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|| Need is an important part of life but it should always be correct. Shani teaches that everything extra than our requirement turns out to be incorrect for us. ||

Ganesha explains to Shani that some rules have exceptions. Maruti took birth in Mrityu Loka yet got his life back from Mahadev because he deserved it. I feel there is no one other than you who deserves to gain these Ashta-Siddhi’s. Devraj thinks if Shani gets these Siddhi’s then it would become impossible to get him out of his way. He tells Ganesha his thought and intention is right but other deserving candidates will step forward tomorrow if we teach these Siddhi’s to Shani. I must remind Surya Dev that we cannot overlook Mahadev’s order.

Brahma Dev says we know Indra Dev’s real intention behind it but I support it right

now. Your (Mahadev’s) order should not be overlooked.

Devraj suggests Hanuman to be thankful towards Surya Dev. You are acting stubborn. Hanuman justifies that this is Shani’s right. All intelligent Ganesha also agrees to it. Devraj asks Hanuman why he isn’t saying anything. Surya Dev reasons that Shani has the Divya-Drishti he needed to do his duty as Karamfaldata. People, who need powers to do something good for the world, gain them over time. Hanuman agrees with him. I feel Shani deserves these powers more than me which is why I have made this request. You must teach him. Surya Dev leaves the decision on Shani. Will you go against Mahadev’s order and gain these Siddhi’s? Will this be justified? Shani knows that Hanuman wont accept to be trained till his condition is met. He must be taught. Shani agrees to gain Ashta-Siddhi’s.

Brahma Dev asks Mahadev if Shani has become greedy.

Surya Dev confirms with Shani if he is serious. Shani nods in agreement. I will decide how I will gain them though. I don’t want to gain them in a physical form though.

Ashta-Siddhi’s –

Aṇimā – reducing one’s body even to the size of an atom. I want this Siddhi to make my fear and arrogance small like an atom so it can never create a hindrance in my path.
Mahima – expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size. I want that power to increase the size of my karma and
Laghima – becoming almost weightless. I want this power to reduce my emotions so I always remain stable.
Garima – becoming infinitely heavy.
Prapti – having unrestricted access to all places. I hope always I am guided / blessed by Tridev’s.
Prākāmya – realizing whatever one desires. I want my mother to love me till forever
Iṣṭva – possessing absolute lordship. I want my wish to gain this Siddhi that my karma becomes my God
Vaśtva – the power to subjugate all. I want to have a control over my weakness, anger in every moment.

Can you give me these powers Dev? Surya Dev nods and blesses him with the Siddhi’s.

Shani tells Hanuman he got those Siddhi’s using his powers. You can start your training now. Hanuman is yet again impressed with his presence of mind. I thank you for teaching me the real meaning of Ashta-Siddhi’s. He seeks his Guru’s blessings next. Shani requests Ganesha to bless Hanuman. Ganesha blesses Hanuman as he folds his hands before him in gratitude. Ganesha tells Shani that world may know him as intelligent but I will always consider you more intelligent than me.

Narayan remarks that Mahadev’s beloved kids are together. this is such a beautiful moment. They are your part only. Mahadev agrees. They will have to pass through a very big test real soon.

Shani suddenly turns sensing something wrong. Kakol asks him about it. Shani replies that he can feel that something is about to go wrong. Hanuman says when we have Vighnaharta on our side then there is nothing to worry. Let’s focus on our path. Everything will be fine. Chhaya seconds him. Shani asks Surya Dev if Hanuman’s training can begin now. Surya Dev nods and they all head out together. Sanghya remarks that Shani is headed towards his end. Devraj notices someone behind the pillar and so does Sanghya. She panics. If anyone sees him here then people will doubt on us. They will think we are again plotting something. Devraj calms her. Keep an eye on Shani and everyone. I will handle him.

Hanuman thanks Dev Vishwakarma for his contribution in his success. Dev Vishwakarma reasons that your hard work and dedication play a very big role in it. Shani too has a hand in it. They all look around for Shani but cannot find him. Shani calls out from behind. I am right here. Hanuman is surprised to see his mother there. Shani says a kid beginning his training is an important moment in a mother’s life. Will you not introduce her to your Guru? Hanuman introduces Mata Anjana to Surya Dev. She thanks him for accepting her son as his disciple. I cannot thank you enough. Surya Dev gives credit to Hanuman. This seems to be his destiny too. Mata Anjana speaks of thanking Indra Dev. He fulfilled the promise he made to me. Where is he? Yami goes to call him. Sanghya is about to react but stops. Shani notices that her face has gone pale. Why did you get worried suddenly? She denies.

Devraj questions Rahu as to what he is doing here. It will be a problem if someone sees you here. Rahu replies that it will happen anyways. You spoke of making Hanuman stand against Shani but you are trying to help him gain Ashta-Siddhi’s. This isn’t right! Devraj gets alert hearing Yami’s footsteps. He gives a warning to Rahu before Yami. He lies to her that he saw Rahu entering stealthily in Surya Loka. I have realised he wants to take revenge from Hanuman. Hanuman had harmed him once. Rahu threatens him to wait and watch Rahu is capable of doing. He leaves. Yami too leaves to inform her father. Devraj is in a fix as to who he should go after. If I follow Rahu then everyone will have a doubt on me. If I don’t go then he might do something wrong. What should I do!

Brahma Dev asks Tridev about what just happened. It’s all going wrong. Narayan nods. Everything is in Rahu’s favour at this moment. He is all the more powerful right now. Brahma Dev asks him what’s about to happen. Mahadev relates that Rahu will finally come to know why he was created in the first place. It is time for Rahu to complete his mission. He will also create a rift between Shani and Hanuman!

Yami and Devraj tell everyone about Rahu’s motive. Shani advises not to take it lightly. Rahu is surely up to something. Surya Dev suggests them to think of something as they wont be able to do anyting once they start the puja. Hanuman offers to find a permanent solution to the problem named Rahu before starting his training but Shani and Mata Anjana advise him against it. Shani promises Surya Dev that he will make sure it doesn’t happen.

Precap: Rahu refuses to let Hanuman gain training from Surya Dev. Will Karamfaldata be able to stop Rahu?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kamalanayani

    OMG… How many barriers for Hanumanji’s shiksha…

    1. I want to ask you that our science says that Surya is not moving our earth is moving but our granthas say that our Surya dev is moving from udayanchal to asthanchal. How is it possible. There is two different facts. Please tell me. Please di.

  2. Please don’t combine mythology with science
    Mythology is eternal truth whereas science is factual truth…

    1. somya ji I know that but I think science is never exist without mythology. In this show they are showing mythology+science. That was a reason that I asked. Sorry if I wrote anything wrong and sorry if I hurt you. Sorry. And sorry for my wrong english.

  3. I think the other people here can explain you that better who have the knowledge of our vedas.
    I just said what i knew and think
    I don’t know if its wrong or not ..
    Sorry for saying that without proper knowledge..

    1. somya Di your thought is not wrong and please don’t say sorry. You gave perfect word for our mythological stories. Yes there is eternal truth in mythology. Thank you.

  4. Liked the episode when Hanuman, Ganesha and Shani dev were together.

  5. Shani Sri Lankan Fan Club

    Modern science is not perfect .Science was created by westerners who has only physical powers but ancient asian knowledge is based on spiritual powers.

    1. Think you’re right. But both mythology and science has many truths. In Hanuman Chalisa, Thulsidas says YUG SAHASRA YOJAN PAR BHANU to mention the distance Hanuman travelled from earth to swallow Surya dev. Its actually the distance between earth and sun. So my opinion is mythology has many scientific facts and truths hidden in it.

  6. Abhijeet Pathak

    Both of these theories are correct. As per the principle of relativity given Einstien, if 2 objects are moving relatively then one can consider that one of these objects is stationary and other one is moving. If you will think that earth is stationary, then you will find that Sun is moving. If you will consider that Sun is immobile then you will find that earth is moving. Thus, Science supports both of these theories.

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