Shani 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani does not interfere in Yami’s Vaagdaan!

Shani 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Sometimes such situations arise where our karmas and duties towards our loved loves get intertwined. Shani teaches that if we give importance to our karmas in this situation then dharma will eventually always win. ||

Narayan shares that Yami’s Vaagdan is happening. Shani is taken aback. With whom? Narayan asks him why he is so keen to know that. You have no relation with Yami or Surya family. How does it matter if the groom is good or bad? Do you wish to go to Surya Loka? Shani declines. Narayan says akarma (absence of karma) is also karma. Someone had once taught me this. Shani says whoever said that to you was removed from his position, banished and then pushed away from his own home! Narayan says as far as I know you you wont
Shani says I dint understand what you mean. Narayan says

that is also a karma and disappears. Shani wonders who that guy could be.

Lohitang Mangal asks Devraj if Yam is really a fool to not realise he is being cheated. Devraj says forget that. Just don’t forget the pact that happened between us. Lohitang Mangal says I remember. You should also not forget to give me Surya Loka in return. Devraj promises him of that once again. Lohitang Mangal asks him about Shani. What should we do about him? Devraj tells him not to worry about him. He has his own problems to handle. Over these years, he has forgotten all his relations. He neither cares for his mother Chhaya nor does he have any love for Yami.

Shani is shown walking in the corridors of Surya Loka. He stops outside his room for a second but then resumes heading towards the Sabha room.

Devraj says he is not a part of Surya family anymore and neither can he ever be! Doors open just then and Shani steps inside shocking everyone. It is only Yami who is happy to see him. Shani stares at Devraj. Devraj too isn’t pleased to see him at all. Shani walks up to his mother. Chhaya asks him why he has come here. Shani replies that what is present before the eyes does not need explanation. Shani is back in his home. Chhaya asks him if he dint think once before coming here. You were banished from Surya Loka for forever! The same memory plays before their eyes. Chhaya adds that he was banished from Surya Loka in Tridev’s presence. That punishment is still valid. No one will welcome you here in Surya Loka. It isn’t right to come where you aren’t welcome. Shani nods. I remember everything, both punishment and crime. Karamfaldata was the one who was banished. Dandnayak lost his position. The one who made judgement was forsaken. The one who has returned is just Shani, Surya-putra Shani!

Chhaya says you still call yourself Surya-putra after all that you have done! Shani says I can even call myself Chhaya-putra but I stop myself thinking that it might aggravate your pain instead. Lohitang Mangal says you (Devraj) said that Shani has left his home and holds no relations with anyone. Why is he here then? Devraj too is clueless. We must do something asap if we have to succeed with our plan. Shani says I would also like to add that you ordered me to leave Surya Loka but it would be my decision if I wish to follow your order or not. Chhaya moves out of his way shocking Devraj, Yam and Mangal. Shani walks up to where they all are standing. Devraj says I agree that no one can stop you from coming here but we must know what your intention of coming here is. Shani says who said I have an intention of coming here. Devraj says you have created havoc in Surya Lokayears ago too. Stay in your limits this time. Shani says the one who wishes to fulfil his wishes can fall in anyone’s trap easily but the one without wishes cannot fall in anyone’s words ever! But be Beware! I am not Karamfaldata anymore so I have no limit – neither of punishment nor of revenge!

Dev Vishwakarma looks at the position of planets and is tensed. This isn’t a good omen for Yami’s Vaagdaan. He reads some book. All the planets have changed their course but why! I must meet Tridev asap. Surely some problem is about to come. Hope this isn’t associated with Shani’s return.

Yami says I have waited for this day since last 10 years. You are finally back in Surya Loka. Shani tells her to come clear. Why did you want to speak to me in private? Yami apologizes to him for calling here like this as I had no other option. I had to say yes for this Vaagdaan knowing that you would come here. I also want to thank you as you came back here. Shani explains that he just said it was time for him to come back so I am here. I wont interfere in anyone’s deeds. Yami asks him how he changed so much. Remember how you took a stand for me when my alliance was fixed with Chandra Dev. Shani calls it his karma, his duty as Karamfaldata. Now I have no duty towards anyone. She wipes her tears. You have changed but one thing will never change. You were and will always be an inseparable part of Surya family. It is enough for me that you are here. I will even sacrifice my life to keep this family united if I have to. I am a river. It is my duty to flow overcoming all the hurdles that will come my way. She turns to go but he stops her. Don’t play the emotional game with me like Tridev’s. You will lose! He walks away.

Yam asks Chhaya why she allowed Yami to speak to Shani in private. Devraj seconds him. We all know there is surely some motive behind Shani’s return! Yami is innocent but what if Shani has some plan up his sleeves. Shani shouts at him to stop. We all know who is good in that. I also know the motive behind returning to Surya Loka. Chhaya advises him not to try and talk Yami out of this wedding. Yami interrupts her. He dint try doing anything like that. I am ready for Vaagdaan. Chhaya asks her if she is sure. Devraj says she is Surya-putri. She must have thought before saying yes. Chhaya agrees. There is no point delaying things if Yami has made up her mind.

Chhaya takes Yami to where Mangal is standing. Shani walks out of the Sabha relieving almost everyone present there. Yamis Vaagdaan happens. Devraj mentally thanks Yami for helping him complete his mission. Forgive me as you wont be able to seek your father’s blessings now.

Devraj is where Surya Dev (energy form) is. Devraj thinks his wait if finally over. Till now I thought that Surya Dev wont turn into his human form yet again but if that would have happened after the successful completion of the yagya then my dream wouldn’t have been complete. It is time to end all the possibilities of your return today Surya Dev.

Chahya asks Yami to seek her father’s blessings. On the other hand, Devraj uses his weapon on Surya Dev while trying to move him from his place. Earth begins to shake and everyone panics. Surya Dev’s powers become weak thereby sending the world into darkness. Chhaya is sure that Surya Dev is in some trouble.

Devraj’s continuous attack on Surya Dev creates havoc everywhere. Dev Vishwakarma also senses trouble. What’s happening!

Chhaya and everyone look at Surya Dev in shock. He has become bleak. Devraj blames it on Shani’s return. I knew that he dint come here without a reason. Surya Dev is in trouble because of him only!

Precap: The time when there will be a Mahasangram between the planets is going to come. Shani has returned to Surya Loka. What will happen then?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Super shani

  2. Thanks for updates

  3. Kamalanayani

    According to what I know, Mata Yami did penance and took the form of Devi Kalindi and married Lord Krishna… Even a river in the same name still flows in the Bengals… She is one of the Ashta-bharyas (8 divine and princely wives of Lord Krishna).

    But where did Lohitang Mangal dev come in between… I remember him being shown as performing austerities as pandit during Mata Yami’s Vagdhaan function with Chandradev which Shani dev stopped.
    He was actually invited by Shani dev and Surya dev for the same reason.
    Now, he is shown as groom in this Vagdhaan function…

    I think that the makers did not get any villains after Devi Sangya… Why should the person whom Shani dev invited in his childhood, turn so mean and bad within a 10 years leap ??? Did the makers forget this above mentioned episode ???

    I hope this Vagdhaan will also be stopped by Shani dev, to save Mata Yami…

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