Shani 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani, Devraj and Yam fight for Surya Dev’s throne!

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|| Just like one has to bear the heat to spread light, similarly, you must undergo pain to make someone realise their duties. Shani teaches that one must not take the wrong path come what may. ||

Chhaya and everyone look at Surya Dev (energy ball) in shock. He has become bleak. Devraj blames it on Shani’s return. I knew that he dint come here without a reason. Surya Dev is in trouble because of him only!

Narayan says yugas passed but Devraj dint change at all. He attacked Surya Dev’s shakti-punj (energy ball) today thereby sending the world into darkness. Brahma Dev asks him if it means Devraj will soon mess up everything. Dev Vishwakarma agrees. Positions of planets hint at something wrong. Narayan says it is bound to happen as they were all associated with Surya Dev. When his Shakti-punj

is affected then they will be attracted to Mangal.

Guru Brihaspati suggests doing something asap to save the world and Surya Dev. Devraj again blames Shani for whatever has happened. Everything was fine till the time he was away from Surya Loka. Where is he now? He only came here to create havoc. Guru Brihaspati says instead of arguing over that we must do something asap or Surya Dev wont be able to return to his human form ever again. Chhaya says there must be a way to protect him. Devraj points out that after Yami’s Vaagdaan with Mangal, he is now your SIL. Mangal should be made the Sthandevta (local deity) of Surya Loka in Surya Dev’s absence now. Yam says I am still alive. Why Mangal then? Devraj very smartly tells him he already got a lot to do. Surya Dev’s other son (Shani) is Vairagi. As per the planets, it is Mangal who can give energy to Surya Dev. He is also the perfect answer to Shani. It would be appropriate to hand him all of Surya Dev’s responsibilities.

Narayan remarks that it is impossible to save the world if Mangal gets to rule Surya Loka. Once Mangal gains control over Surya Loka then he will be undisputable. Under his influence, one becomes ambitious and arrogant. If he becomes Sthandev of Surya Loka then everything will lose its balance. Even if he leaves Surya Loka, everyone will still be under his control. Surya Dev might return but he will never get Surya Loka back. Mangal will be the only ruler of the Loka. Brahma Dev says this is the reason why all the planets are changing their course and now Mangal is becoming their centre. Narayan calls this problem is too small before Ravan’s yagya. Brahma Dev agrees. We must focus on the problem at hand. It is time. We must intervene. Narayan denies. It is time that Shani should return to his path.

Devraj tells Devi Chhaya they are losing time. The more time we take to make Mangal the Sthandevta of Surya Loka, the more time we will lose in bringing Surya Dev back to life. Shani tells him to stop. It isn’t so easy to replace Sthandevta. A SIL takes charge of things only when the son is of no good. Devraj asks him what he means. Shani says Yam has many responsibilities whereas I have none. I, Surya-putra Shani, will take control of Surya Dev’s place in his absence. Everyone looks at him in shock. Shani says being Surya Dev’s son, I announce my right on Surya Dev’s throne. Yam is about to react but Devraj holds out his hand. Shani says not Mangal but I will rule Surya Loka. Shani heads towards Surya Dev’s throne.

Chhaya tells him to stop. Shani says I am not bound to follow your or even Mahadev’s order. Before I sit on the throne, I would like to explain why Mangal cannot become Sthandevta of Surya Loka and Indra Dev cannot intervene in this process. Indra Dev may be Devraj but he has no right to intervene in matters of Surya Loka. He can suggest but he cannot order. Secondly, Mangal and Yami’s Vaagdan must have happened but they aren’t married. It is impossible without father’s blessings. Mangal is logically not the SIL of Surya Loka till now. Thirdly, when son is there, SIL cannot take hold of things. Devraj tells him he is doing adharma by sitting on this throne. Shani asks him if he will teach him the difference between right and wrong. I dint do anything wrong. This throne is mine in Surya Dev’s absence.

Chhaya says now I understand your reason of returning to Surya Loka after all these years. From childhood till now, you never addressed Surya Dev as your father but suddenly you are calling yourself Surya-putra today for the throne! I thought you cannot stoop lower than what you did 10 years ago but you proved me wrong today. Shani says Mangal does not need to be here as nothing wrong (Amangal) happened here. Surya-putra Shani is here now and I will take charge of the throne. No one can stop me from doing so. Yam challenges him. Your logic is valid for gaining control over this throne but you aren’t the only Surya-putra here. I am also elder to you. You cannot do this till I am here. Chhaya says you (Shani) broke my family 10 years back too. What do you want now? I cannot believe it that the one, who was assigned the task of bringing the entire world on its path by Tridev, has lost his path! The one who dint yearn for anyone apart from Mahadev and his mother has fallen in love with the throne now. I am not upset but hurt over the fact that you took birth from my womb! Shani thinks I am surprised that even after 10 years, you still think your son took a wrong path.

Chhaya asks Shani how much more will he hurt her and her family. Yam says no one can dare to hurt my mother of my family till I am here. He gives last warning to Shani to step back. I am the eligible Surya-putra of this throne. Devraj seconds him. Shani might give logics against Mangal but he cannot go against Yam. He is the elder son and Dharmaraj. He deserves it more than you. Yam and Mangal can rule over Surya Loka together once that happens. Yam agrees with him. Devraj reiterates his words. No outsider will rule over Surya Loka. Shani repeats his words again for him. You can suggest but cannot order!

Shani advises Yam to give up on his idea of ruling Surya Loka with Mangal. You don’t deserve it. No one can stop a son from continuing his father’s responsibilities. It must be someone who is more like father. It isn’t you but me. I am sure everyone present here must have understood that by now. It is only Shani who has a right over this throne. Chhaya looks at him.

Narayan says Shani is detached yet he is vouching for Surya Loka’s throne so as to stop those who wish to get it for their own selfish reasons don’t succeed in their plans.

Devraj thinks he will lose Surya Loka once and for all if Shani gets the throne. I must stop it from happening. He openly supports Shani. He is the same Shani though who killed Bhadra. He is also responsible for Surya Dev’s condition. Can we allow him to sit on his throne then? Does he deserve it on the basis of just being Surya Dev’s son? No! He asks Devguru if Yam does not deserve the throne more than Shani. Devguru says you are right but only a planet deserves to sit on Surya Dev’s throne.

Devraj says Yam does not deserve it while Shani is a culprit. Is there no solution to this? There must be some way. We cannot hand over Surya Loka to Shani. Devguru explains that Shani is the most deserving candidate. Someone else can only get to rule this position if Shani gives up on it willingly.

Flashback is shown where Shani asks his Nana Shree to help him once he enters Surya Loka. Dev Vishwakarma agrees to support him. Shani tells him something about politics and ethics. Flashback ends. Dev Vishwakarma realises that Tridev wanted him to do this only. He speaks up. I have a solution to this problem. Devraj eagerly asks him. Dev Vishwakarma says we must hold a fight between the planets.

Narayan says a Kaalchakra will turn which will change the course of everyone and everything. Planetary positions are changing since Shani announced his decision. Shanay-Shanay! The entire world should be thankful to him for whatever he is doing but he will appear to be a villain in everyone’s eyes.

Precap: The time when there will be a Mahasangram between the planets is going to come. Shani has returned to Surya Loka. What will happen then?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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