarks that chapter one of SHani’s journey begins now.

Shani is thinking about what happened just now with his mother. Kakol is sure something is strange. There is something wrong. I can see a lot of changes in mother’s nature. It seems as if she is being biased. Dev Vishwakarma hears their convo from a distance. Shani denies. Kids change but motherly love doesn’t. Mother thinks of her every kid while kid only thinks about himself. Mother only knows how to love, not to be biased. Kakol asks him why mother went with Yam then. Shani replies that mother does that what is needful. She gives time and things to kids as per their needs. She must have felt Yam needs her more at that time which is why she went with him. I don’t need any proof for the fact as to how much mother loves me. Dev Vishwakarma wipes his tears. You are right. You mother is as much proud of you as much she loves you. She said it in front of me that she is lucky to have a kid like you. Shani winces a little in pain. Dev Vishwakarma gets concerned. Are you alright? Shani nods but Dev Vishwakarma knows he is brave, patient but I can tell you (from my experience) that happiness increases when shared while pain decreases when shared. You must have gotten hurt during your journey in Kailash. Put this medicine. You will be fine. Kakol offers to do it but Shani says mother will feel bad if mother finds out someone else has put it. She will apply it herself. Shani leaves.

Kakol follows Shani to the dining area. Let’s hurry up. Mother must be waiting. He is taken aback to see Devi Sanghya feeding food happily to Yam and Yami already. He forces a smile as he goes to Devi Sanghya. Devi Sanghya continues feeding food to Yam and Yami ignoring Shani. She remembers Chhaya’s words. She makes a bite for Shani but then recalls Surya Dev telling Chhaya how her son has saved her. She offers it to Yam. He denies saying he isn’t hungry but she insists. She tells Shani to eat food too. Shani offers her a bite. I have never eaten without feeding my mother. How can I eat today then? She notices Yam and Yami looking at her. She reluctantly takes a small bite out of it. Shani shows her lep. Nana Shri gave it. He thought I might have gotten hurt in my journey. Will you please put it? She tells him to go to his room. I will come there. Shani agrees and leaves without a word. Devi Sanghya looks at him.

Yami asks her mother to sing lullaby. Devi Sanghya goes speechless. She makes up an excuse saying she is tired. Yami asks her if she is worried for Shani. Devi Sanghya asks him if he does not like Shani. He goes quiet. She tells him not to hesitate. Tell me. He says you know I don’t like him. You also know the reason. Neither his complexion nor his style matches mine. He first fought with me and with father too! He relates everything to her. Devi Sanghya thinks Chhaya’s darkness is inside Shani’s heart. She tells her kids to sleep. I have to speak to Shani. Yam and Yami nod.

Devi Sanghya is on her way to Shani’s room. He attacked my son and disobeyed Surya Dev. He does not deserve to stay near my family after doing all this!

Precap: Devi Sanghya comes to Shani’s room. I dint come here to apply lep. I have to talk to you about something else. Mahadev and Lord Vishnu tell Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya to decide upon one name who will take care of the world.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ahhh today episode was so heart touching.. i cried after watching shani’s face when his mom rejected him to listen to him.. briliant expression shani.. bahut aage jaoge tum.. wat a face..

    1. Sabrina

      Me too …. it was painful to watch …: I feel for Shani ???

  2. really very painfull epi..shani performence is so nice..ohe vo jaldi se apni mata se mil jaye …Eagerly waiting for next epi..

  3. today i feel so heart touching and i feel so sad about shani .

  4. Waiting for today episode..

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