Shani 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhadra punishes Devraj Indra!

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|| Truth comes out at the right time. Shani teaches that you do not realise the truth when you are following the wrong path but you do respect it when it comes out in open. ||

Shani says Devi Sanghya was behind all the mess. Accept it before everyone now. Tell us the truth. Shani turns and realises it is his mother standing there now. Why? She avoids looking him in the eyes. What do you mean? He says you know Devi Sanghya is responsible for all this yet you are protecting her. Why! She calls it his illusion. It was me all along. Why would she do so when she was banished from all the Loka’s? Shani is sure she is hiding something. There is something which is frightening you. Why are you doing this? Surya Dev tells him to stop. I have been bearing it for too long. How can Sanghya come here when she

is banished from entering in Surya Loka? Shani replies that even thieves are banned from entering anywhere yet they manage to stealthily get inside. I knew it was Devi Sanghya only. She avoided looking into my eyes. She is the creator of all these problems. Surya Dev asks for proof. It is Devi Chhaya who is standing before us right now. Where is Sanghya? Shani says I too have no clue but I know this much that the one amidst us till yesterday; who also accepted her crime before me was Devi Sanghya only. Surya Dev asks Chhaya if Shani is speaking truth. She denies. He is mistaken. It was me only. Surya Dev asks her to announce before everyone that Shani is a liar so he can punish Shani.

Chhaya looks at Shani helplessly. Shani stops her from saying anything. You will have to commit a sin of lying in order to say this. I cannot let you do this. He tells Surya Dev not to force his mother. She must be in some dilemma or she wouldn’t have ever taken Devi Sanghya’s blame on herself. Surya Dev again blames him for not speaking truth and also for not letting Devi Chhaya speak up. It is time you remember your vow. You only said you will punish Bhadra if you cannot present the culprit before us. It is time to punish Bhadra now!

Shani refuses to punish Bhadra as he has found the real culprit. I couldn’t bring her here but I know she isn’t the real culprit. Surya Dev blames him for escaping from his duties as Karamfaldata. Our thoughts were never on the same wavelength but I have always respected the way you have given justice. You have disappointed me today though. It is all because of Bhadra. Because of her, you have begun to discriminate. You are running away from your duties. The brother inside you has killed Karamfaldata. Shani declines. Dandnayak Shani and Karamfaldata Shani are very much alive inside me. Surya Dev calls it his illogical responses. I have lost my faith in you already but don’t lose Tridev’s trust. Maybe everyone will lose their trust in you slowly this way! He walks out of the Sabha followed by everyone else. Shani turns towards his mother who too leaves from there.

Hanuman asks Shani what he did. Shani reasons that he supported truth like he always has been supporting. Devi Sanghya must have done something really terrible because of which mother had to lie. I will find out about it!

Chhaya comes to her room and finds Shani there. He says I am meeting you after so long yet you lowered your head the moment you saw me. Why did you lie in the Sabha? What’s the reason? She insists she dint lie. He says I know why you are doing this. Devi Sanghya is pressurising you for some reason. Share it with me. I will break every trap that she can lay. Chhaya says it isn’t so. Everyone falls in such illusions. You might also be wrong. Don’t push me into any more dilemmas by asking such questions. Please leave. He says I can be wrong about anything but I can never be wrong about you or about recognizing what’s going inside you. It is impossible! I will find out why Devi Sanghya is making you feel so helpless.

Devi Sanghya is positive even Shani wont be able to guess anything this time. Flashback shows Chhaya begging Sanghya to let Bhadra leave. I will do as you say. Sanghya warns her to speak what she will tell her in Sabha tomorrow. If you try to cheat me then you will be responsible for whatever happens to Bhadra next. She gives her some vision through which Sanghya can see, hear whatever Chhaya will say, do or wherever she will go. Flashback ends. You (Shani) were trying to save your sister but you got busy in protecting your mother. Now the trap is laid.

Shani discusses what could have possibly happened till now with Hanuman and Kakol. All of them wonder why Chhaya lied. They all think of the possibilities. Kakol is tapping his hand on the table repeatedly which disturbs Hanuman. I cannot think of anything this way. Kakol begins to pace in the room. Hanuman again tells him to stop moving. Kakol asks him why he is even looking at him then. Hanuman replies that he cannot help it. The moment I open my eyes, I see you. How do I focus when you are always in my sight? His words ring a bell in Shani’s mind. Hanuman apologizes to Shani for not being able to think of anything. Shani tells him he has already given him a solution. He rushes out of the room.

Devraj meets Devi Sanghya. Don’t think wrong about me. I am still on your side. Sanghya says what you did is commendable. You came before me even after telling Shani everything! Devraj says Shani had proofs against me. I had no other option left. Forgive me. Sanghya says there is no mercy for committing same mistakes again and again! He asks her what she will do then. She decides to punish him. You will have to burn in the same fire in which you wanted to burn me. Devraj laughs. You feel that a Devi, who has already lost her position, is strong enough to punish Devraj Indra? She agrees she isn’t that brave but someone else surely is (Bhadra). She acts to shout in pain against Devraj. Don’t hurt me. Devraj asks her why she is shouting like this. Bhadra hears her shouting in pain and goes to her. Are you alright? Sanghya lies to her that Devraj attacked her. He hurt me!

Bhadra glares at Devraj Indra. You hurt my mother! She produces Halahal.

Brahma Dev remarks that she is coming to her original form.

Devraj tells Bhadra to stop but she does not pay heed to his words. She attacks him. He screams in pain as he is pushed high in air.

Mahadev is getting angry witnessing it.

Devraj begs /shouts for mercy. Sanghya finally tells Bhadra to stop. We cannot kill Devraj. You have punished him enough. Bhadra releases him. Devraj screams in pain. Bhadra hugs Sanghya. Sanghya smirks at Devraj. She next assures Bhadra she is fine. Go now. Bhadra stares pointedly at Devraj before leaving.

Sanghya tells Devraj she is forgiving him this time. Don’t dare to cheat me next time or you will regret drinking nectar. Devraj decides to put an end to this Bhadra. He is in very much pain.

Narayan says it is time. There will be no time left if we don’t do anything now. Mahadev agrees with him. It is time to destroy Bhadra. It is time to create the weapon which can finish her. It is time to create Bhadrantak!

Precap: Mahadev makes the weapon to kill Bhadra (Bhadrantak). It will now end Bhadra. Karamfaldata Shani will now have to make the most crucial decision of his life!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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