Shani 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ravan stomps Shani under his feet

Shani 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| When we keep bad thoughts for someone or do bad deeds to hurt them, it in turn creates problems for us only. Shani teaches that it is best to have good thoughts about everyone. ||

Epi begins with Ravan saying now I am your Swami. Consider it to be your first and last mistake. If you try to do something like this again then I will burn you so much that you will regret to be Surya Dev. Move now and let me start the process of Vashikaran. He sits down and chants some mantras. Shani holds him as Surya Dev becomes weak and is about to fall. Ravan smiles. It is Shukracharya’s turn now. You are Guru of Asura but you will have to bear the attack of this Asura today! All the Gods begin to lose their power one by one. Ravan tells Shani it is his turn now. Shani steps forward and looks at him pointedly.

Ravan smiles. It will be fun now. The Shani, before whom everyone bows down, will bow down before me today! A Shivansh will bend down before me today! He continues his chants and gathers everyone’s energies. Shani falls down on his knees. Ravan brings all the energies together. I am really pleased with you Shani. You completed every task given by me! Now all these Nav-graha’s are under my control. Now I am Navgraha-pati. He laughs evilly.

Dev Vishwakarma, Yam, Devi Chhaya and Yami witness the change in the position of planets. Dev Vishwakarma remarks that every God is now under Ravan’s control. There is no other way to save the world. There is no one who will be able to stop Ravan now. Everything will turn to his side if he changes the position of planets today! Everyone is worried that if his son is born, there will be no one but Asuras who will be left in the world. Devi Chhaya asks him why that would happen. He shares that all the planets are losing their energy. Fate, Kaal and planets are interrelated. It will break the hierarchy.

Ravan assures the Gods he wont kill them. Change is the only constant in life. I changed your position. I am not taking away your energy for now so the planets are in perfect position when my son is born. Once it happens, I will send everyone back except Shani. I have to even it out with you. You dint let me bring my Aradhya here with me and helped that Narayan instead! I have thought of something else for you. I will free all the planets except you. I will keep you here as my servant! Hope you know what it means to be a servant. I will complete my revenge with you! Chandra Dev and Mangal smile feebly.

Dhamini gains conscious and takes Shani’s words. He comes there just then. She says it means you defeated Ravan. There can be only 2 reasons of your presence here – either you ruined Ravan’s plan or! Ravan says you are right. I told you that Shani will have to abide by my every order and complete it. This is why I brought him here so you both can see at each other for one last time. I forgot that sadly your husband cannot even look at you! Truth is, consider this to be your last meeting with Shani. After this, Shani will be right under my feet his entire life! Shani got my hands buried under Kailash. Now I will stomp on him. He hurt my pride by not letting me bring my Aradhya to Lanka! I will do the same to him. He has made me dance to his tunes a lot. It is my turn now. Be ready to see your husband’s downfall. He traps Shani magically. Dhamini tells Ravan to leave Shani. She tells Shani he will have to defeat his sinful Ravan. You cannot accept defeat. Shani assures her he wont let Ravan succeed ever. Ravan drags him away from there. Dhamini prays for Shani’s well being.

Brahma Dev says Ravan is doing so many misdeeds one by one. He kidnapped Dhamini and wishes to compel her to bear him a son! Now he is turning all the planets to his side. He is so knowledgeable yet it seems like he is making all the worst possible mistakes. Mahadev remarks that his karmas are pushing him towards his fate. World should keep their faith on Shani. Karamfaldata Shani will very soon give Ravan his Karamfal.

Ravan frees Shani. I don’t want the world to say that I held you captive when I hurt you. Think of what all you did to me. You give karamfal to everyone. This is your karamfal for separating me from my Aradhya. I had no enmity with you but you created so many hurdles in my way. You forced me to do all this. I can kill you right away if I want to but such an easy death wont give me any peace. I will enjoy seeing you writhing in pain every second. You will beg for your death! Shani tells Ravan to remember everything. Before keeping any intention toward anyone, one must not forget that his thoughts, energies channelize his karamfal. His thoughts decide his path. If I was in your place, I wouldn’t wish for you to be in any pain as it would affect my path. Ravan tells him he has said enough on karma and karamfal. You hurt my pride during the Kailash incident. Now I will hurt you on

Dhamini can sense something is about to go wrong but what is it.

Dev Vishwakarma says the positions of planets hint at something ominous. I don’t know what is about to happen but hope Shani!

Ravan tells Shani he will stay as his servant like this for his entire life. You will never be able to raise your head before me. He keeps his foot on Shani.

It creates a volcanic impact on the world.

Ravan says I have finally taken my revenge. Karamfaldata Shani will stay under my feet forever! Tridev are watching it all. Ravan tells Shani he lost. I won! Your trap with Vishnu failed. I stomped your identity along with your pride! He laughs. The one who stomps everyone under his feet is under my feet now. I ruined your pride and have proved that I can keep entire world / universe under my feet like this! He steps upon Shani again. Shani laughs puzzling Ravan. Seems like you lost your mental balance by your defeat. Shani declines. It is me mocking you instead! Even a kid would do the same in my place. You think you won by holding my captive like this? No! This is proof that you turned out to be a coward here as well.

Precap: Ravan tells Shani he will never get freedom from this servitude. Shani replies that be it freedom or devotion, one gets it from his karma. You too will get it from your karma. He casts his Maarak Drishti at Ravan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. When will shani become karmphaldata again it’s been ages.

    1. Yeah… same here….
      I want him to lift that dand…

  2. Where is Mahadev…. while Shani dev is being hurt by Ravan, then why Mahadev is not intervening…???
    Feeling bad to see Shani dev like this…
    And why Mata Dhamini is being captivated like Mata Sita and Ravan is roaming around her… Why can’t she escape??? Being the energy/power of Shani dev, why can’t she do this ??? If she can save Shani dev from Mangal dev, then why can’t she save herself from this Ravan???

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