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Shani 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

It isn’t in the hands of people to take birth but their karmas are. Shani teaches that the future of people is decided not by their birth but karmas!

Surya Dev stops while taking a step towards his throne as he notices a shadow behind him. He is surprised to see Shani. Shani remarks how he stopped seeing his Chhaya today. Till a while ago, it dint mean anything to you. Surya Dev reasons that every Chhaya has a meaning, an existence of its own. Shani calls his logic weird. Chhaya gave birth to your son but has no existence of her own. World has to understand that not birth but karmas determine everything. If you don’t give my mother her right then the world will get wrong message. It will change the outlook of the world. It is up to you now as to what example you want to set before the world.

They are suddenly surrounded by fire.

Devi Sanghya says Shani is right. Chhaya deserves to be called your wife. It has already been proved before the world that I failed in doing my dharma. I am a very big culprit. I have decided to kill myself right now in this very fire. Surya Dev’s eyes widen in shock. No, I wont let it happen. She acts to cry. What’s the point to live when I have lost everything / everyone including my family? Surya Dev assures her her family is with her. We will give you a chance to rectify your mistake. She stays put. Shani tells her to stop. As Dandnayak, my karma is to make culprits understand their mistakes and come on the right path. You are free to live freely if you have accepted your mistakes. It is surprising that you understood it when my mother was going to get her rights. It is weird! Surya Dev tells him to stop. She has changed. She is my wife. I wont do injustice to her. I cannot give her place to Chhaya. Shani and Sanghya look at each other. Shani says you still have a lot to know. You will realise / find it out very soon. He leaves.

Sanghya is walking in the corridor. Shani calls out to her. Are you going anywhere? She shakes her head. You are still playing with my brain. I know you are not here. You are an illusion! Kakol comes there. Shani stands with him. Devi Sanghya feels I am an illusion. Tell her if I am here or not. Kakol hides his smile. He turns to Devi Sanghya. It is Shani who is standing in front of you. She wants to go bring flowers for puja. Shani reminds her that she can even become a problem for herself in this condition. You must not go outside. I will be with you while Kakol will bring flowers. Sanghya agrees. Kakol goes to bring flowers while Shani offers to drop her to her room.

Kakol is tempted to see so many fruit trees around him. He starts looking for flowers.

Sanghya thinks Shani thinks me to be a fool but I am way ahead than him. He cannot stop me from taking revenge!

Kakol gets trapped in an invisible ball in jungle. He calls out to Shani for help. Shani and Sanghya head him. She smiles when he has her back to her. She acts concerned. It seems to be kakol. Looks like he is in some problem. Yam also comes there. I heard someone calling for help. Shani tells Yam to take Devi Sanghya to her room. He goes to help Shani. Sanghya steps back as Yam offers to take her to her room. He assures her he wont hurt her. She expresses a wish to do puja alone in her room. Don’t you trust me? He gives in. I will be inside you room. You can call out to me if you need help.

Kakol begins to choke because of lack of air. He calls out to his friend as he begins to lose conscious. Shani reaches jungle.

Indra Dev is waiting for Devi Sanghya who comes just then. You came late. She replies that she is on time. It was my plan to get Shani out of my way. He asks her what her plan to get rid of Shani is. She says you will find out real soon. Come with me.

Shani finally finds Kakol.

Sanghya brings Indra Dev to a desolated place. Two Asuras (Mali-Sumali) come there. Seems like he has come back to kill us. We have Mahadev’s boon so think before doing anything to us. Indra Dev fumes seeing them. Sanghya tells them that she has brought him here. We have to kill our enemy – Shani! I want to see him dead!

Shani gets his weapon and frees his friend.

Sanghya tells Asuras that Shani is Mahadev’s creation. No one can kill him. You have Mahadev’s boon. Why don’t we have fight with him? Indra Dev tries to reason but she does not let him. She fills their ears against Shani. He helped you today as your karmas were good but he wont help you if you do some misdeed in future. He will punish you instead! They ask her how she dare think they will go against Shani. We got the boon because of his Drishti. We wont let any harm come to him. She points out that Shani is Surya-putra and she is Surya-patni. Who will stop me? They warn her that her life will be in dark if she thinks anything against Shani. They walk away. Indra Dev reprimands Sanghya for making Mali Sumali her enemy. You should have thought before talking to them like that. She smiles and shares her plan. They have a boon that Mahadev will protect them when someone will attack them. Mali-Sumali don’t want to kill Shani. Who will they stand against then? Indra Dev takes her name but she shakes her head. They will mistake Chhaya for Sanghya. Shani will come to her help. Mahadev himself will kill his creation then!

Indra Dev likes the plan. You could have done it alone too. Why include me? She knows only he can guide Mali and Sumali. Only you can tell them how important it is to kill Surya Dev’s wife to save Shani.

Kakol thanks Shani for saving him. I feel it was for Devi Sanghya. Shani denies. It was to divert us.

Mali and Sumali decide to tell Shukracharya everything. They are upset with what happened. They meet him on their way and tell him everything. Shukracharya says it is important for Shani to live for Asuras. We have to do something so as to save him. We have only one option left now – to kill Devi Sanghya! They reason that she is Surya Dev’s wife but Shukracharya is only concerned about saving Shani. He is Mahadev’s creation. We have to protect him. We must kill her asap. They agree. Devraj comes in his real avatar as they leave. Amazing! I now realise what a woman can do. Shani brings everyone on the right path but today, Devi Sanghya and Devraj brought you on the path of death!

Precap: Sanghya tells Shani to wait. See how you guide will kill you. Maadev throws his trident at Shani but Surya Dev comes in front of him so as to protect him. Sanghya is shocked to see him get hurt.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    My god, the makers are far up to kill Surya dev….
    But anyway even if he did not accept Shani dev as his son officially, he personally feels him as his son by heart….

    1. Aisa lag raha hai ki yeh wahi Gatha hai jaha bhole shiv Surya dev ko anjane mai mrityu ke gaath utarte hai aur kashyap shiv ko doshi mante hai

      I think not sure!

      1. Kamalanayani

        Do you think that Maharishi Kashyapa will be a part of this story ???

    2. Not sure because makers changing a story a lot

  2. Kamalanayani

    Pooja didi is back….

  3. Pooja ji is back with updates?

  4. Great Sun God

  5. thanks for the update pooja,i like your update for any serial,it will be very clear as if we are watching it on live

  6. Sangya is so cheap lady…why mahadev god shiva help her….at least god shiba knows everything….and oniviously he knows sangya’plan against shani….mahadev should punish cheap lady sangya….

    1. Kamalanayani

      She is not cheap actually…
      The makers have found no apprppriate villain except her… But the real devi Sangya was not this much bad as shown in this serial…
      And Mahadev will not see any of his bhaktas with partiality… He loves them all uniformly…

    2. @kushi dear friend pls don’t believe everything what they shows in historical shows its not 100% truth

      Devi saranyu is goddess of clouds and dawn she is main source of water

      She is not evil as they are showing in show
      She too loved shani

      She just avoided him when it came to choose a adhikari for dharmaraj

      We shouldn’t call a goddess cheap

      Pls yaar don’t take everything series what they show in serials

  7. Ok kamalnayani i agree with you that mahadev do not see any of his bhaktas with partiality he loves them all uniformly ….but i have a question if any person having bad thinking and he is mahadev bhakt ….then still mahadev will help his bhakta

    1. Kamalanayani

      You need to look from the mindset of being God. I have understood only one thing that no one else other than him can be in that position.
      Never think from the ground. Go to the top of the temple – Kalash and then look down. Then you will see everything (upto your visible distance which varies from person to person). But from your place everything is at equal distance for you. Just like that God see everyone equally. The distance is equal to God’s love to everyone.

      Now, some people might see you and some may not due to their position. But you can see them all. Just like that God does not care about people who believe that God is actually there or not. But he treats them all as his children. A real & true-hearted parent will never see partiality among his children.

      And coming back to your question – Mahadev did not kill even Bhasmasura by himself. Hope you might have known that story. That asura got a boon from Mahadev himself that if he keeps his hand on one’s head then he should blast into pieces. He was about to try it on Mahadev’s head itself. But Narayan only took Mohini avatar and fooled him to keep his hand on his head. Therefore, here Narayan will not become a bad guy.

      You can understand that whether Bhasmasura did bad deeds or not, he was devoted to Mahadev. That time Mahadev came infront of his eyes and gave him the boon of his wish. But the moment he turned against Mahadev, he lost his devotion ie, Love, then from that moment no one was able to save him.

      The main point is if some one starts doing bad deeds, then that person only goes away from God. But God never go away from him or even ask him to go away. But God ask him to leave his bad deeds. In that situation if that person chooses good, then no problem, else to gain freedom of doing bad deeds he goes away from God on his own will, which will land him in a very worse situation.

      Your bhakti is a shield but you karmas are your hands. Doing good deeds makes your hand more stronger. Stronger hands will hold the shield tightly. But bad deeds will automatically weaken your hands and finally your hands will not even have strength to lift the Shield. Therefore it makes you unsafe.

      I hope your doubt is clear.

      1. Nandhini

        Great explanation! Lord Mahadev and Maa Adi Shakti wont see any partiality for their children…for them every living being is same and they love them all like real parents as they are Jagat mata and Jagat pita…its all depend on our karmas if we can realize our divine parents’ love for us…

      2. Kamalanayani

        Thank you Nandhini akka

  8. Okk dear sandya thanks ……if sangya is not evil i am sorry for devi sangya intention was not bad ..sorry devi sangya?

    1. Kamalanayani

      Apology accepted…
      But just as Sandya said… The makers are doing anything to increase TRP. that’s it…
      Gain your knowledge of stories but don’t take them completely.
      Be a swan – Take only milk, filter the water.

      1. Yes our karma’s won’t effect badly if we did anything wrong without knowing

        Everyone here having a great blessing of god shani

        That’s y we talk new things everyday and think what is right n wrong

        Feeling really happy that I’m a part of this little TU family

      2. Kamalanayani

        just as you said we are a family Sandya….
        Shani dev will protect us all

    2. I know your intention was not bad

      I too get angry sometimes on character not goddess

      N I know u too got angry on character only

      1. Kamalanayani

        Just as you said earlier. Unintentional mistakes are less prone to us…

  9. Yeah Dear sandya…..thanks …..and kamalnayani thanks u too dear….for such a great explanation about god ….now slowly slowly but still i am on the way to god ….to understand about god….thank u so much?

    1. Kamalanayani

      Do you know a fact Khushi ?
      That you don’t have to go in search of God or take up a path to reach him. He is in you. Inside every cell of your body, your atma ventures over. And that Atma is none other than the part of Paramatma.

      Going is search of God is not wrong. But where will you find God as he is everywhere – omnipresent. You can’t spot out a single place which alone contains God or which alone does not contains God. So only way is to make him closer to you. It can be achieved through your thoughts, karmas and pure heart. Just apply the shield & hand theory that I explained to you in my earlier comment.

      In former yugas people made God to come in front of them. They did not go anywhere. But their Karmas made God to stand in front of them.

      There is a saying in Tamil – ie. If you call with pure heart God will definitely come infront of you ie, he is already there but will be visible to your eyes….

      Tapasya is also a karma which yields us in God’s dharshan & getting vardhaan from him. But in today’s circumstances we cannot perform years of Tapasya.

      Giving a cup of 100 ml of milk to a small baby in hunger will reach God easily but Doing 100 Litres of milk abhishek will also go to God but very slowly. God loves the ones who loves his devotees.

      So I hope you have understood the secret of getting close to God.

  10. To promote evil tasks also the partiality as equal love to evil is the punishment to the good one. Here try to be neutral, not to be a devotee blindly. I dont know the story of Puran but seeing serial it can be told that what Mahadev going to do knowing everything is not fair. He knows he is going to kill Shani where he knows all planning come from Sanghya and devraj. Killing innocent knowing evil one is justice after all?
    Serial maker should be more practical here to give up wrong things like junk food.

  11. Kamalanayani,
    I know you are blind devotee that’s why you always try to say negative task positively. To find out the truth it is must to be neutral. No blind devotee has the power to find out the reality of the truth.
    A muslim Physicist (Scientist) believes that Islam is the Peace religion and this is the true religion where a Hindu Physicist believes that Sonaton religion is the true religion.
    As a general man we want to know what is the truth?
    A man heartily logical, only can find out the truth. They can be neutral.
    That’s why any blind devotee what he acquires in his life does not matter to consider him as a culprit whatever he is a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddha etc. among 4300 religions. ,

    1. Here god knows what is wrong n what is right he knows what is going to happen bad or good he won’t interfere because everything has a big reason behind it

      Like when Shiva’s Trident attack shani but Surya comes in between

      N from here new journey of Surya parivar start

      Chaaya will get her place Sangya will get punishment etc etc

      N no one is blind devotes
      If you’re a devote n u know what will take u to reach god u do that but at that time we have to decide that it is wrong or right
      Like eg giving a Bali will never let you reach to god it only shows u path of Maya
      God won’t ask for Bali(that is called blind devotion)
      God only needs good heart to worship him

      Eg: goddess parvathi being Aadi sakti she did tapasya
      If she had wished so had just kept a decision that she is a Adi shakti but she did tapasya
      To show world that reaching to god is not easy
      N here if we have some kind of jealousy or evil thought about someone n we do bhakti we won’t get anything
      N if we got it won’t stay for long…

    2. Kamalanayani

      Thank you Noshad first of all for agreeing the most important fact that God has given me the power of taking negative things as positive… I love God & express my devotion in my fav style… I did not ask anybody to follow my style…. Isimply explained another person about my way.. Thats it… God loves everyone in the way they are…

      Another one important fact is When Duryodhan went for Nargarvala everyone looked bad but everone seemed to be good for Yudhirstra… Keep in mind that religion is a path with some set of rules. But all religion finally show way to the Almighty…. I never comment on any religion….

      And thank you once again for accepting that even if am a blind devotee, I am able to recognize the Almighty that any way I am a devotee… I always worry about my karmas & what the God wants me to do…
      I get satisfied by them….

  12. Dear noshad kamalnayani is not blind devotee …mahadev knows the plan of sangya …god shiva knows shani is not wrong god shiva never do mistake…..the serial makers has less sense of mind they are shiwing wrong….okk and here no need to say that ur islam religion is better than hindu religion … religion is greater all religion are basically from god shiva …god shiva is aadi and anant okk

  13. To concern all of you,
    I am not focusing any religion here. I am taking everything based on science. I am attentive to science. Religion nothing but a belief that means it should be revised by time.
    God / Allah is nothing but a energy we are trying to feel .
    I don’t support any religion.
    I wanna know every religion just, although it is impossible to know 4300 religions.
    After all, all of you can treat me as a atheist, so don’t blame me saying supporting any religion.
    Be well everyone.

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