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Shani 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Shani saying I only want to know why you lied in Sabha initially. Are you hiding something from me?

Devraj thinks of his insult. He asks Devguru to leave him alone just like he left him alone in the Sabha. I feel you have sided with Shani and Shukracharya. You dint say a word in my favour. Devguru says I was helpless. Devraj asks him to go away. Devguru advises to control his temper or situation can go out of hand. Devraj says I loved my throne the most. It got snatched from me. what worse can happen? I don’t care of any warning or consequence now. I will only think of revenge now!

Shani asks his mother if she is hiding something from me. Devi Sanghya thinks how Devraj and Chhaya are out of her way. I have to stop Shani from finding truth now. I have to get him on my

side so there is no problem in my way. Shani asks her if she was under Devraj’s pressure. Sanghya gets a clue. She nods. I feared that Devraj can do anything to snatch you from me. I dint want to upset him but he is Indra Dev. He will still plot. Promise me that you wont fall in any of his trap. You wont accept whatever he says about me. You will trust your mother and not Indra Dev. Shani holds her hand. I don’t even trust Mahadev more than you. I promise you I wont fall in any of Indra Dev’s traps. Devi Sangya smiles and hugs Shani.

Devraj summons his weapon. He sends his energies out in the sky. I promise myself, my throne, my enemies. They will have to pay for my insult. Both Sanghya and Chhaya-putra Shani will! He thinks of Mahadev’s words. I will make sure that Karamfaldata should find out as to why he was brought in this world by Mahadev. I will fill Shani’s life with so many problems that he will regret being alive. This is my promise to myself!

Kakol asks Shani why he is here since so long. Shani replies that he is thinking. Kakol asks him what is bothering him. What do you fail to understand? Shani says mother lied in Sabha. She lies only when it concerns me. She accepted that she had to do it to save me from Indra Dev. My gut feeling tells me it isn’t just related to Indra Dev. Something else is bothering her. I have to find out about it. Kakol tells him to dtop it. Indra Dev has been punished. Everything is fine. Shani says I cannot see mother tensed. I have decided to reach the root of this question.

Dev Vishwakarma thanks Mahadev for thinking about him. Mahadev says I called you here for special reason. The last straw of lie is out of Shani’s life with Chhaya’s exit. But this isn’t the right time for SHani to find out about his mother. You have to make sure it stays a secret. Dev Vishwakarma agrees to do his best to protect the secret. Brahma Dev asks Mahadev why he looks so tensed when it is he who has created Shani. Mahadev replies that if Shani’ powers goes out of control then even I cannot tell you how much havoc it will cause in the entire world.

Devi Sanghya happily does Surya Dev’s aarti. Surya Dev says you do my abhishek when I leave for war. Why now? She says you will go out of Surya Loka with a new responsibility on your shoulder. Congratulate on becoming Devraj. He does her tilak and calls her Devrani. She suggests keeping a big celebration. We dint even celebrate when Yam was made Dharamraj. Yami agrees. Shani joins them. Surya Dev tells him he has come at the right time. Your mother has proposed to keep a small get together to celebrate about me being crowned as Devraj and Yamraj being chosen for Dharmaraj’s position. What do you think about it? Shani replies that celebrations divert us from motives. I feel it will be better to focus on new responsibilities instead. Devi Sanghya thinks he has gone after his mother only after all. He cannot see me happy ever! Devi Sanghya leaves it on Surya Dev to decide. Surya Dev says we will have a grand celebration where Asuras should be also invited. Everyone can meet the new Devraj there. Whatever Shani might think, I want him to be present there. Devi Sanghya says yes from Shani’s side. Shani agrees to follow her order. I have to spend some time alone with you though. I don’t know why I feel very restless. Devi Sanghya agrees. Go to your room. I will put Yam and Yami to sleep and come. Shani goes.

Yami asks her mother to sing lullaby. Devi Sanghya says Yam slept. He will wake up if I make noise. Sleep now. Yami complies. Devi Sanghya feels someone’s presence and looks towards the door. Yam and Yami have slept so she quietly goes out to find out who is at the door. She finds Shani standing there as she removes the curtains. She gets upset but maintains her calm. I told you to wait in the room. He says both Yami and I have to hear your lullaby. She repeats that Yam is sleeping. Shani points out that this will only put him to a better sleep instead.

Devi Sanghya begins to sing the lullaby but only remembers some of the words. Yami smiles hearing it. Shani keeps looking at her mother pointedly. Yami also finds it weird as her mother misses too many words and just hums along. Shani asks his mother why she is repeating the same para. Go to the next one. Devi Sanghya looks at him.

Precap: Indra Dev asks SHani if he will punish his mother in case she is proven a culprit. Shani agrees to punish his mother too if she is indeed proven wrong.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. shivikaalways

    What a fast update!!! Hope sandhya’ s and chaya’s truth is out and Shani handles it calmly.

  2. The episode was good as usual and atleast Shani is getting mother’s love although it is fake. Just waiting to watch what would happen when he gets to know about the truth!!!!!!???????

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