Shani 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Hanuman reaches Lanka

Shani 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Arrogance is our biggest enemy. Such a person is never respected. Shani teaches that it only takes us to our downfall. One shouldn’t be arrogant ever. ||

Shani laughs puzzling Ravan. Ravan says seems like you lost your mental balance by your defeat. Shani declines. It is me mocking you instead! Even a kid would do the same in my place. You think you won by holding my captive like this? No! This is proof that you turned out to be a coward here as well. You are so powerful and immortal yet you aren’t strong enough to get hold of all the planet. you needed my help to do so. The one who you think to be your servant and are keeping under your feet, you again kept it on my back. You proved it that you are a coward!

Brahma Dev fails to understand why Shani is still pretending to win when he

is in such a helpless situation. What is he trying to do? Why is he still challenging Ravan? Mahadev replies that Shani knows it well that Ravan’s arrogance is his biggest weakness. He has made use of it in the past do. He is instigating it again as he knows Ravan will yet again make some mistake. He will be punished for his misdeeds then. Narayan nods. Shani isn’t challenging but warning Ravan that Ravan’s end is near. Mahadev seconds him. Shani may not be Karamfaldata but he is still doing his duties. Ravan must bear the consequences of his misdeeds from Shani!

Ravan says I am not a coward. You are foolish to think so. You will always remain a fool. You are not aware of my powers till now. I am Ravan and I am capable of attacking anyone in anyway. You want me to attack you head on? Turn and look at me. He turns Shani around, keeps his foot on his chest and laughs. You can say anything but the world will only look at you being defeated by me right now. You will never get freedom from this servitude. Shani repeats that karmas determine karamfal. I have faith in my karmas. Be it freedom or /devotion, one gets it from his karma. You too will get it from your karma. He casts his Maarak Drishti at Ravan.

Dhamini notices the change in weather. The storm is indicative of the fact that Shani is using his Maarak Drishti. It means Ravan’s end is certain!

Ravan shouts in pain. You can try as much as you want to but it is clear that you cannot kill me. The nectar inside me wont let you do it. Shani says I know it well but I can keep you busy till someone gives you your karamfal!

Soldiers at Lanka ask Hanuman his introduction. Surrender. Hanuman agrees but expresses his wish to dance first. He runs around them in supersonic speed and they fall down one by one. He looks at the unconscious soldiers. They wanted me to surrender and see what happened. No problem, I came to take Shani with me.

Ravan tells Shani his end is near. Shani replies that he is yet to get his karamfal. You will never get freedom from your karamfal.

Dev Vishwakarma tells everyone that Shani is using his Maarak Drishti. Devi Chhaya says it means he is opposing Ravan. Yami points out that Shani might need their help. Devi Chhaya agrees and offers to go to Lanka but Yam advises her against it. Ravan wont leave any stone unturned to make Shani weak. Dhamini is already his captive. If he finds out Shani’s second weakness then he wont leave anyone. I and Nana Shree will go to Lanka to help Shani. He leaves with Dev Vishwakarma.

Ravan shouts in pain as he turns into Dashanan avatar. He finally frees himself from Shani’s Maarak Drishti and holds him by his neck. I bore whatever you did but I wont spare you now! I will finish you! He tries to strange Shani but is pushed aside. He smiles sensing Hanuman’s presence. Ravan questions Hanuman who he is and how he came here. Hanuman tells him that he only sent him to punish Shani earlier. Now I am telling you not to hurt Shani at all. Ravan points out at the treaty between him and Bali. You were supposed to finish Shani!

Shani explains that it happened when they spoke in the past. Flashback shows Ravan telling Hanuman everything honestly. Shani tells Hanuman this is why he will make Ravan believe that he succeeded in his plan. We will then free all the Nav-graha’s. Ravan calls it cheating but Shani calls it the strength of their friendship. I told you one has to bear their karamfal. Not just me, Dhamini and all the Nav-graha’s will be free from you at the earliest. Hanuman refuses to forgive Ravan for cheating him. I will become the reason of you and your Lanka’s destruction. Shani sends him to free all the Nav-graha’s. He casts his Maarak Drishti again on Ravan to stop him from creating any diversion for Hanuman. Till when will you be able to escape it? Ravan says it will have to douse sometime or the other. I will kill you the moment it happens. Shani says this fire isn’t that easy to be doused. I dint see my wife since the wedding and dint speak to my mother for years. Don’t take this fire lightly. It will burn for many yuga’s. Ravan says I will finish you.

Hanuman finds the Nav-graha’s standing helplessly. Brihaspati says seems like Ravan will succeed in his plan. Hanuman tells them it wont succeed till he is here. He enters in the kundli and greets Surya Dev. Are you fine? Surya Dev tells him they are alive but not fine. we are powerless as Ravan has our energies. Hanuman thinks to free them before Ravan’s army stops them. He assures Surya Dev Ravan can hold their energies only till the time they are here. I am here to free you all. He bangs his mace on the kundli and everyone is transported to another place.

Ravan thinks Hanuman might be able to ruin his plan. He gets up somehow. Keep your Drishti on me if you enjoy that. You can cast your Drishti on me but you cannot stop me. He shouts loudly.

Shani and Ravan are also transported to the same place where Hanuman and other planets are. Ravan tells Hanuman he will have to bear the consequence of mediating between him and Shani. It was between us but you intervened for no reason! He tells Shani he has made preps for his entertainment too. Shani turns and notices Dhamini there. He looks upset.

Hanuman frees all the planets. Ravan tells him he might free all the planets but I wont let Shani escape! He frees himself from Shani’s Maarak Drishti again. Shani falls on the ground. Ravan gets his weapon. Hanuman shouts at Shani to protect Dhamini. I will manage the rest. Shani tells Dhamini not to worry. I wont let any anything happen to you. He frees her. She is about to fall but he holds her. She tells him not to worry for her. Defeat Ravan. He agrees to fulfil her wish.

Precap: A fight begins between Ravan and Shani. The fate of world depends on it. Will Shani be able to save the world?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Great episode after such a long time. And have you all noticed yam supported shani today I really wish to see them bonding. But this is also truth that indrajith will be born cannot wait for next episode.

    1. Yes, I am too very happy to see yam’s support for Shani

  2. Shani will end on March 16…I miss shani serial

    1. No I don’t think so. I suppose it’s timing will be changed bcuz there are lots of other stupid shows like ssk or kasam or dsdt

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