Shani 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mangal gets his Karamfal

Shani 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani pushes Devraj aside. Shani says there is another possibility which you skipped. I came to end you only but death will be an easy option. My motive is to make you feel pain. He gives them a chance to fight equally. Mangal and Devraj use their swords to attack Shani but he proves to be stronger than both of them. Now I am thinking to kill you right away as the longer you live, you will be a stain on the name of Shivansh. Devraj shouts Shivansh. Mangal tells Shani he wont be able to kill him so easily. My protector wont let you do this! He shouts Mahadev’s name as Shani raises his sword to hurt him. Mahadev appears there. Shani greets him. Mahadev asks Mangal why he invoked his presence. Mangal syas you promised ot protect me whenever I fall in any problem. I am Shivansh, your part. Wont you protect

me? Mahadev says I will do so as I am bound by a promise but maybe you don’t remember what I exactly promised you. I promised to protect you when you fall in any trouble while doing your karma. I am not bound to protect you right now as you are not doing any karma here. You are getting your karamfal. Mangal looks at him in shock. Devraj steps forward. I am Devraj. It is your duty to protect me. Save me from Shani. Mahadev asks him if he understands the significance of the position and word Devraj. You have never respected it. I suggest you to first think and realise what this word really means. Shani hits Mangal. Devraj tries hitting him from behind but Shani has tied him in his energy. He casts his Drishti on Mangal. A circle of fire forms around him leaving him stunned. Please stop. Forgive me. I will do as you say. Don’t finish me. Shani asks him to withdraw Mangal Dosha from Dhamini’s kundli. Mangal agrees to start the process right away. Shani greets Mahadev who disappears.

Ravan is irked by the light. Who is here? Narad Muni greets him. I know you are in darkness right now but you wont get Mahadev by sitting in the dark. Ravan shares that he is trying to figure out how to control Navgraha. I have understood it is impossible without Mahadev. Narad Muni is happy to hear him talking like this. I am surprised that you couldn’t understand the medium of controlling Navgrahas when it was right in front of you – Shani! He is the only one who defeated the Navgraha and won Grah-yuddha. He is Shivansh. He has Mahadev’s and Devi Chhaya’s ansh. No one can do what he can do. Ravan asks him to go. You have come to rub salt to my wounds! Narad Muni disappears. Ravan smiles. When Shani can defeat all the planets and gain control over Surya Loka then why can’t I? I only have to find the weak link in that story which can tell me what happened in reality during the grah-yuddha.

Narad Muni tells Narayan he did what he was told to do. Mahadev says we have to do it all quickly. Only Shani can stop Ravan in his path but it can happen only when he will accept the position of Karamfaldata once again. We must take him back to his path. He will have to become Karamfaldata again for the betterment of the world. The most difficult test of his life will start now.

Shani says I wont look at you directly but don’t forget that I have Mahadev’s special Drishti. Stop looking at me. Hope it wont happen that Shani’s Drishti finishes a Shivansh today! Remember that I wont leave your kundli till you take out Mangal Dosha from Dhamini’s kundli. I am sure you know its meaning well. Mangal makes Dhamini’s kundli. Dhamini begins to shift in her sleep. Yami notices it and hopes Shani wont let anything go wrong.

Shani thinks balance is very important. If Mangal’s energies are fading out then someone else’s must be increasing. Who can it be?

Brahma Dev says Shani isn’t wrong to think of that. Mahadev says whatever has happened will cause a shift in every planet. Brahma Dev asks him who it will benefit then. Narayan shares that it will all go to Ravan.

Ravan says you mean Shani defeated all the planets in the fight and won the grah-yuddha alone. Rahu nods. Even Shivansh Mangal was dejected. I can tell you everything in detail. Ravan tells him to go ahead.

Dhamini keeps moving in her sleep while Mangal withdraws Mangal Dosha from her kundli. She opens her eyes.

Mangal tells Shani that Dhamini’s Mangal Dosha is over now. The proof is in front of you. Your wish is complete. As promised, I freed her from Mangal Dosha. Now I am not in her wedding house. Devraj asks him why he isn’t leaving Indra Loka now. Shani replies that it is only he who decides when he will come or go. One thing is still left. He invokes Mahadev’s presence who appears just then. Mangal and Devraj get tensed. Mahadev refused to intervene earlier. Mangal asks Shani why he had to call Mahadev. You gave me my karamfal. Shani says this is the difference between me and you. One can be a small part of the world but his contribution affects the entire world. You think of only yourself whereas I think of everyone. I am strong which is why you withdrew Mangal Dosha from Dhamini’s family. The problem does not end here though. Mahadev asks him what he means. Shani says Mangal will affect others in future too. He can take them to the extent of pain for revenge. Not everyone is strong enough to face him. It means he will be able to affect anyone in future. I want him not to affect anyone ever again! Mangal calls it injustice. Shani cannot stop me from doing my karma. Shani says I don’t want to stop anyone from doing his karma but I don’t want one to suffer because of someone else’s karmas. I invoked Mahadev’s presence so you can decide a limit for Mangal. Mahadev seconds Shani. It wont be right to stop you from doing your karma but you will decide the limit of your karma yourself. Mangal agrees. I will affect someone’s kundli during birth. If someone is Manglik and marries Amanglik then he will have to face my wrath. If that person marries another Manglik then the Dosha will go away from that person’s life.

Mahadev asks Shani if he still has some problem. Shani nods. it is bounding people by birth and not karma. I have understood the significance of karma from you. This way one will not do his karma or dharma. Mangal points out that he wants to snatch his right from him but Shani declines. I want people to do their karma. Mangal can stay at the wedding house but people can get a chance to get out of it just like Dhamini and I did! Mangal glares at him.

Precap: Mangal Dosha is out of Dhamini’s kundli now. The biggest problem will enter Shani’s life now. Ravan vows to finish Shani using Chandrahaar weapon. Dhamini vows to protect Shani from all the problems.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Really fabulous episode. I just wish damini would soon find a solution for that curse and shani soon become karmphaldata again.

  2. Perfect keep up the good work

  3. Kamalanayani

    Superb episode and very nice update Pooja didi…

    I am awaiting for Shani dev to take charge again as karmphal daata…
    And awaiting for Mata Bhadra as Tapti river…

    1. Also waiting for devi neelima’s return…for shani has 2 wives…

  4. The telly update helps to be in tune with the serial when we miss a show. Beautifully explained and we can feel like viewing the episode.

  5. Please update shani written episode of 31 January

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