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Promise made to keep your position and under arrogance can make you regret things later. Shani teaches us to live by our words.

Epi begins with Raja Harishchandra taking the vow never to lie in his life in order to protect his son. Mahadev says with this the journey of Satyavadhi Harishchandra begins (with Shani’s help). This journey will be remembered on earth for forever. Brahma Dev asks him what Shani will gain from this. Mahadev replies that Shani’s is becoming much more capable of taking right decisions. He is far sighted now. But both Shani and we will realise what he will gain from this situation later.

Shani adds that Raja Harishchandra will now accept him as his advisor. As promised, you will speak truth from now on. Raja Harishchandra nods. Shani thanks Maharishi for the lesson. Your

name will also become immortal with Raja Harishchandra’s name for the very same reason. Rahu refuses to let Shani and Raja Harishchandra escape so easily. Shani turns to go when Maharishi tells him to stop. Raja Harishchandra promised not to lie but can the cheating be avenged with this promise? I have waited for 12 years for yagya. Will this promise avenge it? I would have become Brahmarishi but it dint happen. I cannot forgive this king because of the damage he has caused to me. Raja Harishchandra folds his hands before Maharishi. I cannot change the mistake I have made and the damage I did to you but from now onwards I will live up to my word. I will always speak truth. Shani points out to Maharishi that he can still complete his yagya. You can do another bigger scale yagya. You can even test Raja Harishchandra if you wish. Raja Harishchandra is left with no option but to comply. Maharishi agrees to start Bahuswarna yagya tomorrow. Raja will have to give whatever I will ask from him as the first offering. Raja Harishchandra accepts his condition.

Devi Sanghya acts to pity Raja Harishchandra and his wife. Be it a queen or a mother, she is pitied when her kid is snatched away from her. That mother will die every second till tomorrow thinking her kid will be snatched from her any moment. Maybe this is what Suryavanshi mothers go through – to be separated from their kids, to see them in problem. The reason for that is always Shani. We cannot do anything though as he has been made Karamfaldata by Shani. We are mere spectators. We can just see the consequence of his actions but not do anything. Surya Dev refuses to let his devotees suffer for no reason. I wont let Shani destroy any Suryavanshi family. Devi Sanghya wipes her fake tears and smiles.

At night, Maharishi is making preps for the puja. On the other hand, Taramati and Harishchandra caress their son’s head while he sleeps peacefully. She says we pray to Surya but with tomorrow’s sunrise, our son will be offered to Lord thereby casting an eclipse in our life for forever. Maharishi wants to sacrifice Rohitashva to become Brahmarishi. If it was in my hands then I would have ordered Surya Dev not to rise at all tomorrow. You still have a chance. Take back your words. There is still time. Raja Harishchandra helplessly tells her he cannot do anything. I will have to abide by my words. Shani agrees. Question is who you will do it for – your people, wife or son! Raja Harishchandra says it is easier to stand far and watch but maybe it never happened with you. Maybe you never had a family. Maybe you don’t know what relations feel and how fearful it is to see it breaking apart! Maybe you never lost the one you loved the most! Shani recalls moments spent with his mother and losing her. Trust me I know this very well. You are still under the fear while I have lived it and continue to live it till date. You fear losing your son. I have lost my mother already. We are very similar. You are Suryavanshi and I am Surya’s son. Raja Harishchandra is surprised to hear it. You can still see us in this condition? Rani Taramati asks him why he made them promise Maharishi that when he can understand their pain. Why have you become our enemy? Shani points out that he isn’t their enemy. This will seem to be full of obstacles but this is the right path that I am showing to you. Rohitashva wakes up. Shani suggests Raja Harishchandra to not go in the yagya at all. You can break your promise to Maharishi once again but this will have negative consequences. They will surely come before you in future. I have shown you a way. Final decision is in your hands. Raja Harishchandra says I have taken my decision. I wont shame or embarrass anyone this time. The yagya will be complete.

Raja Harishchandra joins Maharishi for the yagya along with his family and Shani. He sits down in the yagya facing Maharishi.

Narayan points out that the king’s test will begin with the first Aahuti itself. It will check if he has given truth the right place or not. Mahadev says this isn’t just test but it will be an example to future generations. It will be made possible with Shani’s help.

Maharishi tells Raja Harishchandra it is time to make first Aahuti. You promised to give me whatever I will ask for. Rahu looks at them from a distance. Rani Taramati shakes her head at her husband but Raja Harishchandra sticks to his promise. Order me Maharishi. Maharishi asks him to give him that what is most dear to his heart. Shani replies that it is his son. You have a chance to test the king. See if he is sticking to his words or not. Maharishi denies. When I asked him his son he cheated me but I wont give him any chance this time. He is famous for his state which means that is closest to him. I will give him two option – either give me your son or your state! I am waiting for your answer. Shani tells Raja Harishchandra to decide. You said your people are also your kids. Which kid will you sacrifice now? Maharishi is getting impatient. You promised to make this yagya successful. Answer me! Raja Harishchandra is in a dilemma.

Precap: Devi Sanghya asks Surya Dev what mistake the king made. Shani tells Maharishi he got his Aahuti and the state but he still hasn’t given you Dakshina!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Episode Synopsis

    Episode – 127
    03:30 PM – 04:00 PM, 03 May Set Alert
    Mahadev tells Vishnu and Brahma that the Harishchandra story will be remembered by humans because of Shani. In Surya Lok, Sanghya tells Surya that she knows he is angry because of Shani.

    Episode – 128
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 03 May Set Alert
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    Harishchandra, Taramati and Rohitashwa leave the palace emotionally. Shani arrives and tells Harishchandra that during difficult times, the king needs the counsel of his adviser.

    Episode – 129
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    Raja Harishchandra informs Shani that he will prove him wrong and leaves. Rahu sees all this from a distance and says that Shani has given him a clear chance.

    Episode – 130
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    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

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  3. we need chayya back in this show…sangya should die soon then chayya will cm back to shani’s life..everything will be right..there willl be shown happy time…surya will apologize to shani for his mistake..

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