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|| Sometimes our karmas appear to be wrong but the intentions behind them are important. Shani teaches that a person will surely gain fame if his intentions and motive behind it is true and genuine. ||

Hanuman offers to find a permanent solution to the problem named Rahu before starting his training but Shani and Mata Anjana advice him against it. Shani promises Surya Dev that he will make sure it doesn’t happen. It is my duty now. Surya Dev tells him that Rahu can hypnotize anyone’s conscience. His presence around you when you are starting something is not auspicious. Shani knows Rahu cannot weave his magic on him. I hope I will be able to keep him away. Devraj says I hope everything happens for good only. Shani’s justice is bit strange. No one knows when his conscience can make people do

right or wrong things. Hanuman asks him if he is capable of saving them from Rahu. I know you don’t! It will be better if you would let Shani do what he wants to. Shani advises them not to step out of Surya Mahal till the puja is complete. Yami takes responsibility of Mata Anjana. They all head back to Surya Loka following Shani’s words. Shani asks Hanuman if he trusts him. Hanuman nods. Shani tells him to focus only on his studies at the moment then. Don’t worry about your mother. Hanuman nods. Rahu hears everything from far.

Surya Dev makes his chariot appears there. Hanuman tells Shani not to spare Rahu if he comes here. Shani agrees. Surya Dev mounts his chariot and Hanuman follows him running backwards in front of it. Shani repeats his promise to Hanuman. Till the time your training is complete I will make sure your mother is safe.

Yami requests Mata Anjana to stay with them till Hanuman completes his training. Don’t know Rahu can attack from anywhere! Rahu looks at them from behind a pillar and hypnotizes Mata Anjana. She stops in her tracks all of a sudden when that happens. Rahu remarks that Shani thinks of himself to be too smart. I am a step ahead him this time. I have got Mata Anjana under my control. You forgot that Rahu has two parts. You can escape Rahu but what will you do about Ketu? Ketu seems to follow Mata Anjana and Yami closely. He asks Ketu to finish the story in one go. Rahu and Ketu smile looking at Mata Anjana and Yami.

Shani is keeping a close vigil on Hanuman. He is surprised to see Ganesha there. I have come to help you in protecting Hanuman from Rahu. You know he cannot cast any effect on me too. Shani suggests him to be in Surya Loka then. You will protect Mata Anjana

Yami tells everyone that Mata Anjana is under Rahu’s spell. She left from here all alone. We must help her. Dev Vishwakarma agrees. Hope you wont fall in any other problem while saving her though. Ganesha asks them who is in trouble. You can tell me. They are surprised to see him there. Yami tells him everything. Rahu will surely try to harm Mata Anjana so as to stop Hanuman from gaining knowledge. She is under his spell and not present here. Ganesha speaks of Shani’s promise to Hanuman. He wont let any problem fall on her. He will surely live up to his word. It is time to be calm and not lose our patience. Dev Vishwakarma seconds him. If any of us step outside then Rahu will make use of that opportunity to attack us too. He will then use that person against Shani as a weapon. Yami asks him till when they will stay here. Ganesha replies that it will be till the time Hanuman completes his training.

Surya Dev continues teaching Hanuman. Shani says it seems like it will be over today itself which puzzles Kakol. Shani explains that one day’s time will be like months inside Surya Dev’s shield which is why I feel it will be complete today itself! Kakol is happy to think that he will be free from this trouble today itself. He notices Mata Anjana outside. What is she doing here? Shani decides to stop her so she is safe. Shani stands in Mata Anjana’s path. It isn’t safe for you to be here. She replies that her reason of coming here is too big. I came here so Hanuman cannot complete his training. Rahu appears there. Save here if you can! Shani gets angry that he chose Mata Anjana to stop Hanuman!

Shani attacks Rahu. You are forgetting that I took responsibility that his training will be complete without any obstacle. I very well know why you want to create a hindrance in it. DO you think I don’t know that you tried to swallow Surya Dev for no reason? I dint punish you as you already got your
If you try to be a hindrance again then remember that I can become Dandnayak once again! Rahu is positive no one can stop him today. Think why I am attacking today only! It is Rahu Kaal. No one steps out of their house today. My powers are at peak this time. Shani advises him to control his powers if he has got something extra. Rahu speaks of his ill karmas. Shani reasons that if his intention was right then even Surya Dev wouldn’t have stopped you. You were indeed created to cast an eclipse on him but there is a certain time for that. If you try to swallow him then Hanuman’s training will be hindered which is why I am in your path. I am warning you for the last time. Come on the right path or I will have to do so. Rahu challenges him to go ahead. I wont stop tonight as I am not alone tonight! I have Ketu on my side. Shani looks at Ketu. Rahu and Ketu join their powers against Shani. He still has an upper hand on them. Don’t force me Rahu! Rahu says I have come to bind you today. Rahu sends snakes towards him which Shani kills very easily using his weapon.

Rahu uses his next weapon – Mata Anjana. You promised Hanuman that his mother wont be harmed. Go save her if you can! Shani is shocked to see her walking absentmindedly.

Precap: A new villain (female) will come face to face with Hanuman. Karamfaldata Shani and Ganesha!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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