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|| There is no bigger karma than doing your duty. One must sacrifice love when it comes to your duty of doing your karma. Shani teaches that those who do their duty honestly get happiness in the end. ||

Shani is followed by Yami and Kakol. He senses their presence and stops in his tracks without turning to look at them. I wont return to Surya Loka. Stop wasting your time chasing me. Kakol is sceptical if they should follow Shani further. Shani told me once that they should never go to anyone’s home uninvited. This is Shani’s home after all. Yami assures him it isn’t wrong. Shani’s home is Surya Loka where Mata Chhaya, me, Yam and Surya Dev stay. I will make him believe it. Let’s go.

They reach Shani’s abode and are surprised to see it. It is exactly the replica of the house

where Shani spent his childhood.

Devraj says I don’t care where Shani is or what he is doing right now. I have my eyes on the throne (Surya Dev’s throne). That Yagya is complete. If I have to greater then Surya Dev then it is important that my plan becomes successful before he returns. Your marriage to Yami is just a sham to help me get what I want (this throne). You will have to kill Devi Chhaya afterwards. You must also destroy the energy ball (Surya Dev) before it turns into human form again. Lohitang Mangal says amazing. I will work hard for you while you will reap the benefits! Devraj says I dint mean that but Lohitang Mangal tells him he knows him well. Let’s have a balanced deal. I will kill Devi Chhaya and Surya Dev for you and marry Yami but Surya Loka will be mine. It will be a better deal for you. We will rule Surya Loka together then. Devraj accepts his proposal. Mangal tells him not to worry. I will win over Surya Loka and we will rule over the world together. Just think that Shani has been taken care of.

Kakol gets emotional looking at the house. Shani says it’s all fake – this place, this curtain and my hope. Yami asks him if he is certain about what he said. Does this place not remind you of the time you spent with mother? This earth, this swing, this tree and everything is exactly like the place where you met Kakol. These are nothing but the memories of that time. We leave the house and people behind but our memories don’t leave us. It is time for you to forget your past and live in your present. Wounds don’t heal till the time you yourself wish them to. Shani counters her. Wounds aren’t healed till the time they are constantly scratched day and night. That wasn’t home but palace. Mother was in home. Yami says she is still there. Come and see for yourself.

Chhaya says we must not force our wish on Yami. Her willingness is important in this matter. Yam says you are following Shani’s logic now recalling how wrong the past decision to marry Yami to Chandra Dev was. She says that time he was right. We must also learn from our mistakes. He agrees. We also made a mistake by trusting Shani. We can fall in a bigger problem by following the teachings of such a guy! Yami is young. You know that she feels Shani is still doing the right things. We have lost father already. We cannot lose Yami.

Yami asks Shani to return to Surya Loka. We can join broken relations again. I will coax Mata. She will forget everything and accept you! Shani is sure his mother does not even remember him. What will she forget! Yami says it is that her son killed her daughter. Shani recalls the incident. It is time you must return home.

Chhaya insists Yami should not be under any pressure while making this decision. Mangal takes their leave. He whispers to Devraj that if he leaves now then his (Devraj’s) plan will be foiled. Devraj tells Chhaya Surya Dev wouldn’t have insulted Shivansh. Yam and I brought Mangal here with the thought that he wont be insulted here but it happened. Decision is still yours. I hope you are able to convince Surya Dev that Mangal was a Shivansh yet he was not a suitable groom for Yami when he returns. He asks Mangal to come. We must leave now. Chhaya stops them. Please forgive me. I dint intend to insult you. I need some time to think upon this matter. She goes. Devraj says who knew that Surya Dev and his daughter will help us in winning Surya Loka. Devraj and Mangal smirk.

Shani asks Kakol to take Yami to Surya Loka. She tells him not to tell Kakol to take her back to Surya Loka. I am aware of every corner of Surya Loka but you have certainly lost your path!

Chhaya comes to Shani’s room. She imagines him to be sleeping there but is disheartened to realise that the bed is empty. She caresses his pillow. Shani senses her touch and touches his cheek. She sings the lullaby. He begins to look around hearing his mother’s lullaby. He notices Yami singing it. Chhaya keeps thinking of the time spent with Shani. Yami holds Shani’s hand and sits down next to him while she sings it. Chhaya is crying by now.

Kakol is crying. Shani asks him why he is still here. Kakol nods. You told me to return last time and I did. I wont return this time. It is ok if don’t talk to me, see me or do anything with me but please let me stay here. Shani asks Kakol why he wants to stay here. I cannot give you anything. Kakol knew he was going to ask him this question. My existence is because of you. I will be wherever you will be. I was earlier your carriage but I am of no good now. I cannot fly. Let me stay with you. Shani gives in but keeps a condition. You will not ask me to return to Surya Loka. I wont go there at any cost.

Narayan says Shani must return to Surya Loka. If he does not do it then we will have to intervene. Mahadev says if we must intervene then you know what we have to do. Brahma Dev wonders what if Shani is still reluctant to go back. Mahadev says it wont be necessary. The reason is my blind devotee (Ravan) who has lost his sanity and path of righteousness. He wishes to control all the planets and their planetary positions. His yagya has instigated his own destruction! We need Shani Dev for this task.

Ravan is doing yagya.

Yami is on her way back to Surya Loka. Narayan appears there. We have the same motive and destination. We should do something which is beyond everyone’s imagination. Yami is confused. What are you hinting at? He has disappeared by the time she looks up. She reaches Surya Loka. Chhaya takes her with her to the Sabha. Yami looks at Lohitang Mangal. Chhaya gives his introduction. He has expressed a wish to marry you. I am ok with the proposal. We want your answer though. Yam is about to say something but Devi Chhaya says seems like my daughter needs some more time. I want to talk to her in private. Narayan’s words echo in Yami’s head. There is no need to discuss anything. I have made my decision.

Kakol hears some sound. It is the announcement of a celebration. What’s happening? Narayan appears. I will answer your curiosity. Shani greets him. You wouldn’t have come here without a reason. Tell me what special thing is going to happen in my life? Narayan shares that Yami’s Vaagdan is happening. Shani is taken aback.

Precap: The time when there will be a Mahasangram between the planets is going to come. Shani will return to Surya Loka. What will happen then?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I can’t understand. I am confused. If this mangal is shivansh who is a planet then that mangal, who is appears that time when yami’s vaagdaan happened with Chandra dev and shani organized navagraha committee, is who? Sorry for my wrong English. Please anyone clear my confusion.

  2. Harsh Rajput

    I totally agreed with your point kartik.
    I am very addictive to watch Shani.
    Please don’t use misconcept. At the time of yami vaakdaan Mangal is declared participant of Nav graha.
    So who is Mangal Logo tang now.
    Please clarify..

    1. thanks brother.

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